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HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HIVE.V)

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  • Z
    For all those wondering about how many coins we have...
    As of Aug 13th hive has 25,000 eth and as of Sept 8th has 1030 bitcoins in cold storage.
  • G
    I was reviewing the stats from yesterday and I realized that yesterday's volume was about 7% of normal volume. Does anybody else think this is the calm before the storm? Buckle up.
  • M
    Yes we are behind on earnings that should have been out months ago and we should have another earnings report by now as well
    What’s the chances HIVE comes out with earnings for both within a days or weeks from each other?
    Legit question.
  • O
    Old Timer
    I’m barely green after today. How things change. I have faith in coin although there are headwinds. In for the long haul. Confident
  • J
    Jeffrey B
    I like the mute feature 😛
  • B
    What is the thought process behind announcing on Twitter that ER's will be next week as opposed to your own Company Website? Are Social Media announcements the way now? JETS ETF financials have been released every quarter. Like clock work. This is a "fun hobby" for FH.
  • R
    shows down .11. should be up .10 in pre market. believe yahoo counter is broke
  • L
    Please be aware that Publicly traded companies have no influence over the auditors. FH can be as unhappy as he wants but cannot “speed up” the audited financials. The auditors are an outside firm who has liability for the results of their audits.
  • J
    Everything down except for precious metals, if bitcoin is the "Digital Gold" should it not also be on the rise?
  • M
    4.70 two weeks ago, imagine if earning were on time? Now won’t even see 4 with exceptional earnings. If anyone doesn’t blame Frank they deserve to be walked all over like he has done to us
  • K
    Opinions on why Hive hasn’t been addressing their ETH count? I love the fundamentals of Hive, but as a shareholder, I find this concerning.
  • G
    Gentleman Barbarian
    Gonna be a brutal day. All crypto plummeted for some reason.
    But maybe not, this is HIVE, it does the opposite of reason sometimes.
  • M
    Mr S
    Why it’s down -7.5% after market?
  • B
    pretty happy that I picked up some additional shares at $3.27 yesterday to bring my average down a little bit. Now let's get some good earnings 🤞
  • J
    Jeffrey B
    Stock futures down big across the board. Hopefully we open up at lows for the day, and stocks rebound during the trading day 😑
  • A
    To our valued shareholders, we want to say that we share your frustrations about the reporting delays. Please know that earnings are coming next week. Thank you for your continued patience!

    fresh off the twitter hive page
  • $
    Alan and A were muted. Beware of those ppl
  • p
    presk eel pundit
    In Hive's 3rd quarter report dated March 2, 2021 they stated "On average we have been producing around 20,000 ETH coins per quarter. Our strategy is to continue holding coins". In their April 7th news release they said they were hodling 20,030 ETH at the end of March. The last time Hive mentioned the number of ETH coins they were hodling was August 13th when they said they were hodling 25,000 ETH coins. Based on their hodling strategy, they should have had over 40,000 ETH coins by the end of July, and around 60,000 coins by now. Where are they?
  • j
    They keep mentioning the Bitcoin they’ve mined. That’s great. But is nobody wondering about the ethereum? 6 months ago they had 20,000 coins. Should be 60,000 now. Or whatever but give us an idea because I bought into the idea about mining ethereum. I feel concerned about how they never bring up the ethereum mined with total hodl
  • F
    Fish Dog
    I was going to sell my position today but believe if what has been propagated is true we are invested in a company with a very bright future. Instead, if ER is not provided today I plan to file an SEC complaint tomorrow. For anyone else interested their Investor Assistance Number is 800 732-0330 in the US and 202 331-6331 outside the US. The regulations are intended to protect investors like us against irregularities as well as fraud. Something is amiss with Hive's management and it needs to be addressed.