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Hibbett, Inc. (HIBB)

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56.59+1.75 (+3.19%)
As of 02:36PM EDT. Market open.

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  • e
    Congrats to all the bag holders, this company is a winner 🏅 I’m up 45% since April
  • A
    Any reason for the drop today?
  • M
    This with several other retailers us up significantly on Walmart's good earnings report and improved forecast. I don't expect a big fall. The price of this stock has been as high as $100 within the last year. There will be a small pullback from the high today, then a return to higher prices.
  • G
    HIBB seems to be trending up! Wonder if there are whispers of a not so bad earnings report coming up. Long term I'm bullish.
  • K
    This thing is a runaway train on no news. A big fall is coming!!!!
  • K
    Target, Kohls, Lowe’s, Children’s Place, TJMaxx, Krispy Kreme, all miss. Next week will be fun here.
  • I
    It looks like manipulators are spinning the great results and beats as not as good as last year's special sales but 2020 had half the EPS. After they cover their shorts and buy, they will increase the price target.
  • j
    From the Proxy:

    A: Would allow the ability to execute a split
    B: Good tool overall based on the attractiveness of the current share price, helps hedge the risk of an unsolicited lowball offer to buy the company.

    We are currently authorized to issue an aggregate of 81,00,000 shares of capital stock, consisting of 80,000,000 shares of common stock and 1,000,000 million shares of preferred stock, $0.01 par value per share (the preferred stock). The Board of Directors approved, and recommends that our stockholders approve, an amendment to the first paragraph of ARTICLE FOURTH of our Certificate of Incorporation, as amended (the Certificate of Incorporation) to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock from 80,000,000 to 160,000,000 (the Charter Amendment). The authorized preferred stock would remain 1,000,000 shares. The Charter Amendment will increase the aggregate number of shares of all classes of capital stock that the Company may issue to 161,000,000 shares.
  • C
    If i need to bet they’ll raise EPS to $6+ for 2021 the business is lit
  • j
    With the most recent 10-Q release the share count is down to ~13.7 million at Dec 2nd. That should help down the road.
  • j
    We are approaching 4.5x forward PE, if they produce 90% of FY22’s earnings in FY2023 based on the current share count.
  • J
    My best advice if you are shorting is: Make sure you cover before 8/26 because it is going through $100 after earning- Check September calls being accumulated, Once the price is in the money they will exercise the calls and this thing goes up like a Rocket-- Just being nice to you--Or if you want to stay then better for me--You have to cover at a much higher price and it goes up to $120 Before September begins- Your choice-
  • D
    These financials look too good to be true. Do you think shorts are suspect to anything? Not bearish, just thinking about opening a position and amazed at the financials. Any thoughts?
  • M
    Michael Stamps
    $ASO conversation
    Cracked $32 resistance. Time for a run to all time highs next week.
    Fair value $40 when compared to $DKS and $HIBB.

    Huge re-opening trade. Lots of sporting equipment will be needed, not only retail but for schools and businesses. Still waaaaaaay too many shorts in this and heavily underwater. Let me know when they cover.
  • j
    Hopefully, we get good guidance and some favorable buyback numbers.
  • J
    Hidden jewel. Imo, it could go up again to more than 100%, abt $100 this summer.

    GuruFocus : Hibbett: A Quality Company Sporting Irrationally Low Valuations
  • M
    MacKay J
    Does anyone know what is happening with this thing today (7/22/19)? At the time of this post, it's down 9.4%. I've been looking all over the place for news on this stock and I don't see what happened since Friday that would cause such a significant drop.

    I know they were late getting some reports completed due to new accounting practices but that is really old news, so that can't be what is affecting it. I'm just curious about possibly buying it since the last earnings report was solid.

    I've just never seen a stock drop almost 10% in half of a trading day on with no news. Anyone know anything about this?
  • J
    Imo, Short traders trying to take advantage. I'm gonna hang in there. Most stocks are falling too today.
    No worries. HIBB is a solid company.
  • j
    Per the 10-k, another 300,000 shares repurchased between 1/29/2022 and 03/22/2022, so hopefully they keep up the pace (~2MM shares annualized) and it would be great if they stepped on the gas right now.
  • J
    % hibb shares owned as of today is 104%, repeat 104%, showing short traders are busy. Trying not to fall into their traps.
    Short squeeze can happen if all stockholders work together and are patient.
    To the moon!!!