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    Aurora vs Hexo - after hexo ER. Hexo will exceed aurora - thumbs up, if you believe it will
  • w
    I just bought some more. I liked the link ROCK put on here. I've always liked HEXO as part of my portfolio.
  • Q
    Where can I find total Hexo medical patients?
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    Alway big lineup at Gatineau SQDC day after day and they said Truss drink are big seller. ER should fabulous
  • J
    What is going on with This stock about to sell and take 10,000 loss it’s not doing anything. No news nothing at all getting tired watching my money go down .
  • s
    A comparison of sales data for Alberta, BC and Ontario for May-July shows Hexo improving its sales by over 100% in the 3 provinces combined, over a 3 month period. That appears to beat all other producers in terms of QOQ improvement. I believe that also precedes Hexo's new vape products and beverages. Part of that will show up in Q4, part in Q1. It will be interesting to see the official results to verify. (the image on one of the Hexo FB groups was too poor and no link to repost here).
  • S
    A Quebec owned Corporation known as Hexo Corp just might blow off record steam of revenue sells. Power of Growth Hexo is getting ready to unleash their very own next exciting Quarterly Results towards end of Oct 2020
    Should current shareholders be ready for a big surprise most likely says one perticular source. Unlimited POWER HEXO may make this Oct the biggest event of the year for this Corporation by doubling the current SP.
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    @SWAG if anyone should be sued its clearly this guy "yann" his posts consisting over 2000 defamatory statements against HEXO is clearly setting himself up to be sued.
    @yann POSTED on Sept. 27/20 and stated Hexo Corp going bankrupt.
    @Yann's statement on the 27th "Say all you want, but RS coming and everyone knows it, then bankruptcy, nothing short of a Buyout can save Hexo"
  • m
    Molson website says Truss sales exceeding expectations for the month of August, when it first launched.
  • S
    To me Hexo is a healthy long term investment. If you truly have a large investment portfolio this shouldn't be a stock that holds a large percentage of your budget. Small fraction with a high reward / low risk.. You can only hit a low of $0.01, but got never ending upside.

    This stock will move and does have good legs.. look at previous volumes & daily volumes... This stock is far from dead.
  • A
    Ouch, if I look at the numbers ACB just released, they're really in a tough spot compared to Hexo. Maybe it's Hexo who will survive in the end!
  • i
    I just got a tip about HEXO from What do you guys think?
  • A
    be patient ans Wait for the earning, you Will be surprise
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    I just received a phone call from BNN while i was on hold i looked at their website "cannabis news" strangely their very own website states Hexo Corps next Quarterly Report is on Dec. 14, 2020 thats apparently 2 days before HEXO'S NYSE suspension notification date that we are all aware of Dec. 16, 2020 Something just doesn't butter up here?
  • J
    Tried my first Mollo tonight from OCS delivery on Saturday. Small stubby beer bottle, 30 calories, decent ultra light beer taste, and the 5mg thc / 5mg cbd effects within 15 minutes this was an excellent smoke free low cal experience. I love my beer and whiskey but i’ll say Mollo is a great experience i will continue to buy for $6
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    HEXO is on right track some immature here on this forum try to defame the reputation. Hexo is top 3 seller , partnership with Molson. Do you have any idea where this partnership can take the company. Right now HEXO is selling beers in Canada and Colorado . At any time they can extend it to 16 other legalized states. Just wait for fed level legalization. Problem is everyone wants to be rich overnight. In 5 years this stock will be 60$. Who have invested now will have 100X their money in 5 years.
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    Truss: One of the more understated efforts the company has made is its Quebec-based joint venture with HEXO Corp., Truss Beverage Co., which recently launched a roster of cannabis-infused beverages across Canada. Early sales figures are beating expectations, Marino said.
  • t
    you need to understand hexo is turning cannabis to end product ..acb is farmer .. i.e tobacco... who earn more .. the farmer or tobacco companies??
  • R
    I got out of this stock back when it was at $1.50 per share i am glad i got out and didn't stick around