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CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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0.044574-0.001451 (-3.15%)
As of 12:33PM UTC. Market open.

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    Spreading Wealth Around The World
    Spreading Wealth Around The World
  • v
    I believe this will hit 1.0 , hope you're all holding with me. I'll surely make profits in no time
  • e
    Folks who bought two years ago at .00007 cents need to to keep the price up
  • e
    Under a half penny soon
  • M
    majestic coin is worth a look
  • A
    Is this the hex coin that goes with City State: Medieval
  • P
    could pump hard
  • L
    founder Richard Heart on FOX Business today
  • W
    where can you buy HEX?
  • R
    Roger that
    Bought Hex at .03 and wow the returns is amazing
  • e
    think the rapid rise in HEX coin, is the rush by to get in at these levels before it $3-5/coin heading to $40-100 later on.
    Also the there is going to be a rapid rise in DeFi coin prices, and hence the interest rates for HEX stake
  • M
    Will be $1.00 soon
  • l
    Found this approx 2 months ago.
    Staked it.
    Watched it go up and did more research. Also got into PULSE, the ETH fork.

    About a week or so ago, I got tired of seeing all the mainstream Alts go slowly down, same with BTC and ETH (good coins and will try to buy bottom) and I moved it all to HEX, believing it could could up a bit more and felt it safer at least.
    Within ~2 days of that move… it doubled. Missed that too but still made 75% on some profit taking, on the recent investment and still double my original.
    In this market, that’s amazing. Firm believer
  • L
    good timing really....if I didn't just buy a house i'd throw another 3k at least on cardano...bad timing for me
  • L
    Did u all sacrifice for upcoming Pulse chain networn(Richard Hearts new project,a fork of eth network, he made Hex), if not don't miss out on the soon PulseX sacrifice (like uniswap) both going to be huge. at very least don't forget that you will get free air drop copies of all your Prc20 coins on new network to trade with with virtually 0 fees compared to mega expensive ETH gas..
  • S
    coinmarketcap provides the data to Yahoo but coinmarketcap blocked hex and sent it to page 3.
  • I
    Inflation Party
    Consolidating at .40. BUY NOW!