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Hasbro, Inc. (HAS)

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70.99-2.05 (-2.81%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
73.07 +2.08 (+2.93%)
After hours: 07:37PM EDT

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  • t
    Today was a great entry price into Hasbro at $75 and some change.
  • D
    At my local comic and game shop today and the owner says the new magic set is insanely popular.
  • S
    Someone bought over 5,000 of the Jan. $87.50 calls today. Wow.
  • S
    Article on Friday night indicated another hedge fund took big position in HAS. Way undervalued at $80.
  • W
    Walker Cox
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • L
    Please have a look at ticker ILUS as well my fellow investors, they are rapidly expanding & uplisting in 2022. ILUS International is a rather new company that has increased profits and revenue every quarter since inception. ILUS Internationals year over year revenue is up 588%. ILUS has also just reported on 8/15/2022, a 553 percent increase in revenue over their previous quarter.
    ILUS has just merged Wikisoft, formerly ticker WSFT, into their new 100 - million dollar in revenue acquisition, Quality International. They are now called Quality Industrial. This ILUS company is now trading under the ticker QIND.
    ILUS is building a conglomerate, with several different companies and divisions under the ILUS umbrella. ILUS manufactures EV's, UAV's, and Drones to name a few of their many business endeavors. They are also involved in Urban Mining, the Metaverse, and the very lucrative firefighting and fire safety technology sector. ILUS holds patented firefighting / safety technology. They are developing technology to assist with the containment of both EV battery, and wildfires. The wildfires out west are a major concern and solutions are being developed. ILUS is looking to save lives. They have had several meaningful discussions with the state of California, among other states as well.
    ILUS is an M & A company and growing fast. ILUS is about to begin manufacturing the E-Raptor, the worlds first and only six-wheel, all electric utility vehicle. This will take place at the new 600,000 plus square foot facility in Serbia. It is a part of a significant deal that ILUS has signed with the European Union. ILUS International will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe. ILUS will surely benefit from the major increase in defense spending that is taking place globally. ILUS will be doing a significant amount of business with the private sector as well.
    ILUS will incorporate in their manufacturing processes their own urban mining / battery recycling into their EV lines. ILUS has completed "7" acquisitions in the last 18 months. Vira Drones is one of the more significant. Vira Drones has an estimated billion- dollar valuation. ILUS has increased their 2022 revenue forecast from 40- million to 140- million dollars. They recently announced a 2023 revenue estimate of 1 -billion dollars. In addition, ILUS has several new acquisitions and revenue sources yet to be officially announced. They are all very significant acquisitions as far as the revenue & profits in which they will add to the already strong balance sheet. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news.
  • C
    Coach Bodie
    Today’s Dividend brought some joy!
  • G
    Entry point for the holiday season starts now
  • S
    OK. Earnings behind us in a tough environment. During a very weak market. Passed the test. Now we go higher into year end as the market strengthens.
  • S
    Big insider buying. See today's (8/12) article from "simply wall street". Higher.
  • B
    Wonder how a merger with Mattel would sit right now…
  • D
    Remember 2nd qtr historically has been weak for HAS.
  • J
    John Christopher
    HAS is nothing but frustrating! Board won the proxy and delivers us a 20% YTD loss in valuation. They need to go!
  • S
    Earnings beat expectations... Not by huge amount, but respectably.

    Hasbro Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results
    •Third quarter 2020 revenues were $1.78 billion, down 4% on a pro forma basis
    •Revenue grew 9% in the U.S. and Canada segment and 7% in the European region; revenue grew 50% in ecomm channels globally
    •eOne TV and Film revenue decline reflects entertainment delivery delays due to live-action production shutdowns and the ongoing, gradual return to production
    •Operating profit of $336.6 million or 18.9% of revenues; Net earnings of $220.9 million or $1.61 per diluted share
    •Adjusted operating profit of $367.2 million or 20.7% of revenues, an expansion of 230 basis points year-over-year
    •Adjusted net earnings of $258.9 million, or $1.88 per diluted share
    •Substantial liquidity and access to cash, including quarter ending cash of $1.13 billion and year-to-date operating cash flow of $494.3 million
  • R
    How many letters is this now, reminding us to save the current board's jobs? Imagine if they invested that level of energy and effort into creating value for shareholders.
  • E
    I am surprised that the stocked reacted to the eps impact to 2020. The acq of eOne is a strategy you can best understand if you watch the episode re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on “They Toys that Made Us” available on Netflix. Having an entertainment production company is an engine for predictable and growing toy sales. Children see toys as avatars for something they can form an emotional connection and TV provides that through the story lines and character development. Ninja Turtles was an adult graphic comic, that a toy maker wanted to bring to life, but how to introduce it to children. They created the whole cartoon to sell the action figures. May have seemed organic but was engineered demand. Same with Paw Patrol today - a cartoon that is one long ad for toys. And it works. And is not a bad show, as a parent I like it, it’s better than most teaching positivity and I don’t knock it just because it’s trying to sell toys. Point is eOne is going to supercharge and make sales more predictable based on rating and market info. I bought based on the acq and am down big in a down market and I am a hold on this. Strong conviction in the model and management was trying to explain what a jewel eOne is going to make the new Hasbro. Analysts were concerned about slowing growth, not achieving as high return on investment - these questions show that they don’t understand how the landscape works and what Hasbro is planning on a holistic level.
  • T
    With reprints of MTG cards, Hasbro is basically printing money... and not just money, but $20 and $50 bills in card-form! MTG and DND are massively recognized games, likely to grow and remain in popularity perpetually. This is an odd intersection of gambling, esports, nostalgia, fantasy... and entertainment. The characters, worlds, and stories have tremendous long-term potential. I see Hasbro's DND and MTG offerings as future Star Wars / Disney-type multigenerational entertainment.
  • n
    They surpassed their earnings report and showed growth from last year. This is despite lockdowns halting their typical kids movies to promote their toys.
  • L
    Thinking about buying. Good dividend and down a lot. Good idea to buy? Seems like in recession it may be good