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  • K
    here is the news you all were waiting for Blockades are cleared for GTE. The protesters just signed the peace agreement with GTE

    “In addition, the agreements emphasize that in the events that occurred from May 16 to June 17, the Gran Tierra company refrains from filing lawsuits against the protesters, and the Ombudsman would be the guarantors.

    The document was signed by the delegate of the Putumayo governorate, Diego Guerrero, secretary of government, delegate of the Mayor's Office of Villagarzón, Delegate of the Ministry of Mines and members of the Paro regional office.”
    Un acuerdo entre comité de paro, Gran Tierra Energy, integrantes de la gobernación de Putumayo, comisión del gobierno nacional, ministerio público entre otros organismos internacionales de Derechos Humanos para garantizar la no Judicialización de los
    Un acuerdo entre comité de paro, Gran Tierra Energy, integrantes de la gobernación de Putumayo, comisión del gobierno nacional, ministerio público entre otros organismos internacionales de Derechos Humanos para garantizar la no Judicialización de los
  • a
    I think we’re about to get a huge squeeze. Daytraders were holding this down but now we’re almost $71 per barrel That means we are 3.5$ per share stock. And if I recall it right we had two upgrade for a Gte to $2 per share when the gas was $56 per barrel. :) I think we might hit that $2 dollar soon
  • b
    And the report is out, very Bullish draw downs. Distillates = #jetfuel the last leg in the demand equation. EIA (wk ending 11 June) This includes Strategic Petroleum Reserve release of 900k
    Crude: -7.355M
    Cushing: -2.150M
    Gasoline: 1.954M
    Distillates: -1.023M
  • G
    9 million shares traded and Gran Tierra is moving higher in the face of GMT's hedge fund game. Volume overcoming their selling/shorting in the millions, impressive.
  • n
    Oil steady climbing up to $80pbl
    Colombia’s blockades ended up
    GMT owns less than 30M/shr
    GTE’s hedge funds to end soon
    Volume sparked to new levels
    GTE’s production level to increase
    GTE’s debt reduction with higher prices
    So many good things in GTE’s favor.,, we're close to a squeeze even it’s no heavy shorted.
    Better and better days ahead!! Glta!!!!
  • K
    Nothing continually rises but mid term to end of 4th quarter this stock should be around 1.80 American
  • S
    Rapid debt reduction (more than half) by end of year was based on $60-$65 oil. At $75. X 30,000 bbl per day x extra 10$=extra 300,000 per day or 9,000,000 per month EXTRA free cash flow! Think that’ll help pay faster? And the beautiful thing is, the price of oil is going to $100 within a few months!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀
  • b
    Yep, Oil demand continues to rise. GTE waaaay undervalue at Brent $73. Like Goldman Sachs said last, we are headed to $80 this summer.
  • J
    Made another nice buy today and will continue to on dips. This is getting ready to run!
  • J
    This is going to have a great couple of weeks! $2 here we come, the shorts will have no choice but to cover. We will also see new money placed behind GTE stock with increasing volume once this word spreads.
  • K
    1-Protests are basically done roads blocks only couple left
    2-oil is going up
    3- company is paying down debt
    4- 3rd and 4th quarters should be very good
    5- GMT will either stop selling or they will be out of this stock
    6- buyout will happen in 2022
  • B
    We will be at $100 a barrel by years end. By the end of the year we will be pumping 40,000 a day. I thought $5 a share but not looking fir higher Everything is moving forward as planned
  • G
    Colombia roadblocks ending
    Brent selling at $74.71 tonight

    Can someone explain to me how Gran Tierra does not go over $2 in the near future.
  • n
    Brent in free fall GTE down. Brent up GTE remains down!!
    Mercy for us our good Lord!!
  • K
    “After signing agreements, protesters will leave Campo Costayáco, in Villagarzón
    June 17, 2021 admin Gran Tierra, news, National Unemployment, putumayo, Villagarzón

    This was agreed by delegates from the regional strike committee, Gran Tierra Energy, the delegation of the national, departmental and municipal government, as well as the guarantor agencies.

    This Wednesday, June 16, delegates from the Putumayo regional strike committee signed an agreement to abandon the oil facilities of the Costayáco Field, in the municipality of Villagarzón.

    It should be remembered that these hydrocarbon production facilities, belonging to the Gran Tierra Energy company, were occupied by protesters in the framework of the protests of the national strike that still continues in various regions of the country.

    The act that establishes this, and other commitments, was also signed by delegates from the Gran Tierra Energy company, delegates from the national and departmental governments, local authorities, as well as the guarantor agencies for the fulfillment of said agreements.

    The main point of this document is the abstention, by Gan Tierra Energy from initiating judicial and / or administrative proceedings against the members of the regional strike, for the irregular occupation of these oil facilities.

    In return, the delegates of the regional strike committee agreed to carry out the departure of those who remain inside these facilities and to make a formal delivery of them, for the reactivation of the production activities of this operator.

    The minutes establish that this process will be carried out before noon this Thursday and will have a strict accompaniment of human rights organizations, the Ombudsman's Office, as well as international organizations that will serve as guarantors.

    The regional strike committee reiterated that it maintains its mobilization to make visible the demands that have motivated the strike in the Putumayo department.

    This agreement is in addition to the one that was known this week, also in the municipality of San Miguel, where protesters decided to exit the facilities of the Colón Battery, belonging to the state Ecopetrol”
  • K

    I recall reading the cost of per barrel of oil is 38.00 coming out of Colombia that leaves a very healthy margin
  • b
    Why you should buy and hold GTE long term. GTE IS waaaaay under value.
  • M
    Iraq Confirms Negotiations With American-Saudi Consortium For Akkas

    11 Jun 2021Issue: 64 / 23By:Yesar Al-Maleki

    Saudi private firm Delta Oil is in talks to develop the 5tcf Akkas gas field.

    In a report published to showcase progress made by the Iraqi government in the first 12 months since its formation, Iraq confirmed ongoing negotiations with a consortium lead by American oilfield services provider Schlumberger and a little-known private Saudi oil and gas investor ‘Delta Oil Company’ for the Akkas gas field development. The consortium also involves Texas based private investment firm Aethon Energy Management and Calgary’s Gran Tierra Energy.

    The report states that Iraq is targeting production of 400mn cfd from the associated gas field by 2025, substantially higher than the 300mn cfd stated by Iraq’s Minister of Oil Ihsan Ismaael on 3 May. The cost of development is pegged at $3bn.