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Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTBIF)

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11.31-0.29 (-2.46%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT
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  • C
    C Money
    Green Thumb simply down today on Aurora (ACB) news… GBTIF way way oversold, nice entry here! Best of class at bargain price
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    $CRLBF conversation
    There is momentum to get marijuana banking legislation passed. #tcnnf #gtbif #crlbf #curlf #tlry #cgc
  • M
    I am a GTBIF fan and I do not know Ben K's financial position (or why he needs to sell), but there is a message to the market behind insider buying and selling. For instance, GTBIF has insider selling and stock is down; Trulieve (my 3rd largest position behind GTBIF and Columbia Care/Cresco) has insider buyers and is up.

    It does not appear that even the 'insignificant' share amounts have been sold, it is the message. It would be great to have a board that begins to buy shares at the current $12 US level.
  • d
    visited Rise Mundelein this weekend. extremely busy. All the order kiosks were taken, and the line to pickup/pay for orders wended all. the way to the back of the order room. But there were 12 cashiers, so the line moved along steadily, and everyone was very helpful and bright. In the past year the dispensary has been renovated and expanded, and the smokeasy consumption lounge is open, no cover charge, though I have some concerns that inexperienced consumers could easily and unintentionally over indulge in the smokeasy and then drive impaired.
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    $CURLF conversation
    $crlbf $tcnnf $gtbif $ffntf ... Everybody PLEASE NEVER FORGET why we're stuck on the OTC and subjected to short sale manipulation... here's a hint from 4Q 20, right after the election: "SOON"... "VERY SOON"..."NEXT WEEK"...."IN 2 WEEKS"..."SPRING"...."DAY ONE" ..."SHORTLY"... REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER
  • E
    What platform do you use to trade this? And also, are you only able to trade on Canadian market or US too? Thanks.
  • D
    I can’t wait for institutions to to get into these stocks. We’re gonna make a boatload. #tcnnf #crlbf #curlf #vrnof
  • f
    Possible 185 cannabis licenses to be issued Friday in Illinois. Guess who has 2 grow centers there and has the cash to expand?
  • D
    1 billion dollars in revenue. 11$ stock. BUY BUY BUY
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    $TCNNF conversation
    Patience will pay off for all of us. If you can handle the ups and downs, a few years time will pay you very handsomely. Don’t forget what industry your invested in. #gtbif #crlbf #msos #curlf #cgc #tlry
  • H
    Well, the week-long survey that I started on Monday and ending with today's close shows final results of:

    15 think that SAFE will happen by the end of Q3
    15 think that SAFE will not happen by the end of Q3

    Interesting numbers. Let's hope that SAFE will indeed happen by Sept 30 and then legalization or at least decriminalization followed by up-listing will happen early in 2023.
  • P
    Thanks to T-Flex, I'm back in this one for 1k shares at US $11.77-$11.80... now I feel like a real cannabis investor... keep the faith everyone.
  • j
    $VRNOF conversation
    $MSOS, $AYRWF, $CCHWF, $CRLBF, $CURLF, $GTBIF, $JUSHF, $GRWG, $TCNNF, $TRSSF, $VRNOF The Etf MSOS had no changes to the top ten positions this past week. But, the AUM increased by $16 millions due to the price actions on Friday. Further, TCNNF in the number one position at 15.9% by a fraction of a percent over GTBIF’s 15.47%
  • b
    The market will keep tanking still think pot is the growth game in town
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    $TCNNF conversation
    If you're buying Trulieve, Green Thumb, Curaleaf, and Cresco, you're making great decisions. #MSOS

    #tcnnf #gtbif #crlbf #curlf
  • G
    At what price does this because a decent buy? $4-$5?
  • f
    Latest quarter
    Trulieve revenue per store: $1.92 million
    Green Thumb revenue per store: $3.2 million
    Still the Gold standard.
  • B
    added more yesterday at $ first buy was $11.39 Aug 29th 2018...hmmm...can't say it's gone as planned here...oh well...
  • g
    This is getting cheap May hav to double down soon
    No reason for this beat down
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    Just got in at 11.11 and 11.10