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    Is there a more active board for comments on Gatekeeper?
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    what happened to this? nuts!
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    I haven't seen anything for weeks, Larry. People have given up
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    What’s wrong with this stock, I thought the company sales were going well?
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    Steadily growing
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    New deal with a school board!!

    "Gatekeeper Announces $1.2 Million Contract with School District in Tennessee"
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    A little caution to the shorters Doug is a seasoned and savvy ceo I believe 55 yrs old , news Is imminent. Septa coming possibly New York. The best is the after market news releases love them this one I would leave alone huge insider ownership with at least 6 guys I know with multi million share accounts , shares are In strong hands day traders are always welcome in my book and needed, shorters and negative Nancy's can stay away lol !!! Game on !
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    Todays News Release! Abbotsford, BC – April 21, 2021 - Gatekeeper Systems Inc. (‘Gatekeeper’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: GSI) (OTC: GKPRF) (FSE: 1GK) a video and data solutions provider for public transportation and smart cities, has launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based video management solution designed to store and manage school bus video data, and announces its first customer deployment for a school bus fleet in Wisconsin.

    The SaaS-based solution is enterprise software that allows video data, recorded on-bus by wirelessly enabled mobile data collectors, to be stored and analyzed on the Company’s cloud-based servers. Using a secure log-in portal, users access intelligent video search software to view, analyze and extract video segments to assist in situations such as locating a missing child, or analyzing student and driver behavior. The software package is priced on a per-vehicle basis and invoiced quarterly in a SaaS-based recurring revenue model. Development and testing are complete, and the first customer deployment will be on 23 school buses for a school district in Wisconsin.

    This SaaS-based solution becomes a new additional data layer on the Company’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model which is centered around wirelessly enabled mobile data collectors that record and analyze video, audio, GPS location and data on the school bus, and becomes the on-board intelligence platform for future applications such as passenger counting, contact tracing and more.

    The school district in Wisconsin had previously purchased the PaaS solution for their buses in February 2021 and is now adding the SaaS-based video management software to achieve an advanced comprehensive intelligent video program for their fleet.

    Doug Dyment, President and CEO commented, “This hosted video management software solution is in line with our strategic goal of developing SaaS-based solutions that interconnect to the data being collected by the thousands of mobile data collectors we’ve installed on public passenger transportation vehicles. Passenger safety and operational flexibility have become increasingly important to our school and transit customers who are operating with today’s pandemic safety protocols as being the new norm. They rely on video and data technologies to help them in their operations.”

    School districts are rapidly embracing video and data solutions on school buses to help provide a safer transportation environment for school children. Gatekeeper has installed more than 34,000 intelligent mobile data collectors and 100,000 video devices on school buses for over 3,500 school district customers.
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    Richard f H
    Their Market Cap. is very very low compared to their current revenue, and revenue outlook and the wide market in front of them.  And this is the right time for the type of products they make.
    In a recent interview Doug stated he believes 'this company can become a 1 $Billion company and I believe it can.   Their AI and cloud based solutions are totally scalable so things can go very very fast and with this type of services the quality becomes exponentially progressive.  The more customers you have the more the AI in the cloud will be able to learn and detect.   A lot  of investors underestimate this,  Tesla is one of the companies that does this very well.   All cars learn from each other by uploading their situations and successful behaviours to a single cloud that centrally analyzes the best solution for the situation and spreads that information back to all other devices.  Gatekeeper do the same except they have camera's, heat detectors etc. but the vision is the same.  And once such companies have built their fundamentals it will take off and won't come back.
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    Comments on Gatekeeper include a new SEPTA contract in their March agenda released late Friday afternoon (the market doesn't know about this yet), other transits testing their tech which could result in more transit contracts, Canadian government asking for project applications for $15 Billion transit funding, SEPTA pilot project using cameras & video analysis tech for Collision Avoidance, Morningstar Quantitative Analysis valuing Gatekeeper at $0.71 (128% upside) from the current price, and a $1.58 per share valuation (386% upside) for Gatekeeper based on the value on an investment in a competitor, Lytx.
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    Richard f H
    This is potentially ground breaking, if this 'foot-in-the-door' order gives the spin-off I am anticipating then Gatekeeper will be loaded with new orders for coming years (in this industry).
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    Richard f H
    Note the following detail:
    Annually Recurring Video Services of $ 2,4M for SEPTA. That is 12% of this years total revenues for coming years already in the pocket.
    I'm in the Annually Recurring Services for an IT company and know that it's this type of contracts that are highly profitable and basis to expand products at existing customers and build good reference sites for new prospects. This company is executing perfectly for an IT company, because that is what they are and 2021 will no doubt show this also in the stock price valuation.
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    A Reminder of Why This Stock is Going Higher - CEO Interview (Copied From Stockhouse):

    We wanna grow this company to the next level of revenue. If we are successful in executing on 3 or 4 or 5 things in our sales funnel, then that's gonna happen.

    A key is to increase revenue per vehicle by finding new ways to monetize the data we are already collecting.

    GSI has partnerd with Bytecurve. They have contracts with some large school bus contractors that GSI wasn't doing business with before. Bytecurve has a unique school bus operating cloud platform and GSI has integrated with that platform.

    This partnership provides GSI with some potential new sticky (recurring) revenue, it give us a cloud based software (Bytecurve's) that we can sell to our existing clients at a higher margin than our overall margin including hardware, it gives us access to their clients when they want a video solution with Bytecurve's cloud based bus operating platform. That's an example of how GSI is scaling its revenue in the school bus market. We offer a uniqueness that other companies don't have.

    I'll have more partnerships to announce. It'll give us more distribution avenues without having to build out sales forces. It'll give the company scalability moving forward.

    We are offering new solutions in the school bus and transit markets relating to cloud based software applications. A goal is to create cloud based software which adds operational value to our clients and they are willing to pay for it. The software is at a higher gross margin. We plan to offer an end to end bundled solution.

    For school bus & transit markets, we plan to give them a free software application to get them started, let them start collecting data, then sell them a bundled package at a higher overall margin.

    Once you get integrated to a platform that's used every day, it becomes more difficult to kick you out of there and for competitors to move in.

    We have enormous growth potential in the school bus & transit markets.

    Our accounts in transit, they have already budgeted the money. It's only a matter of timing of when they're gonna pull the trigger.

    For the transit market (vs school bus market), we're using a smaller engineering team. We're going after some of these larger projects where it can significantly move the dial on revenue and bottom line. We don't have a lot of customers in this particular market. I'm only talking about the next 6 or 12 months. As we more forward, you'll see more and more agencies coming on stream. The projects we have in our sales funnel is larger and take a different resource than the school bus market.

    If GSI can get 10% of the money that's being allocated by the Feds, that creates well over $100 Million in revenue. Well over. We're optimistic and staying lazer focused. I've never seen these types of conditions before. The amount of money that the Fed is throwing at two of our niche markets that we're quite strong in. We've got 3,500 customers. We've got a pretty good foothold in that market. We're already starting to see contracts land using Cares Act money.

    I got a lot of reasons to be optimistic. I'm pretty excited to be leading this company today. We're definitely in a good spot.

    Every time I put a news release out, without attracting the attention of the competitors, I'm trying to state the obvious but there's usually something going on behind the scenes that I can't talk about. But, it's there if you read between the lines. If we're putting a press release out, there usually something going on, a potential seed planted in a particular geographic region.

    If I put out a press release on Automated Lane Enforcement product/technology, there's probably some fire behind that smoke. I would pay attention to that if I was an investor.

    A transit authority the size of SEPTA, we are a community partner in that area. The deal with the Philadelphia public schools, pay attention to that. That is an example of becoming a community partner and start to dominate........Transit, Schools, City. Some of the announcements we're not allowed to put out. We just don't have permission to do it. If you see news in certain communities, certain major cities, there's probably something happening on a strategy build up.

    GSI is quite diversified company by way of its georgraphic modelling from a customer perspective. We've got 3,500 customers all over the States and Canada.

    There's more business starting to heat up in Canada.

    I would love to announce everything but I'm a tough nut when it comes to protecting our company as it relates to competitive. We need to keep it close to the vest at times and that's the best for the company given what's going on with some of these projects we are working on. Quite frankly it's time to stay quiet and investors don't necessarily like that. The alternative could be losing. If I were to announce and blow a deal, I wouldn't be happy with that.
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    Richard f H
    Gatekeeper Launches Automated Lane Enforcement (ALE™) for Bus Lane Violations
    Abbotsford, BC – June 29, 2021 - Gatekeeper Systems Inc. (‘Gatekeeper’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: GSI) (OTC: GKPRF) (FSE: 1GK) a video and data solutions provider for public transportation and smart cities, is pleased to announce the product launch of the Company’s AI-enabled Automated Lane Enforcement (ALETM) solution, designed to help cities reduce transit lane violations by automating the video evidence capture and processing vehicle infractions relating to bus lanes and streetcars.
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    Everyone seen the recent news on their website?

    New director.

    “Mr. Muirhead is Executive Vice President of Logan Bus Company Inc., the largest privately owned school transportation company in New York State, and has over a decade of industry experience in school transportation. He has successfully negotiated contracts having aggregate value of more than $1 billion with the New York City Department of Education and other government agencies. He is also President of the New York School Bus Contractors Association, an organization comprising of nearly one hundred school transportation service companies promoting safe, reliable and cost-effective student transportation in New York State.”
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    Richard f H
    This is year is clearly a decision point for Gatekeeper. Heavy investing in new products & revenue down. So to me it looks that over the past two quarters Gatekeeper have been working a lot internally to propel their products onto the market much better. If they succeed it will easily triple the share price in a year. But if they fail to sell the new products the stock price could drop by the same. My guess is that they are running several trials with the new SAAS etc. products and this hurts the current sales because customers want to see the new products working before buying and with every new product..... one needs to show it works first before sales happen. I will be holding and adding some if the stock goes below 50 cents because the potential on short terms looks really good to me.
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    Interesting M&A action with FLIR being acquired. Although FLIR develops the technology and famously got a contract to test Whole Foods employees with heat sensitive cameras, FLIR had other issues. It got taken out by Teledyne, with a decent premium (20%) for about $8Bn. It just tells you the potential for Gatekeeper. Not that they are comparable obviously but cameras and digitalization is coming everywhere and Gatekeeper is a small player that keeps getting new contracts signed. At some point, more people will notice, and then the stock will explode...
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    $560,000 Canadian initial contract announced this morning for mobile WIFI systems on school buses. This is another addition to its Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model. They also have a 12 month service contract which is renewable for up to five years. The company's sales funnel is $180 Million Canadian ($140 Million US). Putting things in perspective, the sales funnel is 320 times the size of this contract.
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    Richard f H
    "The school district in Wisconsin had previously purchased the PaaS solution for their buses in February 2021 and is now adding the SaaS-based video management software to achieve an advanced comprehensive intelligent video program for their fleet."
    --> This is called 'upsell' in the Software business, getting your customers on PAAS (Platform as a Service) first and then SAAS (Software as a Service) which brings additional RECURRING revenue and SAAS has higher margins as well. Note that PAAS and SAAS are industry wide billed on monthly or quarterly basis and not like one big invoice in the old days. This may put some pressure on Gatekeepers billings (not on the revenue) for this year. Companies like Oracle have seen the same challenge....
    Indeed Gatekeeper are evolving in an IT company now they are adding Software Cloud Services to their video solutions. The SEPTA deal would indeed be the icing on the cake (could still take months though) but let's not forget in the meantime it's the cake what it is all about.....
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    Richard f H
    That is better. Don't set a specific date anymore for the complex financing and simply release the news once it is done. Good to see the investors are still interested despite the fact they would need to purchase the stock for more than twice the current value. And as an investor one will only do that if one is pretty certain of a good profit. So they must be seeing/knowing something that convinces them on tripling the stock in medium time frame.
    Let's get the Quarter numbers released and focus back on the growing business. The news about the financing will then come in due time.