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    Good article on private networks.
    $GSAT GSAT mentioned under Nokia
    $GSAT GSAT mentioned under Nokia
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    From the Iridium Conference Call. Yes, Iridium actually hosts Quarterly Conference Calls to provide it's investors with updates and Question and Answer periods. Something Globalstar told you last year that they really don't have time to do for GSAT investors anymore. "Too Busy". LOL!!

    "In IoT, the consumer bounce back we talked about last quarter has continued and while most of our IoT applications are adding subscribers again in particular, retail demand for consumer personal communication devices really accelerated in the quarter.

    Regarding consumer oriented user terminals.. Iridium management stated:

    Iridium added 61,000 net new subscribers in IoT. This shatters the previous quarterly record set last year by almost 30% or an additional 14,000 net new users. With an increasing number of consumer oriented SKUs. and a growing number of partners going after these personal communication services, as well as having the ideal network to support them, this should be an important and growing market for us for a long time to come."


    "Thomas J. Fitzpatrick -- Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

    And then the takeaway here is, look, we just put up record subscribers, right. We think we've got to play to this trend, most notably this personal communications trend. Investors should consider what could be the penetration of Iridium into consider the number of smartphones in the world and this personal communication is turning out to be an accessory to a smartphone and so additional functionality playing into that market, we think is, could be very meaningful returns.

    Interesting that Globalstar had 100% marketshare in the MSS Consumer Personal Tracking Market at one time. Globalstar has been mowed over by Iridium and it's partner eco-system
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    Globalstar Subsidiary SPOT Highlights Launch Of SPOT Gen4 Jeep Special Edition Satellite GPS Messenger
    8:32 am ET October 5, 2020 (Benzinga) Print
    SPOT LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE:GSAT) and leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, today announced the launch of the SPOT Gen4 Jeep Special Edition Satellite GPS Messenger™. This product launch is the latest addition to the SPOT family after the recent release of the SPOT X Jeep Edition 2-way Satellite Messenger, and the earlier announced licensing deal with the Jeep brand.

    This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

    SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition (Photo: Business Wire)

    SPOT Gen4 Jeep Special Edition offers affordable personal tracking, one touch check-in and S.O.S. emergency response technology. Users can view live or historical tracks and share their location or trip with others in the SPOT Mapping interface. The SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition is part of an award-winning product portfolio that provides a vital line of communication with friends, family, and the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) using GPS location and satellite connectivity powered by Globalstar.

    “The new SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition was designed for outdoor enthusiasts; it’s the perfect personal safety device for adventurists continuing their journeys off the road and off the grid,” said Dave Kagan, CEO of Globalstar, Inc. “We’re proud to introduce this new product to the Jeep community and its overlanding freedom seekers to keep them connected where the road ends and exploration awaits.”

    SPOT Gen4 Jeep Special Edition features include the following:

    Design – The new Gen4 Jeep Edition has a sleek look and secure grip with help and S.O.S. button covers that snap in place. It’s rugged, small and includes a multi-use carabiner and strap.
    IP68 Rating– Offers water resistance up to 30 minutes at two meters.
    Motion Activated Tracking – The SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition sends tracks at a chosen rate for as long as the device is turned on and moving, as an alternative to continuous tracking while extending battery life. Alerts can be set to send when movement is detected or upon entry and exit of specific geographic areas.
    SPOT Mapping – SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition users can also access SPOT Mapping upon service activation. View historical maps that show track points of your favorite trips in your Jeep, and easily share SPOT locations in near real time with friends and family for added peace of mind.
    Map Views – Options to view maps in light or dark mode, satellite, open street map or terrain.
    Shared Views – Unlimited with easy interface to share locations.
    Alerts – User set and system generated for emergency or custom messages, new movement, no movement, check in and help.
    Geofencing – Create virtual geographic boundaries and set custom alerts.
    Upgrades– Available for additional mapping features.

    SPOT provides ubiquitous satellite coverage, including Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Northern and Southern Africa, portions of South America and North-Eastern Asia as well as hundreds of thousands of miles offshore. See our coverage map for additional global coverage details.

    Pricing and Product Availability Information:

    SPOT Gen4 Jeep Edition is available online at The device retails for $149.99 with a variety of service plans available, beginning at $11.95 per month.
    SPOT LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologie
    SPOT LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologie
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    @Satfi Not even close to $270mm. Cash and Cash Equivalents is $ 182.7mm, down from $223.5mm at year end.

    LOL!!! Yes, Jeffro. Because Iridium does something unique as compared to Globalstar. They actually generate positve cash-flow from operations. And they take that cash from operations and the PAY DOWN THEIR DEBT.
    Unlike Globalstar that simply dilutes it's shareholders equity (now 1.6Billion Shares outstanding) to make debt payments because they can't pay it from cash flow from operations. Simple Shop Math. So, since you can't understand basic mathematics. The reason Cash and equivs is down from 223.5MM last year is because they used Cash generated from operations ($182MM) in part to pay off $360MM in HY 10.25% debt.

    @Satfi The loss was "only" 3 cents a share, down from 14 cents a year ago. Of course, if you consider that the preferred was converted to 16,627,632 shares of common - eliminating the dividend payments of $8.4 million - you realize that an apples-to-apples comparison would put the loss at 9.5 cents a share. That's not much better than last year's loss of 14 cents a share.

    LOL!! Once again.. even 3rd grade reading comprehension appears to befuddle poor Satfi.. Uh! Jeffro, The preferred conversion took place in May.... 2019!!.. LOL! From the SEC statements. So the (.03) is a good number. LOL!

    "On May 15, 2019, the Company converted all outstanding shares of its Series B Preferred Stock into shares of common stock, resulting in the issuance of 16,627,632 shares of common stock. To convert the stock, the Company declared and paid all current and cumulative dividends to holders of record of Series B Preferred Stock as of May 8, 2019, resulting in a dividend payment of $8.4 million.

    LOL! Once again highlighting the failure of the Ohio Public School Systems. LOL!! Uhh! Jeffro.. The year ago comparison period was from Sept. 2019.. The conversion happened in the Q2 quarter of 2019. Not Q3 of 2019. LOL!!

    @Satfi "And, let's not forget that Iridium's debt has increased from $1.4B last year to $1.6B now. That's 4.5 times Globalstar's debt. Because of that singular FACT, Iridium simply cannot compete on price. They have to sell exotic services to consumers who are smart enough to realize they are by far overpriced."

    Again, basic grade school reading and comprehension fails Jeffro badly.

    LOL!! Nope, WRONG AGAIN AS USUAL SATFI.. LOL! At Q3 2019. Debt was 1.81 Billion, Debt at Q3 2020, was 1.65Billion. A decrease of over $200MM

    Now here is the thing you should pay close attention to.

    Interest expense for the three months ending Q3 2020 as compared to Q3 2019 dropped 8 MM dollars for the quarter. This implies a $32MM in annual interest savings since the refinance and extinguishment of the 10.25% HY Notes.

    Cash and Cash Equivs up to $182MM, Up from $119MM at Q2 2020. Thats 63MM in free-cash-flow added to the balance during Q3.

    At Q4. Cash and Equivs should be up another $60MM to $242MM, add in the $40MM due from Aireon. And yeap.. You are at or above the $270MM mark of Cash and Equivs. Just as I stated. LOL!!

    @Satfi "GSAT should be profitable when earnings are reported."

    LOL!! You've been pedaling that Globalstar actual cash profit shtick for years. Never happens.. Always one excuse or another.. LOL! It all disappeared when those "Non-cash derivatives disappeared!! LOL!! Just more losses of tens of millions of dollars.

    And so it goes,

    BK? You've been peddling that since 2015, about the time you became an Iridium shill.
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    Only a few more days before the 10 year anniversary of the first second-generation satellites launch. IGOs like Mexico and Turkey know the future and have decided to cut their losses up front.
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    Happy 10th Anniversary of the first batch of 6 2nd generation satellties that were launched. You are now 2/3rds of the way through your expected life expectancy. They still owe over $300MM on the satellites 10 years on.
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    Ho Hum! Yet another Duplex IOT Device from Iridium.. Globalstar.. Not even one...

    Iridium Edge® Pro Brings Programmable Intelligence to Asset Management Beyond Terrestrial Coverage

    MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) today announced commercial availability of its newest standalone asset management device, Iridium Edge Pro. The latest addition to the Iridium Edge family of products, Iridium Edge Pro is the company's first programmable solution for asset management, tracking, and recovery. The new device enables Iridium's partners to create customizable end-to-end monitoring solutions for vessels, vehicles and remote equipment using Iridium's best in class two-way network and truly global coverage.

    Using MicroEJ® Java-based software development tools, Iridium® IoT customers can create new end-user applications quickly and test them virtually, which can reduce the time to produce a fielded solution. The built in geofencing and custom messaging tools are convenient building blocks for a wide range of IoT applications like vessel monitoring system (VMS) solutions for fisheries, cathodic protection, long-haul vehicle telematics, refrigerated container monitoring, electric generator (genset) management and more. Through powerful Java programming, the Iridium Edge Pro collects and processes data based on operational requirements, including exception-only reporting that can minimize operational costs from anywhere on the planet.

    Feature rich, the device comes with built in Bluetooth/BLE, CANbus and Modbus interfaces, GPS, an accelerometer, and digital and analog input/output ports. Customers also have the flexibility to make over-the-air configuration and reporting updates to deployed devices using the Iridium network's two-way communications, giving confidence that wherever in the world their assets are they have full control and visibility.

    "With Iridium Edge Pro we now have a trio of out-of-the-box asset management products that serve a wide range of customer needs and applications," said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Iridium. "As a programmable device with features like BLE connectivity, Java programming and CANbus protocol integration, we have created a smarter, more innovative and developer-friendly device than anything in the market today. Add in our truly global coverage with real-time two-way communications and it's clear a new standard has been set for the industry."

    The combination of CANbus and traditional Modbus powers newfound flexibility from a satellite IoT device. For example, in the oil and gas industry Iridium Edge Pro's Modbus protocol interfaces with Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) like flow meters. With CANbus, the device is ideal for integration with gensets that may be deployed for oil and gas, construction, mining and other remote heavy equipment applications. In addition, users can take advantage of Iridium Edge Pro's BLE connectivity to pair the device with Bluetooth sensors that collect vital information, and also to connect smartphones, tablets and laptops to ensure, effective onsite maintenance.
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    Hello all. I'm curious to know if Musk's satellites are a threat to this company. Any feedback appreciated.
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    Let's see if Thermo takes the golden opportunity that Covid presents to file a petition. its like a get out of jail free card.
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    Confidential Confidential
    Ready and waiting to be “Lumen-ated!” 😊
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    @Satfi "Because of that singular FACT, Iridium simply cannot compete on price. They have to sell exotic services to consumers who are (not) [sic] smart enough to realize they are by far overpriced."

    Yet, subscribers continue to flock to Iridium. Iridium Total subscribers up to 1,429,000 billable subscribers. Globalstar only 752,000 subscribers. Iridium has nearly double the billable subscribers as Globalstar does.

    In their latest reported SEC statements. Globalstar had only $27 Million in service revenues. While Iridium had $116MM in service revenues in Q3 2020??

    So double the subscribers but 4x the service revenue. LOL!!!! Are we to believe that 1.4 million subscribers are WRONG?? LOL!!

    And so it goes,
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    @Satfi "Except that the 1G satellites were designed for only 7-years and the 2007 1G satellites are still in orbit functioning as in-orbit spares. That's double the design life,"

    Well, according to the SEC statements in Oct. 2011....

    "The Company plans to integrate the 24 second-generation satellites with the eight first-generation satellites that were launched in 2007 to form its second-generation constellation. The eight first-generation satellites are providing Duplex, SPOT and Simplex services; however, the Company expects that these satellites will experience degradation similar to the degradation experienced by the initial constellation and that they will no longer be capable of providing reliable Duplex service beyond 2013. Certain of the eight first-generation satellites are experiencing the initial stages of degradation and are not providing service at this time."

    That was nine years ago.. LOL!!! So your "second generation constellation" is down to only 24 active satellites. LOL!! And six of your 24 just passed their 10th anniversary. LOL!! But, Jeffro is convinced that when you move 25% of your satellites as "spares" your coverage actually improves. LOL!!

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    @Satfi "The only person around here hoping and praying is you. If consumers did a head-to-head analysis of the Spot vs. Iridium, with cost/benefit included, Iridium would lose. Without the DoD it couldn't exist. It's barely getting by as it is. It will be interesting to see how much money they lose per share in 3Q."

    Yet, Quarter over Quarter. SPOT loses Thousands of Subscribers, and Iridium add Subscribers. Sounds like the cost/benefit is being completed. Do you really want to risk your life to a product that may have to "wait for a Satellite to wander by for a couple of pennies?

    In the mean time.. Free-Cash Flow Flowing in the front door at Iridium.

    Cash and cash equivalents increased by $52MM to $119,115MM @ June 30th, up from $67,289MM at March 31,2002. I would expenct Cash and Equivs to exceed $175MM at Sept. 30th. With the 140MM (plus interest) Aireon still owes them, and the $120MM mandatory redemption. Iridium will receive $40MM of the proceeds of this redemption around the first days of 2021.

    In about 90 days. Iridium should have ~$270MM Cash and Equivs. By the end of 2021. Iridium should have $710MM in Cash and Equivs. Net Debt of $930MM. By the end of 2021. GSAT will be Bankrupt.
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    @Satfi "What I've read is that the InReach devices are battery hogs. It takes a lot of energy to maintain MSS links, Bluetooth and download maps."

    LOL!! Iridium satellites are at a LOWER altitude, a LOWER Frequency which provide better propagation at low power levels. Iridium devices are "real-time" devices.. Not "hope and pray" devices. I mean, that's why they transmit the same message 3 times in a 20 minute period. Because they "Hope and Pray" a functioning satellite wanders by during the 3 attempt period. Iridium sends a message and you get a confirmation back from the system that the traffic was received.

    @Satfi "Heck before I go to a place where I know I won't have a cellular signal, I do screen captures of Google Maps on my iPad. And, my boat already has a GPS mapping device. I don't need it on my MSS comm device as well."

    Uhhh Jeffro.. They don't download maps via the Inreach device. You can download Weather for a fee. That is it. Once again, you don't understand the material.

    @Satfi "Further, wait until new InReach users start getting those SBD bills from Iridium. Ugh. Those have to be the most expensive comms available for consumers. There are better more efficient ways to do it."

    LOL!!!! What SBD Bills??? Just more SatFi WILD GOOSE CHASES. The data is in, and the users are defecting from Globalstar at a horrific rate.
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    I take back my boom..
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    Confidential Confidential
    Good morning, Tammany!
    Cheers! 🥂
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    A whole new suite of Apple products were approved on September 15, 2020 by the FCC using Globalstar’s spectrum above 2496 MHz.

    Also, a whole bunch of Samsung devices recently.


    GLTLs. Ignore the Iridium shills on this MB...
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    Another new Iridium enabled product coming from Garmin

    WT Docket No. 20-115
    Adopted: September 21, 2020 Released: September 21, 2020
    By the Chief, Mobility Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau:

    2. Background. MURS is defined in part 95, subpart J, as “[a] two-way, short distance voice or
    data communication service for facilitating personal or business activities of the general public.”5
    The Commission established MURS in 2000 when reallocating the service from part 90 to part 95 to eliminate the individual licensing requirements for certain radio services.
    6 Garmin intends to manufacture a single unit handheld device with two transmitters: a low-power, terrestrial part 95 MURS transmitter to be used for two-way, short distance data terrestrial communication services and a previously certified part 25 module that will allow SOS emergency communications via the Iridium satellite system under a blanket license held by Iridium, provided the end user subscribes to the Iridium service.7
    On April 24, 2020,
    Garmin requested that the Commission issue a declaratory ruling that section 95.2761(c) does not apply
    to its proposed, dual capacity handheld device, or in the alternative, that the Commission waive section
    95.2761(c) of its Rules so that Garmin may obtain equipment certification for its device, despite its dual
    transmitting capability and the fact that it combines a licensed-by-rule service, i.e., MURS with a licensed
    satellite service.

    . IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, pursuant to sections 4(i) and 303(i) of the
    Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. §§ 154(i), 303(i), and section 1.925 of the
    Commission's rules, 47 CFR § 1.925, that the Request for Waiver filed by Garmin International, Inc. on

    If you look at the External Photos. It appears that the device was just waiting on the FCC Approval. It appears to be in the same enclosure as the Montana 700, and further appears that the inclusion of the MURS short range terrestrial communication feature will be basically an option with the Montana 700, as is the Iridium Satellite Feature.