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    NYI No1
    Q2 not good. Needed a big improvement over prior quarter, didn't get it.
    Sales down about 18% from Q1, and most disappointed gross margin went down slightly from Q1
    In Q2, loss from operations was $30m, only slightly better than Q1 where they lost $32.4m.
    Cash wise, operations burned about $19m in Q2
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    This or MedMen? Thoughts?
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    $CRLBF conversation
    Cresco Labs Quarterly Cannabis Revenues $214 Million USD

    Tilray Quarterly Cannabis Revenue $55 Million USD


    Real American Companies. None of that fake Canadian Tilray garbage.
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    Go Woke Go broke what a shame!
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    Gov. Newsom signed Assembly Bill 195, expect a bump in share price tomorrow.
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    For the investors who have done their dd on this company I am posting my recent thoughts on this spac shared on another stock board. I’d appreciate thoughtful insights from fellow investors. I bought the hype and had a modest position which I closed yesterday after reading through the financial statements of Caliva, LCV, Sisu and a couple additional subsidiaries. These companies being cobbled together are a complete operational mess. Sisu, the only company showing impressive yoy sales comparables and actual positive net income but itis also showing significant gross margin contraction. Caliva and LCV are cash burners in desperate need of this spac cash infusion. I expected to see far better numbers from Caliva after operating for over 5 years. They have offered thus far an absolutely awful return on capital. This might be a good trader due to all the buzz around the company but from my vantage point, they have a lot to prove on paper. Despite the spac marketing touting the EV to sales value proposition, I believe there is going to be a wild push pull dynamic with the stock as the Jay-Z/Roc nation downstream product potential is up against the realities of a currently low margin entity. Most business lines based on available financials show extremely low to non existing gross margins, only Caliva has margins of 39%. I believe They have a lot to prove to the market to be re-rated to a California leader market multiple. And that’s just my opinion. With such a household branding recognition type play, the market could also revalue the stock right away and perceive TPC as the future Amazon of cannabis in California.
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    NYI No1
    I’m a cannabis investor and analyze several companies in the space. Contrary to what some folks are saying on this board, TPCO is not profitable. They only made 15.3% gross margin last quarter. Most MSOs make over 50%. Trulieve is at 65%. TPCO Q3 15.3% gross margin yielded $6.1M. Not enough to cover $31.6M in operating expenses.
    But the BIG worry is that they burned $102M of cash last quarter in operating activities. Not $102M in M&A, or fixed assets, but $102M in running the business! With cash down to $206M, the burn is a big concern. Now couple all this with an over-supply issue in California, where strong players are lowering price, TPCO is in dangerous waters. I am neither long nor short TPCO (I never short) but just want to share my DD that this company needs a turnaround management team. I wish the new CEO the best of luck, but he needs to make some drastic moves.
    Folks, if you want to do your own DD, go to SEDAR and search TPCO for the financials & MD&A. It's all there.
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    My Couch Pulls Out…
    Someone please tell me how this Canadian company trading on the pink sheets is going to have a smooth process to register and become tradable on the regular US exchanges? Can someone point me to the SEC filings?
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    Adjusted net sales of $46 million... not bad... until you read this...

    'Operating expenses in Q1 2021 were $61.9 million, which included $40 million of non-cash expenses, comprised of $25 million of the marketing expenses that were settled in shares for services provided under the Roc Nation Agreement. In addition, stock-based compensation of $6.2 million and depreciation & amortization of $7.9 million. The remaining $21.9 million in cash operating expenses were comprised of general and administrative costs of $9.5 million, salaries and benefits of $7.8 million, and sales and marketing expenses of $4.6 million.'

    In other words, they paid themselves VERY well and f----d their shareholders.

    This pile is just about as attractive as Jay-Z's hair.
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    IT BEGINS!!! JayZ will be on CNBC Monday 8:30am
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    Caliva delivers all over Northern and Southern California almost everywhere.
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    Jay-Z should be the only spokesperson for this SPAC. A few days ago one of its board members -- who had obviously been taking some of her 'medication' prior to the interview -- went on CNBC to speak about the company... and... WHAT a MESS! She spoke like she was in a fog and that the only real opportunity was years away. PULLLEEEAASE!!!! NEVER let her speak for the company again!!!
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    Here we go.
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    I have been researching to trying to understand what the founder said yesterday in the webcast,, he said the price of the stock SBVCF hasn't moved because it is a technical issue, that original spac investors are rotating out of the stock, and they have seeing 400 millions dollars rotated, and will close next tuesday. What i don't understand is why are the original spac holder for SBVCF choose to redeem their shares for 10.13 when a week from now, it could be at 15 like he said?? anyone have any thoughts to share?
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    I can't imagine how they will consolidate the California cannabis industry with $ 150m. There are so many players focused on California right now with brands of their own, established over time. That's why I sold at $ 13.1 on Thursday. I wasn't impressed by the presentation of their strategy and couldn't relate to their product videos. Maybe I'm just not young or cool enough. Did anyone else watch the video marketing segments? If so, your thoughts?
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    Canaccord Genuity analyst Bobby Burleson initiates coverage on TPCO Holding (OTC:GRAMF) with a Speculative Buy rating and announces Price Target of $15.
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    Cannabis ETF $MSOS adds more $SBVCF today. 🤔📈
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    I don't think much of the strategy to 'consolidate the California cannabis market', too many players and brands. I would respect the approach more if he started in NY, dominated the East Coast then when products could be moved across state lines, take this brands to be resold by national dispensaries. How do they think they will be consolidating the California market with $ 150m? So many cannabis companies are focused in on the California market with their established brands.
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    Anyone showing the new ticket yet?