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Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (GMX.TO)

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    Whats the holdup
  • s
    So under the radar….
  • c
    Copper experts are calling for major shortages that will send prices flying soon. Stocks like GMX.TO will be huge winners. Also, a very big copper discovery in Chile by 6 to15 cent RMESF should be huge percentage bonanza for Red Metal shareholders. Mapping news is imminent that could send shares higher soon.
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    Praise 👑 𐤀𐤄𐤉𐤄 A’HâYâH!
    Added some shares of GMX here. Good luck to all!
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    Article just out on Globex
    Please do comment on the article at the bottom. The more exposure the better. GLBXF should 10+ bag in next 2-3 years. Spread it around on other sites too.
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    If you read the news everyday, as you should, you will soon realize that major aspects of the economy are pent-up. When, not IF but WHEN, when most people have gotten their jabs the economy will fluidize again. This will happen soon, in spite of pessimists and vaccine-nayers. (Yes, we will save them...). When this happens, in six months maybe, whole pressure points of the economy will release, suddenly, like earthquakes. Not only cruise ships and restaurants! Whole walls of restrictions will crumble in no time. This will be a time of commercial and industrial growth, fueled by an unprecedented, once in a lifetime, influx of governmental cash. Supply chains will get promptly reestablished. And anybody selling anything will need basic materials. Minerals, metals. Current offer, diminished by the pandemic, will not be able to meet demand. Prices will go up, if not escalate. This is where Globex will makes it’s money. And so will you, if you own shares. Good luck!
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    hi guys do we own any ruthenium here regards diamond
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    I added to my position a couple of times recently and I’m now up to 10000 shares. This means that I make (or loose) $100 every time the stock moves by one cent. So please, guys and gals, keep buying! To see why I’m long on this stock, see my comment from one month ago. Live long and prosper!
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    TD Securities is bullish on the outlook for the price of zinc. The investment firm has increased its zinc price forecast to US $1.76 this year from a previous target of US $1.65 a pound. That’s up from US $1.56 a pound on February 7, 2018. TD has also revised its forecasts for the next two years, pushing its 2019 estimate to US $1.75 a pound and 2020 estimate to US $1.50 a pound. That’s up from the previous forecast of US $1.45 and US $1.30 respectively.
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    This is the most undervalued stock I have ever seen
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    Good stock
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    Positive write-up today from Simply wall street.
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    I agree with you on the need for diversification. And I may have been pumping a bit in my last comment. To pump or not to pump, that is the question 😊... Thank you for bringing me down to earth. But there are also trends to be considered, of which the will to secure North American supplies of industrial metals and critical minerals is not the least. I believe the timing is good for accretive companies like Globex. IMHO a reorganization of suppliers and supply routes is taking place locally and globally and Globex is well placed to benefit. I think it might even sooner or later become itself a target of acquisition, in which case it’s shares will go up. Not pumping anymore, just sharing beliefs😌!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    GMX.TO is up 10.48% to 1.16
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    Love little undervalued mining stocks, I see the market has found this one, nice I bought in at 53 cents. I have held for about 6 months now. Wonder where it will be after a year? FYI I have basket of little mining stocks I am in looking for triples or better in a year.
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    I bought in, love the huge collection of mining properties. Seems Globex is the place to get some mining property to develop.
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    Interesting company, adding for long hold. I like royalty approach and variety of projects. Need some revenue growth to get noticed. Low share count is a plus.
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    Blue Horizon
    Slow moving target. Trade volume low.
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    Great news today
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    Huh, nobody wants to sell this pot of gold at .78, heading higher i suspect