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GameStop Corp. (GME)

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177.84+3.87 (+2.22%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
179.00 +1.16 (+0.65%)
Pre-Market: 04:19AM EDT
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  • J
    DRS on the Close is a parody concept, but why doesn't a broker offer this. Because you can"t rip of retail with it. Instead you get blocked buys. DRS as many as you can while you can.
  • R
    So many people on here trying to convince us this company is a bad investment? This time last year GME closed at $14.83, now it's over $170 thanks to a big change in leadership, trimming a lot of overhead and a big push to e-commerce that saw +$1B in revenue per quarter.

    "bUt ThE pRiCe WiLl DrOp To $10".

    How come nobody provides any info or cites any sources that speculate on this?
  • F
    shills been saying going back to $20 for thr past 8 months lol
  • B
    Bozo Nose Football!
    Were there announcements, or something else, today? Why the good run???
  • O
    Officer Doofy
    Why isn't the stock below $170 like everybody says? If the shorts covered then why is price not going down? Who is controlling the price to keep it up when retail is "tapped out"?
  • L
    Better than DWAC today, congrats GME longs
  • f
    Zoom out to the YTD view of this stock and ask yourself if you really believe the shorts covered.
  • j
    Does anyone else find it odd the GME's NFT website has been up for 8 months without ever updating or changing one bit. It's only said, "We are building a team. We welcome exceptional engineers (solidity, react, python), designers, gamers, marketers, and community leaders. If you want to join our team, send your profile or something you've built to:"....... so they can't even say whose joined the team? Not even that?

    Wouldn't be surprised if it's all been a sham and Cohen just hired a couple of guys to create the illusion they're planning to launch one just to keep the hype up only since NFTs, like cryptos, are such buzz words today and so hyped themselves.

    Otherwise, why "zero" updates on the subject? Afraid they'll tip their hand?.... Didn't they already do that when they launched the site 8 months ago?
  • G
    What can the regular guy do when all the volume is routed to dark pools ?
  • J
    Alert to Detroit Water & Sewerage Department: huge log on its way.
  • D
    Judge words:

    “It seems like you’re (citadel) the ones trying to regulate yourselves to a market victory.”
  • S
    Shill-seeking missile
    still waiting on that enormously steep discount that I've been getting promised since March.
  • O
    Officer Doofy
    So today is almost a perfect inverse of Thursday so are we going to see a similar inverse tomorrow compared to Friday? If so will the shills be pretty quiet tomorrow like today and then come roaring back on Wednesday? I guess all 12 of us will find out together, nobody uses this forum for information.
  • m
    I recently celebrated my First Anniversary as a GME shareholder, which means my earliest purchases below $7 per share are now long-term Capital Gains. Who says it doesn't pay to hold GME long-term. Now, I'll sit back and wait for a big catalyst from Ryan Cohen. To the Moon!
  • F
  • C
    I just like the stock
  • j
    Easiest stock to make money on 🤑 Borrow to short for an almost non existent fee or buy puts BRRRRR 💰
  • M
    Shorts did not buy to cover their positions yet. "The Game is Not Yet Stopped." BUY GME.

    "Underneath the memes is an actual company, with employees, customers, and plans to
    invest in the future. For example, GameStop will soon be releasing its 'GameStop Token' NFT and associated collectibles marketplace. The token will serve as a dividend to shareholders. Those who buy GameStop do become co-owners of a company through a system of mutual trust and participation that sustains our economy. People may disagree about the prospects of GameStop and the other meme stocks, but those disagreements are what should lead to price discovery rather than disruptions."
  • J
    just grunted out a log. one of life's simple pleasures.
  • R
    It's a game of chicken. First hedge fund to cover can survive with losses. The covering will jack the price up so second fund will likely not survive but might with enough reserves of cash. the rest of the funds will have to cover at such high prices they will exist no longer.

    Feeling lucky, punk?