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GameStop Corp. (GME)

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  • Y
    Ask yourself: why is it so important to “bearish” users here to push the ‘short interest percentage’? Why are multiple users pushing the ‘conspiracy cult’ angle for people that like the stock?

    - Does the short interest have anything to do with $GME as a long-term investment? No.
    - Does liking a stock make you part of a ‘cOnSpIrAcY CuLt’? No.

    So why push these narratives against “bullish” users? The thought of the MOASS terrifies Wall Street. They need you to sell the shares you have, and discourage you from buying any new shares. The fact that they have dedicated users/bots trolling a Yahoo message board should be all the confirmation bias you need to realize how real and inevitable the MOASS is.

    Buy and Hodl if you like the stock. Not financial advice.

    🦍 🦍 🦍 💎 🙌 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🌝
  • Ⓜ️
    Yesterday we saw 200,000 shares borrowed and a big push by our desperate HFs to create a dip. That's well over $30 million worth of shares.

    Meanwhile, I jumped in to buy more shares during the extra dip at lunchtime and I'm pleased to see the I'm already up over $6 a share. GME is looking good !!
  • B
    Barren Wuffett
    Yesterday the buy-sell-ratio was 8:1, retail continue to aquire more shares (already own more than 100% of float) while the hedgefund continue their naked shorting. Buy and HOLD, the hedgefunds never covered back in January and the longer we wait the greater the squeeze will be. 💎✋💎✋💎✋🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🦍🦍🦍
  • d
    Exceeded yesterday's total daily volume in 1st hour of trading today. Volume = Validation
  • C
    Id be willing to bet 10 bucks that this Ann poster doesnt have one single share of GME. LOL
  • D
    Gamestop is (finally) rebranding EB Games up in Canada!!

    I've been waiting for this for years!!!
  • S
    Brazilian farm sold 100 million plus shares worth deep out the money put option, to hide naked shorts. Bloomberg reported it 🤐.. shorts have not covered.

    We like the stock.
  • N
    Not my real name
    I keep seeing posts claiming that you can be paid to bash stocks like GME. Can someone please put me in touch with those outfits? Right now, I do it for free and as a retired person, a little more outside income would be icing on my cake.

    I know the people possessing this information are busy with their interests, like "Stop the Steal", the Flat Earth Society and of course all that anti-vax "research" they conduct while they sit on the can with their pants around their ankles, but I'd really appreciate someone taking the time to furnish me with a contact list so I can start raking in the nickels. Thanks in advance!
  • R
    Realm of "E"
    GameStop Corp.
    $GME added to S&P Midcap 400. Shill harder, bots
  • Ⓜ️
    All strange on the stock market today. Shares taking a dip across the board. Perhaps we'll be seeing margin calls for HFs tonight?

    Meanwhile GME is holding up strong and looking good !!
  • M
    To all those who are still holding. Could you tell me why it will potentially go to the moon? I'm not baiting or anything, just genuinely curious. I have been told it's going to go to 800 months ago. From the outside looking in, it just looks like apes are trading with bag holders.
  • a
    Probably the best long term investment on the market! Man I love this stock! gotta get more.
  • M
    So shills, you said it will go to 20$ every day since the last six months. Is today the day?
  • F
    I asked my financial advisor that i wanted to allocate some of my money for stock purchases. He said not Gamestop i hope...I know you're smarter than that. True story. lol
  • G
    We all know it has to dip before the rip...charts looking awesome pre-squeeze. The new rules for Hedgies will soon make it impossible for their usual manipulation, this might be the last we see it dip this low. That's why I just created a position today. Looking forward to fighting along side this community.
  • d
    "Official" Short Interest Update (bi-monthly): 7/15 settlement data released yesterday after close: 8.22M shrs short, down 2% from previous report, just 12.5% of float now. Short Ratio just 1.3 days needed to cover (based on avg daily volume) = no major squeeze potential, at all.
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    Barren Wuffett
    Good morning fellow long Europeans! Lots of paid shills working pre-market, very bullish! Remember that the hedgefunds never covered, some research indicates that 170M synthetic shares were created back in January, in a desperate attempt to postpone the inevitable short-squeeze! Buy and HOLD, once the margin-calls start happening we (retail) set the price, a popular price-target is $30M/share! Let's goooooo! 😊💎✋💎✋🚀🚀🚀🚀
  • c
    $AMC conversation
    AMC is gaining much attention and with the robinhood ipo I feel greatly that it will add even more interest to the memes especially amc and $GME