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  • N
    finally. This stock is getting proper LOVE...
    and with the recent news of a great acquisition in Columbia
    purchase of a giant Colombian coal mine has essentially cost the trader and mining powerhouse much less than initially thought after prices of the fuel surged.
    this will continue to go up
  • N
    finally some love for this stock
    $11.00 soon here...then maybe $12?
  • M
    Glencore realigning its activity spectrum. Expect sales of assets. Spin-offs would be nicer.
  • P
    Paul G
    I used to work for them for about 10 years, when it was Marc Rich.

    The traders bought him out and formed Glencore in Wigmore Street, due to being the biggest white collar criminal at the time. They were re-labelling Iranian oil and swapping it for arms. fact.

    At one time he owned Twentieth Century Fox.

    Jim Daley took over the Oil dept., with larry grimes et al...

    Eventually Bill Clinton pardoned Marc!!

    Read 'Metal Men' and you will understand this company!!!
  • M
    Glencore is the only miner that is higher than its April/May high point.
    Another above average volume on an up-day.
  • N
    this stock has been held down, its a huge money maker and as commodities keep moving up so do their profits. This should be $11.00 already not trying to get back to $10.
  • D
    What does the sale of 100,000 Tesla 3's mean for Glencore, and the other mining companies? As part of the 4.2 billion deal there is also an announcement that Hertz will be building its own charging network! This means thousands of miles of heavy copper conductors as charging stations go mainstream and our power distribution grid faces massive new demand challenges. The demand for materials like Copper, silver and cobalt is creating shortages and a commodities pricing boom.

    Look for there to be some consolidation in the mining business as money is cheap and available for the big boys like Glencore that control huge amounts of commodities!
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    Read: “The World for Sale” by journalists Javier Blas and Jack Farchy. Exceptionally well written and researched review of the evolution of commodity trading over the past three decades. GLNCY is a key protagonist.
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    $AUY conversation
    Significant news for Glencore, Newmont and Yamana Shareholders: On February 26th Lundin announced that it would commence construction on its $3.09 billion Josemaria, coppper/gold/silver mine in Argentina next year. Commissioning will be in 2026. No large scale copper/gold/silver mine has been approved in Argentina since Alumbrera (now part of MARA) in 1995. This marks a huge milestone for the valuation of the MARA project as approval is now far more likely by the Argentine government. MARA is jointly owned by Glencore 25%, Newmont 18.75% and Yamana 56.25% and is the sixth largest undeveloped Copper/ Gold/Silver/Molybdinum/Rhenium prospect in the world.

  • d
    Glencore is such a behemoth. In examination of top 5 metal producers Glencore ranks in cobalt, silver, copper and nickel. It will take a lot to move this giant, but there is a lot of value here. I don't own for spikes or a quick buck. I have speculative mining plays. Then I have Glencore. Happy to see it moving some. But I don't worry too much about this top 10 of Forbes Fortune 500 and one of the only major commodity traders to be publicly available.
  • H
    A startup backed by a group of tycoons including Bill Gates plans to use data-crunching algorithms to search for cobalt near a Canadian nickel mine owned by Glencore Plc.
    Kobold Metals has acquired rights to an area of about 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) -- roughly the size of New York City -- in northern Quebec, according to Chief Executive Officer Kurt House. It’s the first such foray by the company to become public.
    San Francisco Bay Area-based Kobold Metals is hoping to use data analytics to build a “Google Maps for the earth’s crust.” The company is betting it can find metals crucial to the electric-vehicle revolution, such as cobalt, that so far have eluded more traditionally-minded geologists.
    Read: Algorithms Join Cobalt Hunt Backed by Gates, Bezos and Dalio
  • F
    Why is no one talking about Glencore X Tesla pending deal???
  • C
    Cobalt miners news - Glencore plans to restart operations at Mutanda, DRC, in H2 2022 ramping up to 2025. China's Lygend starts milestone nickel & cobalt project in Indonesia.
  • Z
    The DOJ issue is unlikely to deliver clarity for some considerable time. The only facts we can consider is the levels of recent fines assuming wrong doing is established, and the extent to which current share price is already discounting a very negative scenario.
    Glencore now trades at a discount of over 27% to its peak price levels, although delivering exceptional levels of dividends, and cash flow generation. Regular share buy backs is also increasing future EPS at these very low levels. On that basis it seems a medium term buying opportunity. Of course the majority prefers buying on strong upward price momentum and many are trapped having done just that. Patience will pay in due course, as traders will have taken the life boats by now.
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    Beef Schnitzerlin
    Started a position here. Seems quite undervalued at this price. Thank you justice department.
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    $AUY conversation
    Glencore is the most likely buyer for MARA. With its present 25% ownership and experience with mega mines, it is in the catbird seat to buy out Yamana and possibly Newmont and make the investment to get this mega-mine opened. Glencore also owns critical infrastructure for the transportation and processing of the mines concentrate, this includes: the de-watering plant in Tucuman, the railway to Rosario, the loading docks, the ships to transport the concentrate to the plants where it is ultimately refined. It's a great buy for Glencore and a daunting task for Yamana and yes I own shares in both companies.

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    The shift to green energy will boost copper consumption - which is good for copper and Glencore. Copper has and will continue to outperform oil. Glencore is the fourth largest copper producer. Stay long and strong.
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    Does anyone understand why this stock is dropping sharply this week?
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    $AUY conversation
    Electric cars and currency printing: A Super cycle in precious and industrial metals is starting for the seventh time in the last 227 years according to Saxo Bank. Goldman Sachs has also declared a super cycle is brewing. The metals cited are of course: gold, silver and copper.

    1. Gold - because of the massive injections of liquidity into markets worldwide without regard for financial consequences.

    2. Silver - Because of the electronics and solar energy boom which will result in a huge surge in silver for industrial demand (additionally, silver is a precious metal like gold).

    3. Copper - Grid buildout for the electrification of the worlds automobile fleet. It is estimated that there will be an ongoing shortage in the hundreds of giga-tons starting as early as 2025 but definitely by 2027 and extending through 2035...

    Goldman has stated that copper will appreciate from $7,935 now to $9,500 by the end of the year.

    There are a great number of undervalued mining companies to invest in as well as the metals themselves...

  • R
    new ceo? i assume stock will start to rise now