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Giga Metals Corporation (GIGA.V)

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    Milewski still has 500K common in the game. Jarvis held. Note SEC docs state:
    "Our company does not have any pension or retirement plans, nor does our company compensate its directors and officers by way of any material bonus or profit sharing plans. Directors, officers, employees and other key personnel of our company may be compensated by way of STOCK OPTIONS at the discretion of the board of directors" (all caps mine). Not saying recent run to have them exercise their options (aka warrants) isn't worth a closer look when so many retail buyers chased the story (equityguru). In the end you have to have some faith when you're trying to sell holes in the ground or wnat to buy into one. Science helps too :) Milewskis 3M shs were part of a +13M vol Sept 14. Vydra holding 400K. According to SEC major shareholders Jarvis CEO 5M+ and one Brian Usher-Jones., 4.5M+ shares. Did not sell shrs. Of course Usher-Jones is just a guy in a suit a TFSA a LIF and a wife named Alexa. SEDI shows he is holding since at least 4-14-2016 . SEDI here Before recent run, Milewski could exercise anytime. His opening balance (SEDI) as of 4-30-2019 were immediately sellable at 0.19¢ that day. A double bagger even then. Chart shows GIGA up to 0.48¢ in Nov 2019 last Fall. Coulda exercised then. Could be a lot of things why, why not. Not going to hold it against the asset Giga has for a couple of directors who exercised some warrants and options, as much as not saying the stock wont drop further because some guru got all conspiracized. GLTA
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    Giga is not like a failed drug test. It is a sure thing with massive potential ahead. Just the beginning of
    nickel in battery for EV technology. Bashers either want to short shares or longs want more shares at a lower
    price and are willing to say or do anything to take you shares.
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    Someone is going to want this massive nickel deposit. I don't care how long it takes. Tuesday, 2 years, all good.
    All companies are pivoting to battery. I will just keep adding & waiting. Big upside. Giga, in the right lane.
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    I don't think Musk will disclose any kind of working arrangement with Giga Metals on Battery Day. So I don't expect it. But it would be nice if he reemphasizes the need for nickel, even in general terms. Behind the scene, I do believe Giga Metals and several other miners will get Tesla contracts, as well as contracts from large auto makers. Auto makers are copycat companies. As soon as Musk stated he wanted more nickel, I'm pretty sure these other companies said to themselves, "If Musk wanted more nickel, we should need more too". So I believe there is now a mad dash to secure more nickel supplies. It should help Giga Metals and other nickel miners down the road. I just hope there isn't too much more pain in the very near term. I'm already down 20% on my HNCFK holdings.
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    July 28th - 2020 Bloomberg weekly email highlights a “tiny Canadian company is taking Elon musk up
    On his offer to efficiently min nickel

    This is well over a month prior to any Reuter’s report or this latest

    The morning of the 28th - a well known and somewhat controversial analyst also pointed out GiGA as the perfect fit for what Elon asked for.

    I’m in with 10,000 share at average .67 cents.
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    Both articles are speculation, stock went up and warrants/options were exercised which isn't that strange in Jr mining, others were monetized to add to working capital by conic metals, who still holds shares. People are losing their minds. This is still a great long term investment. Hopefully you didn't buy at $2 only because it will be a while before you double your $. There still might be a Cinderella story, but either way some day Tesla will be knocking on their door. Guaranteed. $30b worth of exactly the type of Ni that they want for environmental reasons. Who else can compete with that in North America?
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    Read the bottom of this article. Reuter’s issued a statement saying they stand by their reporter and their are no actual facts to the contrary
    UK-based commodities reporter Pratima Desai appears to have either been a useful idiot or a willing accomplice to a stock
    UK-based commodities reporter Pratima Desai appears to have either been a useful idiot or a willing accomplice to a stock
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    profittrader is all quiet saw him post multiple times before market opens now the share price is coming up hes all quiet
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    It basically now
    Reuter vs

    Lol who would you trust?

    Biggest news company in history?
    Some nobody knows new company who might shorting the market?
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    Just muted Chris, might have been the best decision of my life lol. Around 40 reactions disappeared lol
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    Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - September 17, 2020) - Giga Metals Corp. (TSXV: GIGA), announced today that, due to the exercise of various warrants and options, $3,190,158 in new capital has come into the treasury of the Company over the past two weeks. The working capital of the Company is approximately $4,057,500 as of today's date. Issued and outstanding shares as of today's date total 69,635,476.

    (TSXV: NKL) is pleased to announce that it has added C$6.9 million of cash to its balance sheet by, after approval of its independent board members, monetizing the 3.98 million shares that the Company owned in Giga Metals Corp. (“Giga Shares”).

    Giga Metals Adds to Working Capital
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    Why is this stock sinking?
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    Reuters news still backs their story after investigating --
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    I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong. I defended the company, repeatedly stating that the news concerning insider transactions was fake. This statement was based on checking the EDGAR and SEDAR databases, both of which don't show any insider transactions. Only now did I realize that insider transactions seemingly only get posted on the SEDI database and not the other two. Personally I don't understand why that would be the case, but I sincerely apologize for spreading the aforementioned false claims. I tried to counteract the misinformation being spread, but it seems that I have fallen victim myself. Certainly a valuable lesson, even though it came at a cost.
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    As a long I'm on the fence and will continue to research "this", all weekend. But a couple videos just stands out:

    In the first video, at the 1:55 mark, CEO says a billionaire approached them in 2017. Well, they changed their name to Giga Metals in 2017. Is that a coincidence?

    In the second video, at the 44:20 mark, CEO mentions talks with strategic partners without specifics, but does use the word "Giga Factories" a couple of times.

    Finally, as other posters have stated, Reuters is backing Pratima Desai.

    If you go to the very bottom, there is an update.
    Mark Jarvis, President and CEO, Giga Metals Corporation
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    I spoke with the ERICK BERTSCH the Director of Corporate Communications today on the phone.

    Hate to break it to you guys, but we were all very premature with our stock purchase.

    They are still 3 years out on their feasibility report, which needs to be paid by an active investor/partner. They are looking at selling a 20% stake if whoever comes on board pays for the startup costs. As it sits they closed down during the last recession and are more or less moving along with bare minimum overhead to weather the storm while they find their buyer.

    They DO have one of the top 5 Nickel deposits GLOBALLY. They do have the top deposit in Canada if you include inferred but was told they are not legally allowed to say that in any reports.

    Those are public numbers.

    This is a LONG play, there is going to be NO battery day news what so ever, and even if there were, they are over 5 years, but under 6ish out, from actually getting Nickel to market currently.

    Another plus is they have been and will continue working closely with the pro-development aboriginal group in the area that overseas this project, the Thal'Tan nation.

    I personally lost almost 60% of my position since Monday, and have since sold out. So full disclosure, I have no current position. I took substantial losses. The Wednesday retrace gave me the confidence to hold, but the news of Mark selling 4 million worth of shares sent this tumbling too far than I care to wait at present time.

    I will in fact be looking at re-entering this when it is entirely off the radar or depreciates much further.

    I encourage any of you to email them directly and await a return phone call from Erick himself.

    They seem to have a good team, and a 25 year plan in place, but the recent pump was created by manipulators who looked to profit on fomo and speculators.

    He also addressed the TESLA photo on their website which he said was "a stock photo, that we purchased back in 2013 when nobody cared about this project or nickel itself at the time. We now feature car-2-go which is simply another stock photo we've purchased in its place, and we look to keep, but not to infer any direct relationship with that company either"

    Please exercise extreme caution at this time with all Nickel companies. If they arent already bringing any product to market, you can expect your investment to vest over a LONG PERIOD OF TIME, typically 10-12 YEARS before a new deposit goes from discovery to production.

    GIGA is about 5.x years into that period of time, and still has 5-7 years LEFT.

    At current rate, markets will be in a deficit for nickel.

    You wouldnt be wrong to hold, but if you check the charts, it was as low as 12 cents CAD per share this year, a number I am not comfortable getting near again.
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    You hear about the stock that went from $0.12
    to $3 in a week, because that’s sexy news. They don’t want to tell you that
    it is the norm for these stocks to lose 50% of their value overnight.
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    An earlier post on "Never let a good media event go to waste...." is allowing more people to aquire shares cheap today after the runnup on three sources indicating Giga Metals in talks with Tesla (if this is no big deal why aren't other Ni/Co miners doing same, if they're approaching "tens" of companies (because they're not?). As for the article on deepdive I say FO - nteresting but so what. The "insiders" listed all still hold tens of thousands of shares. Its common knowledge that insiders sell options for many reasons, one of which is compensation for work done for co. otherwise not calculated for time spent or lost opportunity given extended development time for mine(s). Not to mention one of them is the Corporate Secretary LOL, maybe she needs a new car or has to do with the high cost of housing in Vancouver LOL; and another an at arms-length board mem. ALL three insiders DIDNT INCLUDES PRES JARVIS, VP VYDRA of any others shown on site. Deep dive up yours, thanks for more shares LMAO
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    Can someone explain why a company sitting on a $30 BILLION worth of Nickel, a high demand metal is priced at a mere 50 million?? Please enlighten me...