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GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust (GGN)

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3.6550+0.0450 (+1.25%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT
3.6000 -0.06 (-1.50%)
After hours: 05:02PM EDT

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  • C
    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than GGN
  • J
    nice volume today
  • t
    GGN looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading ( and their stocks have been doing way better.
  • N
    I am so tired of GGN doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
  • C
    Cadillac man
    2012 NAV was about $13 and paid 13cents/month. It's now $3 and pays 3cents. This is akin to floating on a melting iceberg.
    Play the swings and collect the divvy?
  • J
    break even at 3.51.
  • S
    Been waiting patiently for the selloff. Finally rewarded today. Added more.
  • P
    Time to get in, if you are an income investor.
  • a
    As of 7/5/2022 NAV is $3.51 so at $3.30-$3.35 it is selling at around a 7% discount..
  • H
    Hugh Jardon
    This fund is not an investment in gold or natural resources as the name might suggest. It is a CEF that happens to be using gold, silver, and natural resource related stocks to derive income off the selling of covered calls and any dividends. The fund makes investments in equity securities of firms operating in gold and natural resources industries including companies in exploration, mining, fabrication, processing, distribution or trading of gold, financing, managing, controlling or operating of companies engaged in gold-related activities. It also invests in companies principally engaged in the exploration, production or distribution of natural resources, such as gas, oil, paper, food and agriculture, forestry products, metals and minerals as well as related transportation companies and equipment manufacturers. When looking at this fund investors are immediately concerned with the ROC issues that are reported. Since the fund does use a covered call income strategy and probably has some capital gains, it is very easy to see how the fund can be using ROC to make a more consistent distribution throughout the year.
  • R
    It seems to me that buying gold or oil stocks on the way down and selling covered calls, which seldom get called, is how they make money. The dividends come out of the put and call income, not the value of the stock. It doesn't really matter if gold or oil goes up or down; what counts is their ability to hedge going both ways.
  • F
    New lows, time to buy now? Any thoughts.
  • D
    Be careful here, this company has a lot of oil stocks.
  • F
    With Gold and oil up today, this is going nowhere. I know, they invest is related companies, not the actual metal or direct crude. SO??? Hopefully in a few days we will so an uptick.
  • M
    it's selling at close to a 15% discount to NAV, with a 10% distribution, and the gold stocks they own are increasing their dividend payouts given the strong cash flows. Call me crazy, but I think the skies are clearing at long last for GGN
  • F
    According to CEFConnect, there hasn't been a ROC since July 2018. (3 out of the 5 cents was ROC). With gold and oil going up up up (and the stock basically not moving at all), then there should be no reason to have any ROC for the foreseeable future. If gold/oil continue up and the stock goes down, *and* there ends up being ROC, then the managers have some serious 'splaining to do! Looking forward to the next annual report.
  • J
    Several replies below show an ignorance for the security they purchased. So:
    - "Dividends" in option writing funds will often be return of capital. This is not returning your money to you but passing along earnings from writing options
    - If held in taxable account, return of capital is "free" money in that it is not taxed and simply lowers your cost basis in fund. This likely permits you to claim 15-20% tax (instead of current income) when you actually sell

    BOTH are to holder's favor. Some of you need to sell this security and go buy something you can actually understand.

    With commodity and gold trending the way they are, I like being in this fund atm.
  • M
    Timing is everything, and I'd you had purchased GGN one year ago, you'd be up around +9.5% on the stock price itself, plus you would have also collected around 10% on the dividend for a total return in one year of just under 20%. That's not bad in my book. Today, the stock price is still below it's NAV, and they are invested in two sectors that are about as solid as you'll get in today's economy - the miners and the energy industry, both of which are currently experiencing solid free cash flow along with solid dividends. What's not to like at present?
  • F
    How this stock works? Jan 4 th, 2020, Gold $1557.00 Share price $4.43. Gold now $1957.00 Share price $3.74. Sad, a complete disconnect.