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    I am only interested in what has happened since Culp came in and not much interested in his October 2018 to January 2020 activity because he had not had a chance to make changes yet.

    You make the incredible mistake all of you hucksters on this board make of trying to compare
    the old GE pre Culp with the new GE under Culp's management.

    Any serious investor would totally disregard the period pre January 2020 as irrelevant and look
    seriously at all that has happened in the 28 months since.

    And remember there has never been in history a period like this for investing.
    We have a worldwide pandemic and a worldwide war and a totally worldwide outrageous inflation and a worldwide supply issues beyond belief along with a dozen years of almost no interest rates.

    We now have a generation that does not know this zero interest rate and 3% mortgages was abnormal.

    Yet through all of this - Culp has managed to perform and what he has done is admirable.
    I put my money on a winning horse.
    I do not bet log shots.
    Show me results and I will put my money there.

    So others can invest in crypto (speculative at the best), or Tesla who faces at least 19 other
    competitors or AMD who may get me back in a theater once again.

    But I am much more interested in a corporation with its finances under full control,
    their management serious and focused like Culp, with a future vision like the 3 way split
    which will unlock lots of value.

    I also want to be part of a company that is totally by itself in providing the most unique
    products that are in the highest demand and that company is General Electric.

    If any of you hucksters knows of anything remotely like GE as an investment - I am all ears.

    Just tell me what other company you fancy and why and I will seriously take a look.
    But keep quiet on your bashing of GE unless you have a decent investable alternative idea.

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    Has GE set a spin-off date for the Healthcare Division? What is it? Thanks.
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    organized selling for several days at low volume. Buyers are not stepping in, Sounds suspect to me.
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    BA restarted delivery of the 787 Dreamliner.
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    new video at you tube given by analyst for the price after all 3 companies are split is $140.
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    Siemens Healthineers has essentially the same annual income, revenue and outstanding shares as GE Healthcare. Siemens Healthineers share price is $47 GE Healthcare share price is X. Solve for X.
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    In just 24 months so much has changed at GE.
    I know many negative posters would like you to believe that it will take years for GE to hit its strong price.
    But that is just THEIR BIG LIE.

    It was just 24 months ago when the GE price was rock bottom at $5.46 and the pandemic was about 3 months old. It was also a time when airlines were shut down, GE had a $126 billion debt, their insurance division was in poor shape,tge pension fund was deeply underfunded, GE was settling the WELLS SEC investigation, they had just sold Biopol but not much else good was happening.

    All that changed. So much has happened in these 24 months. Cnsidering the market's present deep dive affecting all stocks - I think GE has weathered this pretty well.

    Yes they are performing very poorly the last 15 months. But that is mostly because they cannot generate Free Cash Flow YET. They are busy eliminating negatives like factoring, closing GE CAPITAL, selling GECAS, doing a reverse split 8:1 split, and dividing the company into three new companies.

    At the same time they keep announcing breakthrough new things like floating OFFSHORE wind turbines moored off coasts worldwide that are towable to other places if needed, nuclear and gas turbine new technology, solar storage and new solar converters, hydrogen breakthrough technology, new more advanced jet engines, three health division mergers, and some new health announcements on breakthrough radiology scanning, and lots more.

    I think they have done well considering the weird world Culp is operating in. It is NOT A 10 YEAR turn-around like JJ lies and keeps spewing. It is not a bankruptcy like RICHARD IRVING keep telling his big lie.
    It is not a loser company like CARLOS would have you believe.

    In just 24 months Culp has turned the company 180 degrees and it is pointed in the right direction.

    Don't trust the bad advice this Board is filled with. it has been a very, very short time to make as many changes as General Electric has made and it can only end up positive.

    I firmly believe some week the stock will jet upward - knocking all these losers on this Board in the chops.

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    The $200 million payback to stockholders is 7 years ago news.The SEC claimed since 2018 that any stockholder owning GE from Oct 2015 to an 2018 (during Jeff Immelt period) that owned GE stock could claim some refund. It was what the WELLS ACTION was all about in September 2020 when Culp settled with the for $200 million to close the issue..GE wasimproperly logging profits far forward and overstating on their financials results.It is not much different from kiting checks at the bank.That is exactly why I would not buy the stock during the 2015 to 2018 period.While the was little proof that any actual irregularities were involved - it was just another thing Culp cleaned up to get rid of any old problems.It has zero to do with anything in the past 4 years and there may not be a lot of claims to get back the $200 million.My question is - if there is less than $200 million in claims - will GE get back the over payment since it was a top estimate fr settlement but probably too high an amount.For those "woosies" on this board who claim this is proof of how corrupt GE is - it just goes to show me that they do not know at all what they are talking about.TURNAROUND Now As for GE - it is in a turn around period.For those who do not know about such thinks, a few years go Microsoft was in poor condition and then they developed their cloud business and the stock zoomed to high multiples.A few years go nobody wanted to touch Amazon and then they figured out the AWS business and tis server business made it a really hot stock.Tesla went through this a few years ago.Hewlett Packard/Compac is another example.and Nestles went through reforming its business a few years ago.So did Dow Chemical, and a number of othersThis happened a number of times where company reinvents itself and then it zooms upward.It has to do with management, good product lines, and clear vision.Hecklers are for buying stocks today and selling them quickly.Visionaries are thinking tomorrow.GE will need time but it has already made incredible changes that will pay off in the future.I will be selling #$%$ kicking boots" to anyone who wants a pair. They will be available in the near future for those needing a good swift boot in the hinder..Gene
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    It's probably going to be particularly interesting heading up to earnings for all stocks, maybe even for GE, given what seems to be oversold conditions. Although short interest for GE on May 31 was only 1.5% and it was at 77 dollars. That doesn't seem like much short interest to bring price down to 77. Maybe they're now sneaking into the short positions by just selling their long shares. Or GE really is that bad. We'll see. My bet up till now is that they will be at least fine, given clear demand for aviation and alternative sourcing for energy. It's just a bet, though. I've been wrong plenty.
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    my cost base for GE is $240 (1 for 8 reverse split adjusted). I don't think I will ever see GE at $240 in my lifetime. It is the worst stock I ever bought . Maybe there are many other poor souls in the same boat.
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    How are the big 3 doing today?
    Apple up 1.2%
    Microsoft up 2.0%
    GE up 4.9%
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    YTD Summary:
    Apple down 26%
    Microsoft down 24%
    GE down 31%

    Big picture. Top quality stocks are down so far this year. Do the math.
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    Can GE share price reach $70 today or do we wait until this Monday?
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    Tell me how that GE 12 for 1 Reverse Stock Split is working out for you. GE effected a 1 for 8 reverse stock split on July 30, 2021. The split adjusted shares began trading on August 2 above $100.
    Long time shareholder myself the largest LOSS I have ever had. Nightmares do come true. I miss my CASH.

    GE: $66.00+0.71 (+1.09%)
    At close: June 17 04:00PM EDT
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    The hidden travesty because of the stock RS is that this impressive $67 stock price is really just $8.37 pre RS
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    Very very nice detailed article on SA on what GE Healthcare is worth. Author agrees with my sum-of-the-parts valuation of 3x PS for GE Healthcare = worth $50B right now.

    So how is the market going to reconcile GE's share price today vs $50B for just Healthcare alone in 6 months? Something's gota give, the shareprice that is. Once the prospectus goes out Oct?, the price of GE should start trading as sum-of-the-parts and not some-of-the-parts now. General market be darned. Onshore throwing up blood be darned.

    $50B for Healthcare. Another 3X PS for Aviation's $32B/2019 sales. That's cool $150B right there.

    Power is worth 1x PS, or another $18B? Renewables is worth nothing, Onshore/Offshore cancels themselves.

    U'aye have a nice weekend now, U'hear.
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    Who is responsible for the destruction of of once an American icon of engineering, innovation &
    a) GE CEOs ( past & present)
    b) GE BoDs ( past & present)
    c) GE shareholders ...

    Pondering questions...
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    GE opens claims process to compensate harmed investors