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VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

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    $GOLD conversation
    I got this link bookmarked 💵
    for the Bullish GOLD Price ⛏️💰

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    They had some interesting insights about GDX on Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    GDX together with its biggest holding NEM are going green......... volatility increasing towards election........... gold etf‘s and mining companies are the place to be..........
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    Gold miners are in the mood for MUCH higher stock prices........ yesterdays wash-out filled the gap and established the next legs up.........
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    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
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    Every time there is a big market drop it begs the question. If gold and the miners show no reverse correlation to the market when the market fall hard why own it?
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    Why are stocks, gold / silver, and crypto acting perfectly in-sync, especially during sell offs? Shouldn't gold be back at 2k+ and silver 30+ now that interest rate is staying flat but hitting higher inflation?
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    Two things are about to coincide -- the reporting of major earnings increases by senior producers and 3rd Quarter reporting by funds whose holdings of senior producers are desperately light. Therein you have the catalyst for the straight-up move in the GDX currently predicted by the charts. The charts, to anyone with functioning eyesight, show that we are in the 5th wave of the intermediate move off the September 2018 low and the 5th wave of the short-term move off the March 2020 low. We are in the 5th WAVE of the 5th WAVE. In a word, we are on the threshold of the final, capitulative blow-off of the whole shebang. Time to go easy on the day-trading button, get positioned, and hold on for the ride.
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    40ies here we come......... gold price is breaking through $1‘900........ this plus oil price (cost for revenue) sinking is great for big gold mining companies like Newmont (NEM) and GDX.
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    They had some interesting insights about GDX on Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    It is gospel among gold investors that the shares lead the metal. This is a legacy from the old, inflationary days, most especially the 70's. Contrary to this, the current bull move has been led by the metal from the get-go. This is a phenomenon of deflationary times. That is indicative of where we are headed -- to a massive deflationary bust triggered by a massive debt default. My belief is that gold is in the lead here and has already made its intermediate top. That is what the gold chart shows. My belief is that the GDX has yet to follow gold to an intermediate top. That is coming next -- and immediately. The GDX will make its top as Gold itself goes to a double-top above $2000. After that, an intermediate down cycle of many months will begin in the entire complex. If you question this, look carefully at the charts. Seldom, I believe, has a pattern been so clear.
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    GDX and NEM turning green now:-)
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    As a very basic gold investor, what’s the news coming today? Good or bad?
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    Just buy tech stocks and you have better chance of making big money than PM.
  • K
    To answer PK's question as to why anyone would buy metals vs his Dowzia Doodle:
    Since January 2018 Dow +4.8%, Gold +40%, GDX +71%.
    Since exactly 20 years ago: Dow +153%, Gold +616%
    Yeah, that.
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    P K
    Pro Tip - Don 't get run over by Big Mo, kidtles. Preserve. There will be times when you will not have MAster Chartistes like us to save your bacon, mmkay. For our shorting BAse, please do not cover that last third today...... we will tell you when
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    Folks that are shorting PMs, what's your timeline? Fed just said like 3 years of nearly zero rates and ongoing money printing. Gold won't trend down for at least the next 2.
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    Q3/2020 should be great for big gold miners: low oil (cost) and high goldprices (revenue) during the quarter bodes well. Plus brexit, covid-19 and us-elections...........
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    A massive short position built up in gdx over the past weeks. This is actually short covering and consolidation going on. Miner profits will be through the roof in Q3 and Q4 and I expect a large, special dividend in Q4.
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    Consumer price index increases 0.4% in August.