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  • J
    From a Pro/Con analysis...
    1) Permitted/Feasible/Environmental issues all good.
    2) 4 metal play...which helps with individual price fluctuations.
    3) More Drilling
    4) Access Road near completion
    5) Rising commodity prices expected.
    6) Mine producing
    7) Lack of competition(ie new mines are increasing hard to fund/permit)
    8) location in North America a plus.

    1) Partner needed to offset refinery costs.
    2) Cash Burn
    3) Flat stock price with 30M Market Cap.

    This has huge upside with metal prices (and demand) increasing. A partner makes this a slam dunk...and should multiply the stock price. The share price is very low meaning you can buy thousands of shares for relatively low price. Given the mine is functioning/ producing...makes it attractive. I would never go all in on something like this...but the wow is worth taking a small bite in my opinion.
  • s
    Mostly a cobalt play and we know the price of that. Plus cobalt is being eliminated if favour of nickel lithium batteries. I believe that is what is holding this stock back?
  • M
    Thinking about investing here. Given that Fortune has had this project on the back burner for over 20 years, fully permitted for the mine to operate since 2013, and nothing has happened since; what do you guys see happening now that there is a road built? Do you think it will be Fortune that gets this mine going? Or is this going to sit idle until an investor with deep pockets buys out the company and gets it going?
  • s
    Maybe something good is coming. Maybe the government will support some project in the nwt… maybe
  • E
    While the road is critical to the project it just helps that partner in their decision making.( we need that) Soon we should expect to hear the confirmation of the main deposit extension of an already significant deposit. FT is the convenience store of battery and critical metals and holds 1.2 million oz of gold to boot along with the largest known bismuth deposit on earth ( lead replacement). It’s a deposit that will get developed, in fact I think impossible that it does not ….it’s the only primary cobalt deposit in NA that is actual ready to go ….the road will help
  • C
    Chris 111
    some dilution, but at least it was at .14 (not with warrants and not .10)
  • S
    Had a look on the GNWT infrastructure website, unless I'm missing something, it states the 93km all season road has been completed. I expect an official ribbon cutting ceremony to happen. This with drilling updates, and steady high gold prices is all good news for FT!
  • C
    Interesting volumes all of a sudden. Curious if it has anything to do with the next batch of samples being analyzed.
  • B
    Yes , typically news about the road and drill results would have a dramatic effect on a company's share price,, but FT has a unpredictable price history,, i think nothing short of a Refinery deal and Partnership / buyout will move this company,, I'm a long time supporter so I'm hopeful,,, cheers!
  • k
    That’s quite the volume. What’s going on?..
  • C
    more dilution yikes
  • S
    Toyota just announced a +$3 billion battery Facility in North America for EV and Hybrid vehicles.....this minerals have to come from somewhere and FT is positioned to be a main supplier for one or many of these types of projects.
  • s
    Road opening official - Nov 30th
  • B
    im guessing EV related Jrs have a bright next 6 months ,, cheers!
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    FT.TO is up 11.54% to 0.14
  • S
    Drilling update: progressing in the 5th and final drill test. All samples to be tested within a few weeks of completion.

    I say we will hear the good news before the end of November!
  • s
    Upcoming announcements of interest:
    - drill results in the next 60 days (if not sooner)
    - road opening (fall) could be announced any time

    Still to be determined:
    -refinery location and/or partner(s)

    Overall the entire market isn’t in our favour right now, but with CEO’s of majors auto OEMS now looking for raw materials, it will only be a matter of time before we get more excitement in this space…

  • C
    News out, more drilling.
  • s
    Well folks. Here is my take on FT:

    -soon we should hear about drilling, when it will happen and it’s results
    - road will be complete very soon
    - refinery announcement has to be soon

    Oh and cobalt futures are increasing.

    Staying long… lots of opportunity imo
  • s
    Stay tuned folks… I’m my opinion there is a lot coming down the pipe that will change our course