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Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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182.50+1.24 (+0.68%)
As of 10:44AM EDT. Market open.
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    sorry I'm not a usual pumper, I just don't see the value in gold and to the contrary I recognize the four year pattern of election fear and pumpers/infomercials/crazy uncle's telling everyone to buy gold cause the dollar might crash. lol.... the dollar is what kills gold people. ghadaffi, bin laden, the past, you don't mess with the usa dollar cause it will fight back. nice try gold but not this year and probably not even
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    Earnings in 2 weeksLast quarter averages - Gold = $1600/oz. Silver = $16/ozThis quarters est averages - Gold =$1900/oz. Silver = $26/ozThat is up 15% and 40% in profitable leverage from last Quarter. And none of this is even close to being baked into stock prices yet. Simple math no #$%$ . Act accordingly.
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    hey guys how did gold do during the last recession and the last time the trade deficits were at all time high and inflation fears were there and everything else with the stock market gaps and everything else in play for protection you guys really have no idea how worthless gold is just think about any other mineral or material sitting in millions of volts around the world doing nothing whatever I'm done trying to save you guys this has nothing to do with me making money but whatever I tried.
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    I bought some last month thinking it was gonna bounce back... I'm gonna keep holding for a few weeks but I'm not very optimistic, seems like it crashes every election, maybe be holding for a couple years lol. o well.
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    Why the high volume and price decrease?. Any news?
  • r
    When you read through the unlimited spending of the DNC Communist Manifesto will the DNC Communists outlaw gold and silver ownership ? Gold can easily do $3000 under the DNC communist manifesto, it looks more like $4400 to $5600 when unlimited government spending is factored in ?
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    Shares could easily double again. Costs remain low and profits will soar on rising prices in Q3
  • v
    Great 2Q 2020:
    Q2/2020 Financial Highlights

    104,330 Gold Equivalent Ounces1 ("GEOs") sold
    $195.4 million in revenue
    $94.4 million of Net Income, or $0.50 per share
    $91.8 million of Adjusted Net Income2, or $0.48 per share
    $27.0 million in Cash Costs3, or $259 per GEO sold
    $158.1 million of Adjusted EBITDA4, or $0.83 per share
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    Labor Day weekend comes a day early.

    This daytraders 'wet dream' of a gasbag market has gone on for months longer than any of them could imagine. So today many have decided to close their books, turn off their screens, and take off for the cash.

    None of this months-long gong show made any sense.
    But it made some guys plenty of dollars.
    Thanks for playing.
  • z
    No more metal rally till next month!!
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    Buffett has always loved the right economic climate.
    He's owned Salomon Bros, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs...
    Because when interest rates are right, they money hand over fist.
    The cheating they always end up doing is repugnant to Buffett...there's plenty of money to make legally and fairly.

    So this is an interesting time. Buffett dumped a bunch of banks. Because inflation hurts the banks' spreads, and it makes fiat currency worthless.

    And he bought a stake in a gold miner. Simply because gold retains its value while cash loses it.

    But I think he might not know about, or understand, these gold merchant bank plays...such as Franco. Yet.
    He'll love them...when someone bothers to introduce him to how they work.**
    "A bank....that lends cash, and gets repaid in gold".

    I'd be surprised if he doesn't eventually buy one.
    ** Don't laugh. Buffett had ZERO interest in stodgy, capital-intensive railways.....until Bill Gates explained his shrewd investment in CN Rail to him. Ans after a 'sampler plate" of UNP, he eventually bought out BNSF.
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    No more upside
  • K
    Bought more
  • K
    Ughhh buyin more
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Franco-Nevada is down 4.94% to 145.16
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    Buffett just bought gold.
    Because he sees the US$ is well on its way to becoming toilet paper.
    While gold retains actual value.
    And unlike bitcoins, does not simply vanish into cyberspace.

    Inflation...learn about it.
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    Buying more
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    Buying more thanks jp morgan
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    Does anybody feel optimistic about the future of FNV? The mild bullish in the markets even while ongoing nation protests, makes me hesitant to buy this now. But I wonder IF and how long will it take for those protests to cause an even worse spike in hospitalizations. Thoughts?