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    Jan Rosholm
    The World Bank’s Climate-Smart Mining Initiative includes graphite among its clean-tech, green-tech materials, projecting global graphite demand to rise 494% between 2020 and 2050. According to the USGS, “Graphite’s use in rechargeable batteries, as well as technologies under development (such as large-scale fuel-cell applications), could consume as much graphite as all other uses combined.

    Next week the House (US) will vote the 1Trillion $ investment plan trough the parlament, and make it possible to get acces to financing for projects supporting critical materials for the EV sector, among others.

    Graphite is on that list, and Focus Graphite will have acces to financing.....things will move now. This is what the whole sector have been waiting for for several month now...

    The whole EV Batt materials sector will boom now.....
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    Jan Rosholm
    Just added up with 100.000 more stocks
  • H
    Read about company Sila Nano. No graphite, goes live in Mercedes Benz autos NEXT year. Reason I sold Focus
  • R
    It looks like momentum in Focus is slowly starting to build:

    NewFields joins IOS Services Géoscientifiques Inc., DRA Americas Inc., Wood plc., Table Jamésienne de Concertation Minière (TJCM), and Richelieu Hydrogéologie Inc. in working with Focus to advance the Lac Knife project and update its Lac Knife FS and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) reports, both of which were initially filed in 2014. These updates are currently underway.
  • M
    I bought FCS as a long position a while back around .15. I try and never sell at a loss. With that being said, will this stock be handed down to future generations awaiting profits?
  • J
    Did my due diligence and it seems this company has been taking on debt and offering .02 shares in return? How does a regular share holder get a deal like that!
  • G
    i wonder how (if any) the solid state battery with a pure silicone anode will impact the viability of the mine
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    Wondering why this company has very little info on You Tube? I would more interested if there was more up to date info available. Lomiko does a fabulous job at keeping me informed of there progress. Is Focus worth investing in?
  • j
    The news is VERY optimistic and this could double up in time as more news approaching....hmmm glta long bullish
  • D
    This is a long term hold for sure. My sense is that by as soon as YE 2021, they could have their licensing and permitting in place. Once they have that, they will order the equipment that will be needed to begin mining. If the stars align, production could begin by the end of first half 2022. All this was likely set behind by Covid. Next year at this time, we could be north on 0.25/sh.
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    hmmm i bought this one for 0.11 cents and unloaded for 0.18 cents, it does has potential....with that said, i have doubts that a break out will happen, i want to buy and load up
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    Patient Investor
    The only person making $$ on his stock is the person raising cash
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    Looking for a catalyst?
    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -Mineral exploration company KoBold Metals, backed by billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, has signed an agreement with London-listed Bluejay Mining to search in Greenland for critical materials used in electric vehicles.
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    Today I average down from .22 to .15
    8200 shares total.

    It’s a Very long term investment
  • h
    graphite and graphene technology are huge players in the EV revolution, and this is one of the most promising. These guys own a huge part of Grafoid and they have the largest deposit of pure flake graphite in the world and the lowest cost to make graphene using Grafoid's technology, setting them apart competitively from others. Grafoid is an insider of BES, another undervalued EV stock considering their market cap.

    I'm bullish on this AMY, MN, LI, BES, CNC, GRA and GRAT as key players in providing the resources for the EV economy. All vehicles will be electric by 2035!
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    2021.07.05 SEDAR : FMS announced today it has completed due diligence with Alumina Partners (Ontario) Ltd.
    (“Alumina”), an affiliate of New York-based private equity firm Alumina Partners, LLC, and closed a first
    tranche of private placement investment pursuant thereto.
    Alumina is prepared to invest up to CAD$12 million in the company over a 24-month period for working
    capital and general corporate purposes, including to advance both of the Company’s flake graphite
    projects in Quebec.
  • A
    Whatever Grafoid has been developing the 6 years that I've been in this terd of a stock, is about to reveal itself. Grafoid coming to market with this reverse takeover with Stria. I think this is going to rocket like BES did. Or Hold long term if they have some life changing Graphene setup or new battery technology. Lots of unknowns but its so cheap what the hell is a few grand. Ive spent worse at worse places lol

    The new CEO is a merger expert, and everything Jeffery York touches eventually is successful. The relationship and amalgamation of BES, SRA, FMS and Grafoid has everything they need to get out of the Economy hole

    Raw material - Focus
    Real world testing and distribution - Braille
    Stria - Grafoid's new alien shell
    Grafoid - years of R & D and Graphene secrets

    Who knows what they have, but they wouldn't be coming to market if it wasn't something that was marketable. Guess we will find out soon
  • j
    This was posted over at ceo nice read take a look at "Graphite From The Purest Source
    Grafoid is partnered with publicly traded Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF | FSE: FKC), one of the premier graphite development companies in the world and owner of the ultrahigh-grade, Lac Knife graphite deposit in Québec, Canada. While Grafoid’s process works with any graphite source, having long-term security of supply is critical with a strategic mineral."
    Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development, and investment company that produces economically scalable graphene.
    Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development, and investment company that produces economically scalable graphene.
  • G
    Did a little more research on companies holdings and am impressed. They are sitting on the highest grade large flake deposit in the world. The high grade makes the cost to purify to battery grade 1/4 that of most deposits. There spherical graphite has shown 0% loss over time. Wow. I can definitely see a take off agreement in place soon to get this rolling to construction stage. Let’s go. Good hold.
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    Update today. Looks like they are ramping up the timeline to commercial production. Hint at interested parties! New technology patent and a graphite mine in the works, Graphene. Liking the way this is shaping up. Strong Hold.