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Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS.V)

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  • P
    Patient Investor
    The latest funding will support the executives for a little longer. Nothing for shareholders.
  • j
    As expected negative consequences of rs continue. Drying daily trading volume pushing share price down below 52 week lows.
  • M
    ahh Focus Graphite, teaching us the mathematics of asymptotic to zero
  • B
    Imo , they have to prove a large enough resource Lac Knife is high quality just not big enough,, but USA and the new deal , need to source Graphite from "partners" like Canada and Focus G,, we shall see,, cheers!
  • j
    Not dropping below .1 is a sign of relative strength,considering negative technical implications of rs for share price.
  • B
    im a poet and didn know it
  • j
    Surprised they haven't merged or been acquired .. potential definitely .. especially the players around them . imho glta
  • P
    Patient Investor
    Anyone invested here should kiss their money goodbye. The only ones to profit were the former president with his $1M/year salary. Accept it and move on. You are not the first to be duped.
  • P
    Patient Investor
    Anyone but Gary making money here?
  • D
    Management should explain to everyone how a reverse split in shares will benefit the average investor. Some might see this as just a clever way that management and/or select classes could pilfer the liquidity of the company, leaving the investors holding air. When will mining equipment be bought and installed and product actually start to be sold?
  • J
    Jan Rosholm
    This is the plan, so looking forward to see Focus receive the final permit, primo 2022.

    Focus has also instructed IOS Services Géoscientifiques to undertake, update, complete or commission the following surveys and investigations over the coming months:

    Hydrogeochemical and ground water dispersion modelling.
    Atmospheric dust dispersal modeling including greenhouse gas emissions.
    Tailings management system concept
    Tailings dam rupture mitigation measures.
    Phase 5 (spring 2021) and Phase 6 (summer 2021) surface water sampling.
    Caribou habitat characterization.
    Updated mine closure plan.
    Assuming the timely execution of the studies and reports delivery, the Company expects to submit the definitive and complete set of answers Series II questions on the Lac Knife project to the MELCC by December 31, 2021.
  • h
    graphite and graphene technology are huge players in the EV revolution, and this is one of the most promising. These guys own a huge part of Grafoid and they have the largest deposit of pure flake graphite in the world and the lowest cost to make graphene using Grafoid's technology, setting them apart competitively from others. Grafoid is an insider of BES, another undervalued EV stock considering their market cap.

    I'm bullish on this AMY, MN, LI, BES, CNC, GRA and GRAT as key players in providing the resources for the EV economy. All vehicles will be electric by 2035!
  • J
    Jan Rosholm
    Getting closer to final updated Feasabiliy Study and environmentallty report.

    Next 4 weeks we will se some announcements to be released.

    In 2021, Focus commissioned DRA Americas Inc. to update and modify the 2014 feasibility study for the Lac Knife Project and prepare a new NI 43-101 Technical Report in accordance with the Canadian Securities Administrators’ Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects. These updated reports are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021.
  • N
    2021.07.05 SEDAR : FMS announced today it has completed due diligence with Alumina Partners (Ontario) Ltd.
    (“Alumina”), an affiliate of New York-based private equity firm Alumina Partners, LLC, and closed a first
    tranche of private placement investment pursuant thereto.
    Alumina is prepared to invest up to CAD$12 million in the company over a 24-month period for working
    capital and general corporate purposes, including to advance both of the Company’s flake graphite
    projects in Quebec.
  • A
    Whatever Grafoid has been developing the 6 years that I've been in this terd of a stock, is about to reveal itself. Grafoid coming to market with this reverse takeover with Stria. I think this is going to rocket like BES did. Or Hold long term if they have some life changing Graphene setup or new battery technology. Lots of unknowns but its so cheap what the hell is a few grand. Ive spent worse at worse places lol

    The new CEO is a merger expert, and everything Jeffery York touches eventually is successful. The relationship and amalgamation of BES, SRA, FMS and Grafoid has everything they need to get out of the Economy hole

    Raw material - Focus
    Real world testing and distribution - Braille
    Stria - Grafoid's new alien shell
    Grafoid - years of R & D and Graphene secrets

    Who knows what they have, but they wouldn't be coming to market if it wasn't something that was marketable. Guess we will find out soon
  • j
    This was posted over at ceo nice read take a look at "Graphite From The Purest Source
    Grafoid is partnered with publicly traded Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF | FSE: FKC), one of the premier graphite development companies in the world and owner of the ultrahigh-grade, Lac Knife graphite deposit in Québec, Canada. While Grafoid’s process works with any graphite source, having long-term security of supply is critical with a strategic mineral."
    Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development, and investment company that produces economically scalable graphene.
    Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development, and investment company that produces economically scalable graphene.
  • G
    Did a little more research on companies holdings and am impressed. They are sitting on the highest grade large flake deposit in the world. The high grade makes the cost to purify to battery grade 1/4 that of most deposits. There spherical graphite has shown 0% loss over time. Wow. I can definitely see a take off agreement in place soon to get this rolling to construction stage. Let’s go. Good hold.
  • J
    Jan Rosholm
    Things Are Looking Up For the Graphite Market

    In 2021, just for batteries alone, 400,000 tonnes of natural Graphite were used, and that number is expected to grow to 3 million tonnes by the time 2030 comes around. Synthetic Graphite had a demand of 300,000 tonnes in 2021, which is expected to grow to 1.5 million tonnes by 2030.

    Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has data that shows that there is a serious demand for natural and synthetic Graphite - and that is only going to increase. With the popularity of electric cars, Graphite is poised to proliferate in demand.

    Graphite is an in-demand mineral, and that demand will only become more significant as the years go on. The popularity of electric cars has been a driving force behind the popularity of the mineral but is not the only use of Graphite. This mineral has been around for centuries and has embedded itself in our modern-day world.
  • J
    Jan Rosholm
    Just bought 150.000 more stock today.

    Extreme chance to load up at this low price.

    I have a feeling that Focus Graphite are very soon ready to communicate some big news.

    There a so many possibilities with this company and the ownership of one of the highest grade graphite in North America.

    And also remember that Focus are partowner of a Graphene company.

    Shortterm pricegoal based on fair marketvaluation should be min. 0.24 C$
  • G
    Update today. Looks like they are ramping up the timeline to commercial production. Hint at interested parties! New technology patent and a graphite mine in the works, Graphene. Liking the way this is shaping up. Strong Hold.