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    ....Toni, is FGR collaborating with Skeleton Technologies?
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    ....good volume after very long time...
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    Cement is a US$740bn p.a. global business
    The estimated value of the global cement business is US$740bn p.a., or 14 billion m3. With the specific gravity of concrete being 3.1 to 3.3, that works out at 42 billion tonnes p.a. If you added < 0.01% (1,000 gms) graphene to each tonne the industry would need more graphene than the world can produce, so let’s just assume a modest 1% market penetration in markets that are more environmentally conscious. That would require tens of thousands of tonnes of graphene product, which is many times the capacity of the world to produce today. No single company could produce that amount in the foreseeable future so there will be a supply shortage that needs be overcome. There will be room for many suppliers but one
    company is leading the charge and is streets ahead of the rest at this juncture, both in terms of quantity and quality; First Graphene.

    First Graphene is very advanced with cement product
    This scenario is of particular interest to me as a large shareholder and director of First Graphene. That company has developed its PG50AquaTM product as a convenient and easy to use admix for the cement business. It is already in collaboration with more than 25 cement companies around the globe that are evaluating the performance of graphene in their product mixtures, with very positive feedback.
    These companies alone would require much more graphene than FGR can produce, so it would need to
    expand its production capacity by an order of magnitude. Suddenly there could be a massive shortage of graphene. The numbers become daunting and the profits could be huge. There are no guarantees yet so this scenario should be seen as speculative, but so far it looks very promising. We should start to see the evidence from Q3 this calendar year.

    Using graphene in perovskite solar cells
    Late last year we published a note on the unlisted perovskite company, Greatcell Energy Pty Ltd, and
    invested in the same. For those of you who are unfamiliar with perovskite cells, they represent the new, highly efficient future of solar collectors that could challenge the dominance of silicon solar panels, but time will tell. One of the big advantages of perovskite cells is that they are very thin - as thin as a $20 bill - and don’t require the physical mounting fixtures needed for silicon panels. Nevertheless, each cell is composed of eight layers of materials. Greatcell has been using gold as one layer because of strength and conductivity, but it is expensive. In looking for a substitute, Greatcell has found that PureGRAPH performs very well. This could be an important source of graphene demand in due course

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    Emerging Growth Conference

    Apr 9

    Emerging Growth Conference 5 Announced

    April 14, 2021
    9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern

    Companies Presenting:
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    I started to research some graphene stocks. First Graphene seems well positioned with know-how and some production capacity and known in 'graphene world' but results seem quite small to me. I am considering to start building some position here. I see there are no funds and institutional investor listed in holders - this is like some kind of warning to me but also it is possibility same time. I made some parallel with Nano Xplore but they seem quite bigger company with similar portfolio. Can anyone tell what is exceptional in First Graphene in order to make it product choice in comparison with Nano Xplore products?

    Have a nice day.
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    Greatcell is finding that graphene is significantly
    improving perovskite solar cell

    Late last year we provided some research on Greatcell
    Energy, one of the leading companies pioneering the
    development of low light perovskite solar cells. This
    research is available on the Far East Capital website if you
    want to see it again.

    We visited the operations in Wagga Wagga last week and
    were delighted to see that the use of First Graphene’s
    graphene products were providing a substantial reduction
    in the cost of materials used in the manufacturing of
    perovskite solar cells, as well as improving the efficiency of
    the cells.

    Specifically, the graphene can be used to replace a layer of
    gold that previously accounted for more than 90% of the
    material costs. The conductivity and the flexibility of
    graphene has proved itself. Importantly, graphene can be
    applied in a large scale roll-to-roll manufacturing technique
    once commercial scale operations are commissioned,
    probably in 2023.

    The efficiency of graphene in this state of the art perovskite
    cell is the highlight, though there is a double edged sword
    for the graphene supplier. It is so efficient that very little is
    needed in each cell. Nevertheless, with the probability that
    Greatcell will be called upon to manufacture tens of millions
    of cells each year for only the first two potential customers
    with which it is dealing, it could provide useful revenue for
    First Graphene, perhaps in the tens of tonnes p.a. when
    the ball really gets rolling. It would be yet another positive
    outcome in the development of new applications for this
    wonder material.

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    Thank you James and Toni for sharing recent exciting news on FGR. I am interested in this company and looking forward to hearing further developments in this company. l can see so much potential here. Looking forward to seeing where FGR is 6 months to a year from now. Hopefully they can start generating significant revenue soon before they burn though to much more cash. Cheers.
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    New Corporate Presentation:


    Showing a bunch of new coops in the cement & concrete area as well as in the area of composites & plastics.
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    New Deal inked

    As NeoGraf by itself is a graphene producer, it tells us alot about the quality of the application specific Puregraph products.
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    Somethin to keep an eye on:

    Holcim Announces New Low Carbon Cement Replacement Facility

    Information about low carbon cement replacement:

    Graphene can also be used to lower the carbon footprint. Maybe Holcim will also go this route and FGR is prepared to deliver.
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    First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR; “First Graphene” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a collaboration agreement with High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) sheet extrusion specialist DSP (M) Sdn Bhd (DSP).
    The collaboration will be focused on the development of PureGRAPH® enhanced HDPE sheet and welding wire to provide increased durability, abrasion resistance and fire retardancy of fabricated HDPE components. The collaboration agreement is for 1 year, with the ability to extend further at the end of the term. Each party will contribute scientific and industry knowledge at its own cost with First Graphene providing access to its PureGRAPH® product range. There are no other material terms of the agreement or an assessment of economic impact at this stage.
    First Graphene is working closely with UK-based compounder Hubron International Ltd, a specialist masterbatch formulator, on the development of a new masterbatch tailored specifically for the HDPE grade used in the sheet extrusion process.
    Following evaluation, the PureGRAPH® enhanced HDPE sheet/welding wire will be launched as a new product line to be marketed by both DSP and First Graphene.
    The collaboration comes in response to several challenges communicated by end users and fabricators, including known performance issues due to limitations with the traditional properties of HDPE materials.