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  • F
    Francis Bombardier
    Personally I feel that most still aren't looking at this company for what it is. I do not see them actually mining any of these properties themselves as the financing needed is too great for a small player in todays world. They originally started off as a "mineral bank", taking advantage of low prices to purchase great properties and then eventually cutting licensing deals with larger producers and receive a royalty fee (simplifying a bit). I still think that is their goal. They are doing a lot of the leg work such as the environmental assessments while the price of gold stays relatively idle at $1700 an ounce but once it does get above the $2000 threshold there will be bigger players wanting these properties to mine, especially if the permitting is completed. Junior minors cannot successfully mine in todays market as we are seeing with companies like Pure Gold and I believe that Keith understands this and would not make the mistake of investing a billion dollars in capital to have to wait 12 years to see a profit.
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    In an hour, First Mining Gold's Chairman, Keith Neumeyer, and CEO, Dan Wilton, discuss the planned Duparquet acquisition. Get your questions answered live during our Q&A.

    Register here:
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    looks like a great addition today. If you have the team to develop a major mine in place .Why not develop two mines next door for free. Put them to work.
  • d
    Metals experts are calling for a major shortage that will send prices flying soon. Battery metals like FFMGF will be huge winners. Also, RMESF is just finishing mapping after 2,000 metre drilling and share price is already starting to move up in anticipation of potentially big news for Red Metal shareholders.
  • T
    I support the share issuance for this expansion
  • L
    I'll be wqtching and be a buyer if it gets below .10. Great company and has alot going for it, but will be years before They develop there staple mine. Just alot better opportunities out there right now.
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    FYI. Keith Neumeyer made another purchase of 341,000 shares on July 17, 2022. Raymond Polman purchased 100,000 shares on July 17, 2022.
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    Just bought in after watching some Tube on First Mining
  • a
    Reached out to TDAmertrade (US) regarding delay in Treasury shares showing up in account. Here is the response I got:

    I can confirm that FIRST MNG GOLD CORP. (FFMGF) has stated that they plan to perform a Mandatory 1:1 spinoff. It is similar to a dividend but paid in the form of new shares instead of cash. In order to be entitled to receive the spinoff, you had to hold FFMGF on 07/12/2021, which is one business day prior to the ex-dividend date, 07/13/2021.
    The ETA is unknown when the spinoff will be allocated at this time.

    Whenever a security undergoes a split or exchange into a new name/symbol, accounts are updated as soon as the depository allocates the new shares to our clearing firm. Regarding the spinoff shares, we have not received them yet from the issuer. However, we have reached out to our custodian and they confirmed that they are working with the issuer and the security is in the eligibility process. As soon as the process is complete and the shares are allocated, if you are entitled to receive the spinoff shares, they will automatically be allocated to your account. Again, the anticipated date is unknown at this time.

    This was a Mandatory Reorganization per the company, so there is no action that you have to take, and your account will be updated automatically upon allocation. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call the Reorganization Department at 888-723-8504, option 1. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET, excluding market holidays.
  • b
    It is not a pump and dump. At this point, just a pump. If we see Keith or Dan sold a bunch of shares in the last few days, then it is a dump (and a serious problem). I am a major shareholder with 625K shares. I am not a big fan of paid promotions. But, First Mining is way undervalued when you add up all the pieces, so if this campaign serves as kindling for a long-term higher strata stock price, then money well spent. This company is undervalued on most any measure, AND has exciting prospects with Auteco (great drill results), Treasury Metals (under promise and over deliver), Big Ridge (Newfoundland), Cameron (100% owned), Quebec Properties (hot mining jurisdiction).....oh and that 4m oz gold deposit at Springpole. And a royalty portfolio which Keith recently said was worth $50m.
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    From investor relations - I sent an email to them. Hopefully this bleeding is over on Monday of next week (we have another day?). Here is the letter: "First, regarding our recent share price performance. It was announced this past Friday (June 14) that First Mining will be removed from the GDXJ index. We believe this has, and may have, an impact on our share price near-term. The GDXJ re-balances quarterly and is a passive fund that trades on liquidity. We will be removed from the GDXJ as a result of not meeting their liquidity thresholds, and not based on any company or asset specific rationale. There are specific criteria around market cap and trading amounts that must be maintained, and the GDXJ only account for our volumes on the Canadian exchange and not the combined U.S. and Canada trading. Our understanding is that this is not a long, drawn-out process but rather something that should occur fairly quickly (the rebalance date is June 21). As a result, there may be some short term dislocation around the index removal in the meantime."
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    Our Mr Positive, CEO Dan, has another webinar today. Same exact thing as last 5 webinars in last four months. Still “rounding the corner” on many items. Gave weak explanations for latest stock dilution financing action. Even though he had previously stated they had enough cash for activities well into 2021, they desired to sell more new stock to institutional investors so they could play around at secondary locations.
    One new discouraging bit of news. Mr. Dan said first “pour” of mined gold from Springpole was 2027. Can they walk this “fantastic and under valued” project any slower????
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    From the email received yesterday: "Springpole is one of the largest undeveloped gold assets in Canada, and an asset that will be important in the longer-term gold pipeline as companies begin to consider their longer-term production growth."-----This is the key imo......someone (think major player), can and will join ranks with us or buy Springpole outright. There are very few locations like this left in the world (not to mention Canada alone)....because most locations of this caliber have already been developed. There's only a finite amount of gold in the ground, so the pickings are getting slimmer by the year. Question(s): What happens to the share price when this suitor comes along? What major mining company will it be? Will someone like Sprott or Lassonde or the like become an investor? Will this happen tomorrow, next month or in a couple of years? The spark to ignite is coming in some fashion as mentioned. When it happens we will not be in the 2 digit pennies because that will be in the rearview mirror. My patience is as frazzled as everyone else's at times, but we are getting closer to the goal line every day that passes. Get your game plan together now, because tomorrow can and will come. GLTA
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    According to the person I talked to at Fidelity investments international trading desk, it typically takes weeks and sometimes even a month or two for a Canadian stock distribution to get allocated to US shareholders accounts. I KNOW WE ARE ALL ANXIOUS TO GET OUR SHARES, but the timeline we are dealing with is not out of the ordinary. And has nothing to do with first mining dropping the ball or anything like that.
  • A
    Still no treasury metals shares. Purchased ffmgf 7/7. Anyone know the status of the distribution?
  • b
    If you could please correct me if I am wrong. This company paid about $200 million USD during 2015 and 2016 to acquire about 8 decent quality gold assets during some of the markets darkest days. At one point shortly after the acquisition spree, the market cap of the company was around $500 million USD. In the past few years company has progressed several of the mines via drilling and permitting activities, gold has rallied and CEO has purchased almost 3 million shares during the past year. Yet we still see a $100 million USD market cap.
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    First Mining Announces Positive Pre-Feasibility Study for the Springpole Gold Project, Ontario, Canada
  • M
    Need news/drill results to break and hold .40. Your patience will be rewarded. On a related topic, DOLLF is ramping up. Sprott has twice invested in its silver explorations. JMHO and Sprott's. ;^ )

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    @Buddy.....your post disappeared, but here's my response. You had asked if .25 is a good entry point. I'm assuming you are in Canada since that would equal .19 US where FFMGF has been oscillating around the last few trading sessions. Yes, I definitely think this is a good entry point because Thr and Fri of this past week I just doubled down and bought 76,873 shares at .18 US-----That now brings my total holdings to 156,713 shares. This also brought my cost basis down from .30 to .24 at present (US dollars). I've been accumulating over the last 4 years. Dan Wilton, the company CEO, bought 2 million shares at a cost of $540,000(Canadian) this past year @( .27 Canadian=.21 US). branstetter412 here on the board has 200,000 shares @ .18 US.------If you pull up a 2 year chart on yahoo, looks clearly to me like a triple bottom is in place and we are now climbing out of it. Can't imagine a better entry point, imo. GLTU
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    Received an email response today from MAL KARWOWSKA, Vice President, Corporate Development & Investor Relations. I think they’re working hard - nervous but still holding; more permitting and driving results coming in the next few weeks.

    “Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate your concern. We will put out news as we have items to disclose. We are working hard and heading into a busy time of year with a focus on marketing.
    Marketing ramps up in September and we are attending several conferences through the fall. Also, additional progress that is anticipated for 2019 includes: (i) an updated PEA for Springpole to reflect the improved metallurgical results; (ii) advancement of permitting at Springpole including submission of the terms of reference; and (iii) drilling at Goldlund, specifically results from the drilling that is underway at the Miller Prospect. We are aiming to have drill results from Goldlund to share in the next few weeks, and we are targeting release of the updated Springpole PEA results by the end of the year.”