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Frontera Energy Corporation (FECCF)

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7.57+0.22 (+2.99%)
As of 02:19PM EDT. Market open.

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  • t
    What's wrong now??guess they dont think the stock is worth 7 6 5 4 3 2 1???Total extends rig contract. Buying back stock. Wish they would buy these guys
  • S
    Has the company shown any interest to pay dividends again? It would attract more buyers versus share buybacks imo.
  • d
    Why is this stock trading at only 0.5x book, and 2 x forward P/E? What's wrong with it?
  • J
  • d
    This stock is super cheap, regardless of the way you calculate it. I am loading up
  • J
    I just want to thank YAHOO for its up to date info and great information! this 20% dividend is great. Thank you so much YAHOO! the people at YAHOO really know how to do a good job with releasing information and and keeping all investors knowledgeable. I wish YAHOO made all stocks have an imaginary 20% dividend.
    Thanks for your time everyone 👍🏼
  • O
    How's this stock not trading much higher with Crude trading over $40??
  • C
    $OYL-RT.V conversation
    I can't get our current situation out of my head so I put my game theory hat on and this is what I've come up with....

    1. Some savvy $CGXEF $OYL.V shareholders sold their positions or maybe even just 15% of their positions early knowing they can add back with rights or even subscribe for more. Maybe they moved some of this money to $FECCF $FEC.TO which is why the inverse correlation.

    2. This created selling pressure especially as many newbies still don’t understand the rights offering.

    3. Shorts saw their opportunity to pounce, dove in as the stock fell...hell, they were still borrowing shares yesterday.

    4. This seems like a risky strategy for shorts given how close the well is to target zones UNLESS they have hedged their losses already by buying up as many $OYL-RT.V (the rights) as possible on the open market.

    5. $OYL-RT.V is continuing to hold value despite these rights being higher than the common stock ATM...I think that’s because our shorts are buying them as protection. Looks like at least 700k rights have changed hands so far.

    6. This is also why the common shares should rebound as soon as the rights expire or as soon as the shorts feel like they can’t buy enough rights to cover.

    If anyone else has theories would love to hear them but this makes sense from my side of the keyboard.
  • A
    I can't understand the valuation of FEC after CGX big price increases, today + 25 % right now and Frontera +5%????, and FEC owns about 75% of CGX??? Really, what is happening? I think we can agree on that the prospects are good for CGX, although risky. But now the valuation gap between FEC and CGX is only 140 mill. USD??? and FEC has very good cash flow on already in its existing producing business of +100 MUSD right now per year, it seems like an insane price difference, rather, the FEC share should right now be priced at 10 USD minimum. Maybe a good time to buy FEC? I think so...What do you guys think?
  • A
    Wow that was a nice increase of 30% in a couple days, which is great, but no way I am even thinking of selling now that they have such a huge find worth billions of dollars. This stock is well on it's way to $20 plus! Let the good times roll...remember that we own a huge percentage of OYL as well!
  • B
    One of the few small cap oil stocks that prepared as best they could for this perfect storm; lots of cash to ride it out; way more than most oil small caps.
  • A
    Hopefully this finalized settlement at the agreed upon prices will put lingering questions to bed and set a clearer picture for future earnings!
  • K
    isn't it amazing that Frontera market cap is $750 mil US and CGX $300 mil. CGX is exploration stage, no revenue, Frontera owns 80%. Frontera makes $750 mil in earnings, from top of my head...And Frontera has no insiders ownership which is concerning
  • J
    when is the next ex dividend date?
  • h
    Anyone Tracking FEC?? Its taking a flight it seems today.
  • T
    Bought this two years ago at $3.41. Hoping for another big jump after earnings release and then im out. Going to reinvest in Ath. It looks more promising
  • t
    Are they trying to retire Shares a 11-13 per share???? Anyone received anything in the mail? with CGX barely hanging on????
  • t
    tin h
    FEC very cheap stock once it reinstalls dividend share price will $20. buy it and hold you will very happy
  • T
    anyone know why trading is halted today?
  • t
    40 institutions to help support CGX after the discovery.