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FirstEnergy Corp. (FE)

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  • m
    FE makes new 52 week High today. Life is good for the longs.
    FE is the #1 performing electric Utility this year. Life is good for the longs.
  • A
    All yuz. You’ve been long and wrong so long. When does this red headed stepchild crack 40? Come on for crissakes. Tell me.
  • A
    Okey doke so the brains on the 19th floor with their helpers on Wall Street both financial and legal wanna offer a lucky someone a chance to own 20 percent of fes transmission business for 2.5 billion. So just thinking out loud. That means fe values the tax business at roughly 12.5 billion. The market cap of the entire company is currently around 20.5 billion. So that means the everything else is valued roughly at 8 billion. I just my first question to would be why would anyone pay 2.5 billion for a 20 percent stake in the tax business. I well understand that tax is where the money is made and the recovery of capital spent is easy. But I dunno. Is the price being asked at all reasonable? This one puzzles me a little. My initial sense is hat there is a lot of wishful thinking going on here regarding the offer, especially regarding price. But I’d love to hear other opinions. All in all it’s kinda of a strange deal to me at least. Although I think I may have read duke did something similar.
  • A
    Carl Icahn own's 3.5 percent of First Energy....
  • J
    Too much internal turbulence at FE to buy at this price. I'll consider buying some when it dips below 32.
  • A
    So the chuckster after his lame press release now gets nominated to be added to the Ohio attorney generals racketeering lawsuit along with the vile and lecherous co conspirator Mickey dowling and randazzo who earned $22 million for part time legal work. Nice work if you can get it. The article I read said they couldn’t be reached for comment. You can’t make this stuff up. I can’t wait to see the number of down posts this results in. Cause there are mouth breathers and snot gobblers out there still that continue to believe these are virtuous people.
  • B
    From what I gather, the ohio AG investigation is over. There is no fine levied, only forgoing the transmission surcharge past and future, in addition to the management tightening up compliance activities. If this is correct, and confirmed on the CC Thursday, this mother is going up big time. To what? I’d guess 35 minimum, 38 potentially.
  • N
    Nivek Lee
    I’m feeling bullish on FE after Chuck Jones statements. If he had something to hide he would have said nothing. To much risk to himself and FE to make false statements.
  • L
    Lady D
    The question you have to ask: "Is this scandal going to affect the companies earnings?"
    Most likely it will but (my opinion) not that much.
    So now do I have a chance to pick up some shares on the cheap and get a really good dividend rate?
  • C
    Keeping my small position from yesterday. In at $28.49. Feel like this was one of those rare lucky price breaks the market throws at people from time to time. The dividend is the cherry on top.
  • M
    Dont sell out of desperation. This stocks way below value. Dont think also the scandal affects company performance. It does not. They are not facing charges. Its another company tied to it that is. FE is fine. NO one working for them is in trouble either. People post to try scaring you into selling so they can buy up shares. Hold tight and let it ride up over time. Also earnings tomorrow will be great as people are home more and spending more time home means more electric usage which means more profit.
  • C
    Sell today and watch it hit $38 in no time. I've seen this sort of behavior over and over. Shyster law firms appear and work in concert with short sellers, but the end result is always the same: once the shorts bank some coin, a short-covering rally brings the stock back to the long-term moving average, which in this case, $38-42. I'll pick $38 for the low end, just to be cautious.
  • S
    The Board has taken action to help authorities. This malfeasance is due to individuals not the Corporation. The Corp will aid in the investigation to purge the company. While the Corp may get fined as they have deep pockets, it will be minor relative to the financial resoiurtces. The stock has discounted this issue by 50% of the stock price. That seems sufficient. Now it is just news traders spreading rumors about a delisting. The financials will be correct as the Corp officers have to sign off and have personal liability.
  • B
    Hmmm. Approaching 30. Look at the other utes today, almost all negative. Me thinks someone knows inside scoop. Either the investigators have begun winding down or could a buyer be snooping around??
  • p
    p g
    A few months ago I bought this stock for $27.50 because some people thought it would go down but they were wrong and it didn't go down because it went up instead. Now it is worth $32.50 so that means it is worth about 18% more than I paid but I also got a dividend so that means I am up about 20% so I'm pretty happy about that. Now I can just sell it, or I can just hold it, or I can just sell Jan $35 covered call options for $2.50 or I could do some combination of these things but I don't know what to do. For me the hardest thing about investing in stocks is knowing what to do.
  • S
    Any potential delisting on the NYSE would be at least six months away. FirstEnergy on Wednesday said that while it missed an already-delayed Monday deadline to file its third-quarter financial report, it still expects to file. The report is tied to third-quarter earnings FirstEnergy released on Nov. 2.

    The quarterly filing was delayed because the utility said it needs more time to "provide appropriate disclosure" and other information tied to the ongoing federal investigation into the $61 million Larry Householder bribery scandal that has involved FirstEnergy, its former subsidiary Energy Harbor, and others over the passage of House Bill 6. The law provides more than $1 billion in subsidies to the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants now owned by Energy Harbor.

    FirstEnergy fired its chief executive officer and two other senior executives in late October as a result of an ongoing internal investigation. Its top lawyer and its chief ethics officer were also "separated" from the utility last week.

    "The company intends to become current in its SEC reporting obligations as soon as possible," FirstEnergy said in a filing Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    "The NYSE notice has no immediate effect on the listing of the company’s stock on the NYSE or on any of the company’s outstanding bonds," FirstEnergy said in the filing. "The NYSE informed the company that, under the NYSE’s rules, the company has six months, until May 17, 2021, to file its Form 10-Q, and any subsequent delayed filings and regain compliance with the NYSE listing standards."
  • C
    Bought 1000 shares yesterday at $37.26 thinking it was a over reaction and then I watched it go south to the close but when I signed on this morning and saw it under $26 I bought another 1000 at $25.72. At least that has my average down to $31.49 and I'm real comfortable at that level but time will prove me right or wrong. The Morningstar analyst on this stock commented earlier this morning on the news and after considering it - maintained his Fair Value at $44.00. I have a Merrill Edge account and the Merrill analyst just lowered his price objective from $45.50 to $36.50.
  • L
    Lady D
    Looks like a double bottom at 26.41 and 26.43 in Nov.
    At least we know the floor now unless some other scandal hits.
    I'm in with 7500 shrs at $33. I consider this a long term hold for the
    Although there is a serious temptation to sell if this goes right back up to the low 40's.
    Some other attractive quality stock would have to show up.
  • 1
    Ex Div August 6. Got to keep it till then, not? Nice yield.