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    I think people are bailing because the r/s split vote is today. despite the fact that IR says they will not do a r/s until they are in a position of strength, regardless of the vote. People are not trusting and are bailing.

    we shall see if FCC is truthful and does not do a r/s in the short term.
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    Cobalt up 67050 another 900 a ton
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    The Company continues to advance its plans to develop North America's only Battery Materials Park. In line with phase one of the Company's strategic plan, Electra remains on schedule to commission its expanded refinery in the fourth quarter 2022, at which time it will become the only refiner of battery-grade cobalt sulfate in North America and the second largest outside of China.


    Cash of C$61.2 million and working capital of C$62.8 million as of September 30, 2021

    Closing of the refinery construction financing package on September 2, 2021 for total gross proceeds of approximately US$45 million, comprising US$37.5 million of 6.95% senior secured convertible notes due December 1, 2026 and approximately US$7.5 million from a common share equity offering. In October 2021, an additional US$7.5 million of additional convertible notes were issued on the same terms. The total aggregate gross funding received by the Company since the start of September 2021 is approximately US$52.5 million.

    Contracts and purchase orders awarded to date of C$30 million to advance the refinery along its stated development timeline, including awarding contracts for the two most expensive and longest-lead components of the refinery – the cobalt crystallizer and the solvent extraction plant.

    Receipt of C$1 million worth of Kuya Silver Corporation common shares pursuant to the transaction completed in February 2021. The payment relates to Kuya exercising their option to commence a joint venture process such that with future payments to Electra and spending on exploration activities, Kuya can earn up to a 70% interest in the Company's remaining mineral rights in the Canadian Cobalt Camp.

    The Company continues to review battery recycling opportunities and successfully extracted, nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, lithium and graphite from recycled battery material known as black mass. A scoping study from a leading engineering firm on the leaching of black mass within the existing refinery is in progress with results expected during Q4 2021.
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    Patience is hard, as all things worth seeing to completion.
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    Third quarter financial results, status and progress are as expected. Healthy healthy cash position....things are on track. Nice.
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    Was having a drink with my neighbor yesterday who also happens to be a private equity fund manager, I mentioned the r/s split and he said you cannot say it is good or bad as a blanket statement, it depends on the situation. He said if a company is failing and the share price is constantly falling then the company will do reverse splits to maintain a higher price to stay listed on a main exchange, this is certainly not a good thing because it is a sign the company is most likely going under. In the case of FCC the company is developing and certainly not failing, a reverse split in order to get listed is a good thing in order to gain access to deeper pockets. That was the most rational explanation of the reasoning behind doing a r/s I came across.
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    Trent just tweeted about his meeting with Doug ford and the Ontario government.
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    Quick shoutout/check-in with all the haters who threw shame at me a couple weeks ago when I said you should buy every dip at this point if you had the liquid funds available. She's climbing back up and everything is still progressing very nicely. Get in while ya can. The days of USD $.14, $.20 etc. are over, but there's still time to make a lot of money on this beauty.
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    Cobalt up again to 66150
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    cobalt is up to 65800 now.
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    wonder why the sell off, just more covid fears?
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    Cap C
    Could have picked a better week to issue this news Trent…
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    i bought more today! 3300 shares :D
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    Remember to vote.
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    This is for len, the fear mongering, know it all, noob investor. Let it be a lesson to those who listen to people on this board, rather than do their own DD


    I am on the Yahoo stock board and people are harping on about a reverse stock split vote in the works right now. Last week you said it was not currently in the works. Can you clarify the post below?

    “you should have been notified by Scotia itrade by now about voting for leadership nominees, name change, and reverse stock split. if you are not holding stocks in fcc on October 8th 2021 you may not receive a notice and you are not eligible

    to vote. contrary to what other posters are saying-it will indeed be a stock split if voted on in favour of. so if some of it you just brought stocks here in the past month or so you will not be notified and you in no position to tell those of us quit been

    here a long time what's going on with this company. I assure you-whether you want to believe it or not-that there will be a vote on these issues within the next two weeks. good luck to all”.


    Because a reverse split (if we were to do one in the next 12 months) requires a shareholder vote, and we hold the AGM once a year, we are asking shareholders to vote on it December 2. However we do not have a reverse split planned. We

    mentioned this during last week’s live investor call. The vote is a formality in the possible eventuality of…

    Like I mentioned last time, we are much more focused on delivering on the projects and having the share price grow organically. If we can get to where we want and see an opportunity to up list onto the NASDAQ in the US, then at that point, if

    we need to, we will consider a rollback, to meet the share price requirements of the NASDAQ

    I hope this clarifies


    It does.

    So much fear mongering on stock boards, I would rather just ask you.


    Yes the boards… I follow most of them just to keep an ear to the ground.

    Thanks for reaching out to clarify, much better than that speculation.

    I do understand the fear though, because typically a rollback doesn’t always play out well.

    We are aware of that, that’s why we will proceed intelligently.

    Enjoy the weekend


    you too Christina
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    I bought a small number of shares here to start a position. D200 on the chart.
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    Canadian banks all reporting earnings this week, should move market,any thoughts?