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    Top Bullish Charts | October 2021 💰💵📈
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    Credit Suisse Group Set Target Price Facebook, Inc. (FB) $500.00
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    Kevin H
    Quite simply boys and girls, 90% of the people who come on these forums bashing Facebook (or any other stock) are doing it because THEY MISSED OUT. Either they didn't have the money (or the guts) to invest earlier, and they are mad at THEMSELVES - so instead of gaining knowledge and getting better at investing, they waste their energy on wanting to see others suffer. (The other 10% are trying to short the stock, and are delusional enough to believe they can influence the stock market with a few negative posts.)
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    Nothing like another fake " Facebook Crises" to give me an opportunity to buy more FB shares on the cheap. Nice touch on having a "whistle blower" this time, who by the way, took very little time in trying to make herself a nice little PR opportunity for personal gain.......
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    It doesn't even matter that the pre-markets are down, FB book at these levels is by far the best value in the entire S&P 500... The big money noticed it over the weekend... Come-on, everything else is back to all-time new highs and this cash rich, money making machine is trading 15% off it's highs... The Whistle stuff is old news now, and corrective action has already taken place at FB..
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    $400s would be no surprise.
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    The rest of FAANG and MSFT stocks make FB a bargin. If you can bring them down, FB will go up..
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    FB to the moon. Buy and hold for 10+ years easy.
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    It’s headed back to all time highs.
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    Haugen’s testimony was a “Big Tobacco moment” for Facebook — a reference to past revelations that major cigarette companies knew their products were addictive and deadly. Facebook has weathered a number of scandals in recent years, but some industry experts agree with Blumenthal’s assessment that the company is facing a “moment of reckoning.”

    They argue that this latest crisis is different from previous ones because it suggests that Facebook’s leadership was actively complicit in the damage its products does, rather than simply being taken advantage of by bad actors. Some argue that the combined pressures of public outrage, employee discontent and potential hits to the company’s stock price may be enough to convince CEO Mark Zuckerberg to change Facebook’s underlying structures that boost controversial content. Recent critical statements by lawmakers from both parties also suggest that Congress may have the momentum to pass legislation that forces Big Tech firms to adjust their business models.
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    To Any longs with crypto knowledge out there. This deal with Coinbase that partners them with the novi wallet….anybody care to elaborate on this and provide context as regards to Facebook? I’d be appreciative
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    I told everyone we are heading back to $350. Just wait 👀
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    U.S. senator asks Facebook CEO to retain documents linked to testimony

    WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell on Tuesday called on Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to preserve all documents related to a testimony last week from company whistleblower Frances Haugen.

    "The testimony ... raises significant concerns about whether Facebook has misled the public, federal regulators, and this committee," said Cantwell, a Democrat. "This committee will continue its oversight and work to pursue legislation to protect consumers’ privacy, improve data security, and strengthen federal enforcement to address the digital harms that are the subject of these hearings."

    She asked Facebook to preserve and retain internal Facebook research referenced by Haugen and Facebook’s evaluation of the research; ranking or composition systems; experiments or recommendations to change those ranking systems and the impact of Facebook’s platforms on children and teenagers under the age of 18.

    Cantwell's letter cited "the potential danger that social media platforms pose for spreading divisive content was demonstrated, with horrifying consequences, by the role the Facebook platform played in fomenting ethnic violence against the Rohingya."

    She added "the role of Facebook’s platform in the Rohingya tragedy illustrates the horrible consequences that failing to effectively limit the spread of divisive content on social media platforms can have in inflicting public harm."

    Last month, a U.S. judge ordered Facebook to release records of accounts connected to anti-Rohingya violence in Myanmar that the social media giant had shut down, rejecting its argument about protecting privacy as "rich with irony."

    Last week, the Commerce Committee harshly criticized Facebook, accusing Zuckerberg of pushing for higher profits while being cavalier about user safety, and demanded regulators investigate whistleblower accusations that the social media company harms children's mental health and stokes divisions.
    Zuckerberg defended the company, saying the accusations were at odds with Facebook's goals.
    Haugen called for transparency about how Facebook entices users to keep scrolling, creating ample opportunity for advertisers to reach them.

    Haugen, a former product manager on Facebook's civic misinformation team, left the nearly $1 trillion company with tens of thousands of confidential documents.
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    Leading human rights groups launch ‘How to Stop Facebook’ campaign: call for data privacy legislation ‘strong enough to end Facebook’s current business model.’

    40+ organizations say clearest path for lawmakers to reduce Facebook’s harm is to ban the data harvesting & surveillance practices that fuel Big Tech’s harmful algorithms

    WASHINGTON - As Congress debates how best to address the dominance and harm of Facebook in the wake of whistleblower Frances Haugen’s testimony, a group of 40+ human rights organizations have launched, a major new campaign that will drive emails and calls to legislators demanding: 
    * A full Congressional investigation into Facebook’s harms, using subpoena power
    * A real Federal data privacy law that makes it illegal for companies like Facebook and YouTube to collect the enormous amount of data they use to power their harmful and personalized recommendation algorithms. The campaign page calls for a law “strong enough to end Facebook’s current business model.”

    The campaign page, built by Fight for the Future, features a stunning animation from designer Vasjen Katro, and the 40+ participating organizations include Accountable Tech, Article 19, Center for Digital Democracy, FairPlay, Global Voices, Media Justice, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Presenté, Public Knowledge, United We Dream, Ranking Digital Rights, SumOfUs, Win Without War, and the Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center. 

    “The problem with companies like Facebook and YouTube is not that they host user generated content, it’s that they use surveillance-driven algorithms to pick and choose what content goes viral and what content no one sees, in order to keep us all on the platform clicking and scrolling to maximize advertising revenue,” said Evan Greer (she/her) director of Fight for the Future, “The enormous amount of data that these companies harvest about all of us is the fuel supply that powers these harmful algorithms. It’s challenging to regulate algorithms directly, but lawmakers can cut off the fuel supply for Facebook’s destructive machine by enacting a real Federal data privacy law strong enough to effectively kill surveillance capitalism as a business model.” 

    “Facebook’s surveillance capitalist business model is fundamentally incompatible with basic human rights, and disproportionately harms Black and brown communities by silencing our voices while artificially amplifying racist and harmful content,” said Myaisha Hayes (she/her), Campaign Strategies Director of Media Justice, “Facebook’s surveillance machine is putting our communities and our democracy in danger. It’s time for lawmakers to cut off their fuel supply by passing a strong data privacy law.”

    “Congress could take a massive step to reduce Facebook’s power and influence if it passed a strong, comprehensive privacy law now. Facebook, as well as other tech companies, have shown that when given the opportunity, they will exploit consumers’ data rather than protect it,” said Sara Collins, Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge. “The harms described by Ms. Haugen are fueled by unrestrained data collection and data use. A federal privacy law that addresses collection and use, rather than relies on outdated notions of notice and choice, would begin to rectify the power imbalance between internet users and tech companies.”
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    wow. dancing pre hours
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    Facebook Could Underperform in Third Quarter: Analyst

    Facebook has been under intense pressure in recent weeks from an investigative reporting series by The Wall Street Journal, heated Congressional hearings and intensifying talk of how regulators might rein in the power of the social networking giant. But what would really hurt the social media giant with investors is a bad quarter, and one prominent analyst thinks there’s danger lurking in September quarter results.
    Evercore ISI analyst Mark Mahaney late Thursday added Facebook (ticker: FB) to his firm’s “tactical underperform...
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    How will FB explain the internal documents that show FB cooked the advertising metrics for years?
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    Stock can’t stay out of the news. Any headline knocks this down $3-$4. Longs wake up and scour the news hoping not to see anything Facebook related.
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    The big short Michael Burry is unloading his FB long to cover his TSLA short
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    up, Up and only UP 😀. Have a great day everyone!