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Express, Inc. (EXPR)

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2.1800-0.0500 (-2.24%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
2.2100 +0.03 (+1.38%)
After hours: 07:47PM EDT
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  • d
    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the EXPR board. I like using ( now instead for my daily research.
  • N
    I bought this stock when it was a buck and sold it when the Reddit children boosted it to 5 bucks. It seems like this board is now the Scout and Jeff show. They don't seem to get along very well. Is it time to buy Express again?
  • J
    This stock is played like a fiddle. It tends to go up slowing during the day and at the end of the day it is back near the open price. Express is a day trading stock and I assume it will stay this way for a long time. I am trapped with a good number of shares at 6 dollars and now with inflation Express is facing difficult sledding for many quarters and probably years. JW
  • a
    This stock should be around $10 now with increasing revenues in past year
  • J
    Yawn. Lets drop the market already we know it's going to happen.

    I feel like I am watching the destruction in slow motion.

    1 rate hike coming next week...and another in July should take down the market.

    Going to be lots of discounts this summer!

    This stock probably will probably create a new low in 2-3 months.

    I'm eyeing that $1.80 support level it has not touched yet in over a year.
  • J
    Scout - nice try nope...took my profits a long time ago on ETH. But looking to buy again.

    The question is you and others still own expr when for 2 months I have been saying it's a bad stock to own during this macro environment?
  • J
    Scout...send me your email and I can share screen shots of my actual buy/sell orders.

    I have bought and sold ethereum several times dating back to 2020.

    My initial purchase was at $700 per ETH....I know it's hard for you to accept this fact, but yes $700 ETH for something that went as high as $4800.

    This might be news to you....but posting on a yahoo chat board does not confirm a sell or buy order. But sure....keep.looking for those sell confirms in my Yahoo finance chat posts.
  • S
    Jeff... why would bestow you market timing knowledge to an entire Board of aetherium investors that may or may not have taken your advice but if they did should at least let them know when you've offloaded the position
  • J
    Everyone if you are unaware, fed rate hikes this Wednesday

    If you were unaware of this knowledge, maybe avoid trading this week and DYOR.

    Market is now estimating 75 point basis.

    More bleeding ahead.

    Don't buy like Greenforest claims he did...way too early
  • S
    Jeff..yoy still own etherium?
  • F
    Where are we going?
  • J
    Don't swim against the waves...swim with the waves.

    You want it to go up, but you know it's going down.

    But yet you invest with hope it will go the way you want...up. so sorry for your loss. DYOR.
  • E
    They just featured EXPR on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • J
    In case you haven't noticed, the previous $2.85 and $3.00 support for EXPR has now become resistance.

    That tells me more pain ahead.

    Rate hikes next week.

    My guess is this stock will get closer to the $1.85 or $2.00 support between now and next week.

    As always...DYOR.
  • J
    Today is a good example of investors moving money out of high risk sectors and into sectors that are stronger during recessions.

    You can see that stocks like EXPR are a weak industry in this macro environment with recession fears.

    Banks, commodities, entertainment/media, and hotel stocks are all doing well today
  • J
    JW - personally I will NOT be investing in this stock and will avoid this industry in the short term.

    I don't really care what the earnings results show for EXPR specifically...seeing the results for target and Walmart are enough.

    As I have stated several times in the past month or 2...macro economics is not good right now.

    Real bad. We are heading towards a recession.

    We are starting to see consumer spending decreasing, and mix that with inflation still high, and rising interest rates, it will only get worse.

    Soon companies will hire less, and unemployment will go back up, and consumer spending will continue to decrease.

    Publicly traded companies will see sales decline and stock prices decline.

    Leisure stocks like EXPR in a recession is a terrible investment.

    I'm looking more at a stock like Netflix that hit it's lowest price in 5 years and looks heavily oversold. It may still go lower bc of macro environment. A PE ratio of 16-18 for Netflix is a steal in my opinion.

    That does NOT mean sell your EXPR. It means do your own research, but know that $4.00 may be the best you will get within the next 12 -18 months. DYOR.

    Sometimes it is better to take a loss selling at the best price possible, and finding a better investment, than to sit around waiting for a comeback that never happens.
  • S
    Jeff... All I see is you bloviating for the last 6 months on this here Express board
  • G
    Perfect entrypoint. Strong results and a lot of fear in the markets. Once this doomsday stuff is passed out, this goes above 4$/sh.
  • *
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  • J
    Scout - Interesting opinion considering I posted a warning 12 days ago when stock was around $4.00, that price would continue to decline towards $2.85-$3.00 support.

    After my post 12 days ago on either may 4 or 5, the stock declined for several days
    ..down -21% to $3.14.

    It has since rebounded...but if following my advice, a trader could have sold for $4.00,, and repurchased around $3.14.

    Obviously it's impossible to time the market perfect...but if following support levels...a repurchase around $3.20-$3.30 would have made sense...then next level is $3.00, then $2.85.

    I'm theory, someone could have sold for profit 12 days ago, repurchased and now be up an additional 27%.

    But yeah keep talking trash.