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    From 8k filing of Dec 28th:

    "On December 22, 2020, Kenneth Puzder resigned from his position as our Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately."

    Effective immediately......that's not usually a good sign either..
    Anyone left to answer the phone?

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    EA resigns......stock options converted to read between the lines... but I'm sure someone will put a positive spin on this too...
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    RUN FROM EXDI!!!!! Too many really great and solid cannabis companies that are even cheaper and much better run. This one can't even pay its bills. Look at extremely low trading volume, extremely low number of investor posts on Yahoo Finance and this immediately tells you that there is NO INVESTOR AWARENESS that is ESSENTIAL if the price is ever to rise.


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    Puzder resigns . . . Andrew Johnson con game is over! RUN!
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    Support at 6.......til there wasn't!!
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    Earnings out. Positive
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    hempspeculator 11/13/19 Hemp & CBD. We just received the leader of the industry's quarterly results, CWBHF (Charlotte's Web) 2019 total revenues from 90M-100M with a 71% margin and only 40%-50% growth. $9.34 and 1B in market cap down from $25, 2.4B market cap---down by 60%. Yet the company is very optimistic about the sector and prospects. Estimates by EXDI of 40M-50M for 2019/2020 and their own 200 acres are very realistic. Furthermore, if EXDI hits its target with faster growth and the same margins, then wouldn't the market cap by percentage be approx. 500M in one year? If so then a target of $8-$12 makes sense at current depressed yet more realistic multiples. Therefore my target of $10 by eoy 2020 remains in place. A target of 1B or $20 plus for 2021 is achievable. A premium if a buyout occurred would be appreciated. ###
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    Vladislav (Bobby) Yampolsky , 42, is the founder ECJ Luxe, a family-owned luxury shopping destination that specializes in an array of ultra-exclusive items including everything from high end time pieces, jewelry and diamonds, to exotic cars and yachts. The Yampolsky family established the business as East Coast Jewelry in 1986 and Bobby opened the West Palm Beach, Florida location in 1996. East Coast Jewelry evolved into ECJ Luxe in 2015 and has expanded to multiple locations throughout southern Florida. Mr. Yampolsky owns and operates multiple other businesses, including restaurant, nightclub, yacht and exotic car sales, and real estate investments. In addition, Mr. Yampolsky is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ceed2Med, LLC, a hemp and hemp-derivative supply sourcing, production, distribution, and development company that secures production of industrial hemp biomass and raw ingredients that invests in developing supply chain partners and distribution channels worldwide. Ceed2Med is heavily invested in the hemp industry and is currently the largest shareholder of Exactus Inc. as well as substantial shareholder in Hemptown Organics Corp.
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    EXDI on track it seems--- read IHUB.
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    hempspeculator Monday, 10/21/19 09:31:06 AM
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    As the top flower cut comes to an end for smokeables, and the harvest begins, let us review some basic facts. First the hemp and the CBD must be below .3 THC by law. Second, while hemp can command up to $60,000 an acre for use in multiple products, in order to produce high quality CBD, the entire plant must be used. While multiple fake CBD products and a black market have tainted the entire industry we must remember we are NOT a cannabis company or a vaping company. Our product is smokeable CBD via rolled paper and CBD via multiple sku's including the recent beauty market acquisition. Why CBD?

    Therefore, the future of this company is based on two factors.
    QUALITY & EXECUTION. Both of these which are totally in our control. I believe the future is bright for INVESTORS who can see the business plan and timelines. My goal is to update you on each and bring truthful postings to this board good or bad. I am LONG EXDI. GL
    What you’ll learn: Why CBD can do so many seemingly unrelated things in the body What the endocannabinoid system is (ECS) How the ECS works to promot(...)
    What you’ll learn: Why CBD can do so many seemingly unrelated things in the body What the endocannabinoid system is (ECS) How the ECS works to promot(...)
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    IHUB: "What I love about this investment is the simplicity. Establish a crop and grow and harvest it. Establish products and sell them. This will be a growth and revenue and profit company or a failed investment. There is little to no ambiguity imo. Our conference call and "earnings" are next week followed by the "top flower cut" mid Sept. and then the harvest. Our products were showcased last weekend in Miami. Execute. Execute and Execute. The pps will soon follow."
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    Emiliano Aloi, President of Exactus stated, “Since entering this rapidly growing market, we have procured quality supply, established top of the line manufacturing operations and secured various distribution channels in which to sell our products.”

    Above from second quarter earnings report, which listed approx $148 K net revenue.

    Company then acquired Green Goddess in August, with existing revenue base.
    We now have third quarter net revenue, which should include Green Goddess revenue listed at approximately $60K......
    Folks......that's less than $700 a day net revenue.
    Do your DD. Look at revenue.....look at listed expenses....administrative expenses, stock compensation, etc.
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    Be careful, no sales as yet, still issuing shares, no money to fund operations, no facilities to make the CBD oil from the Hemp.
    Many unknown variables here, might be better to wait and watch. Just an observation.
    Good luck.
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    Re: EXDI--- our #1 pick in the hemp/CBD sector
    EXDI--- our #1 pick in the hemp/CBD sector
    We agree 100% with the analysis of Ming re: the sector and opportunities within the sector

    Such opps should include uplisting from OTC to NASDAQ, exponential growth, vertical integration, and take-over possibilities

    34 share float for EXDI (23 million trading)

    35% insider ownership

    no debt

    1.2 million cash on hand

    200 ACRES PLANTED in the month of May

    ownership of hemp processing facility with excess capacity

    ownership of private label CBD line

    grow conditions include humidity, water, perfect soil due to SW OR location

    seeds obtained at 1.2 million cost are highest quality in the business

    CONCLUSION: If company continues to execute successfully its business plan--- with 34 million shares outstanding--- and a $400 million market cap, the pps will be $12
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    hempspeculator Sunday, 08/18/19 04:16:08 PM
    Re: Cane5 post# 341 0
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    It's a small world after all. We have all heard that lyric at Disney World. But Friday night while playing poker I learned that "Xpedian" was sitting at the same poker table! Lol. As for your question "Cane5" there are 4 revenue sales options for our hemp. First non CBD below .3 THC "bulk hemp" which sells for up to 60k per acre for use in furniture, paper products etc.. Our hemp won't be sold this way. Then 3 different ways to sell high level quality CBD hemp using the whole plant as per EXDI. Wholesale to other companies selling their sku's such as CURLF or YCBD which don't grow. This goes for 80k-120k per acre. Then our own sku's and brand and products at retail box stores or outlets. This sale must compensate the box store and averages 80k-160k per acre. Finally our own seed to retail sku's sold direct via internet or on Amazon. This gives us up to 240k per acre. All 3 of these will be used until our CBD demand allows for only the direct and most profitable business with some box stores such as CVS in order to drive brand awareness. Additional advertising will be coming with most likely Bobby using his many contacts which are available with his own business ECJ Luxe. Think of Patron. High quality. Brand. Advertising. Sell company.
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    pps of 0.12, you can really average down if you still believe the storyline.
    Of course they still have to announce earnings (losses) yet.
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    Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Certain Officers

    On December 17, 2019, Steven Schwartz resigned from our board of directors. There was no known disagreement with Mr. Schwartz regarding any matter relating to our operations, policies, or practices.

    more interesting stuff
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    John Doe
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    Du Chesnebiznessman Wednesday, 02/19/20 12:10:07 PM
    Re: DrKrassenDimitrov post# 724 0
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    Summary of Presentation I typed up (I'm sure there is plenty of misspellings)

    Highlighted things that jumped out at me. What I really want to see is( from last slide "Investment thesis summary":

    - Generating revenue in Q1 of 2020 from distribution of full line of hemp-derived products through multiple vertices
    -Service industry leading brands and influences with the Exactus supply chain and proprietary product development.

    Du Chene "Moving forward, our partnership with Hemptown and our own internal farming operations we will have more than enough to supply their own internal house of brands as well as creating a road map for expanding each one of those brand to different customers and persona's"

    Du Chene "New revenue drivers for 2020. What was really attractive about Exactus, which lead me to leave eco-gen, is not only the incredible leadership but having that initial supply chain covered. While a lot of big companies made a big splash last year on the processing side now they have an axe over there head bc they aren't able to deliver on those numbers"

    Du Chene "With Exactus we have this incredible team, the farming assets, and there's no debt there. So we have an incredible playground to take our already incredible cbg biomass and process this into new product development and new brands. I think that's really going to be the excitement in the future."

    Du Chene "The FDA needs to come out with guidelines that's not just going to cover cbd but cover the other 80-90+ cannabinoids"

    Du Chene "Exactus isn't a cbd company. We're a hemp derives specialty ingredients, product manufacturing, farming as well as developing and deploying a house of brands"

    Du Chene "At healing ventures prior to eco-gen we helped launch some of the early movers in the space which created some of the most iconic brands in the cbd industry"

    Du Chene "Being able to bring these lesser known cannabinoids as well as consumer education with cbn, cbc, cbl and now markets and consumers have opened up to seeing how cannabinoids effect our body and how up until the late 30's it was a part of the every day food system. I believe now we are going to see these massive cbg companies dumping a ton of money into consumer education which is really the piece that has been missing for the market to grow."

    Du Chene "something that is really fascinating is that you couldn't advertise on FB/Instagram so it's an industry that really blew up by word of mouth"

    Du Chene "Now science is catching up and the consumer demand is skyrocketing"

    Du Chene "Now our clients aren't just the cannibus companies entering the space. Now our clients are tobacco, pharm, cosmetics, pets, food & beverage."

    Du Chene "when people ask "is this a saturated market or where should I just in?" I think this is the beginning of the beginning of the industry.

    Du Chene "We never though CVS would be a big mover in the space. Whenever we inked the deal with CVS it was just supposed to be a kiosk and now it's going to be a whole isle"

    Du Chene "As soon as the FDA releases guidelines, which we believe will be in favor of cannabinoids, it's really going to open up"

    Building our product lines
    Du Chene "We have built our supply chain along with our farming partners. We recently inked a deal with Hemptown which accounts for about 40% of all the cbg in the US."

    Du Chene "I believe the next big is going to be cbg and we have already positioned ourselves to be well ahead of that curve. As well as extraction. Cbc is going to be revolutionary for skin care products"

    Du Chene "The house of brands we are currently developing is Green goddess which is more along the lines of smoke shops and more millenial targeted demo. Exactus is pharmaceutical high end and people taking for ailments. Le'Vor is targeted towards cosmetics and skin care"

    Exactus Branded Products
    Strategy: Develop and acquire brands to service under the Exactus ecosystem supported by our standards of quality and compliance

    We've prepared ourselves for FDA/goc policies on the back end in supply chain. We welcome them. This is a key point for consumers. There's a lot of synthetic cbd on the market. Giving the consumer full trace ability is incredibly important"

    Distribution Channel Build-Out Plan
    -Streamlinging E-commerce platform and developing an Amazon portal (New Brands that they are bringing on).
    -Wholesale distribution through existing relationships
    -traditional big box retailers
    -Acquire retail distribution channels
    -D2C and B2B call center
    "But really the direct to consumer market. It all really depends on which stores we are going to be placed at. we've tested the big box stores but really the whole world is turning to amazon. Everyone wants their order on their front door the next day"

    "Bc there's not the revlons'/Estee Lauder's haven't entered the market yet so there's Billions of $$'s left. We
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    see EXDI at IHUB--- very good stuff there including video of the crops!