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Edwards Lifesciences Corporation (EW)

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  • A
    How can one product that monitors your glucose levels like DXCM trade at $400 a share when EW trades less than 100 and saves lives. These analysts need to reevaluate they are techniques.
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    How many of you have been to the Edward’s Corperate co? They have a soccer field in the center of the building . Plus they are remodeling this building to be state of the art facilities.
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    EW rocks , this Irvine company facilities are amazing . They also have an incredible staff with a conservative CEO. 🚀🚀🚀
  • J
    This is the type of stock you hold for the long goes up slowly but surely. I have already made a 1,700% profit from this stock! 💰💸
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    One would be crazy to sell this stock today because the fact that ALL medical supply companies are hurting because of COVID-19 ...EW will be @90 in no time .
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    Doesn’t the PR person @ EW understand even Jim Cranmer is trying to give a wink so EW would release some info .
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    Why are we tanking ? Some delightful news would make this fun.
  • J
    Any Good News?
  • n
    Is this the move some of us have been waiting for or are the markets still to choppy?
    Quick story: I bought in around $68 with more ammo available but never used any, just a couple weeks ago. It has floated around these prices for a bit and I was waiting for it to make a move. I missed the daily move upwards but this seems like big news for a company that is very well managed. I want to add more shares but I would also like to know the sentiment of the long positions. Is the China and settlement news as big as I hope?
  • S
    I work in the heart surgery business now for 26 years, involved with 4000 procedures , and I can tell you I bought $400,000 worth of this stock. Of course, hope I'm not wrong right? It takes a long time to get a valve to market, and the Edwards Sapien TAVR valve has superb market share and results. We did 15, then 50 and then 150 last year. Patients are learning about it , and that's what Mick Jagger got. I have great confidence in this stock, and also Medtronic, another holding. I bought in EW at 190, and again at 230. I don't think in 5 years I'll be doing Aortic Valve Replacements, just repairs or combination procedures if the heart is already going to be exposed. Also, the newer coatings on all valves are so much improved from the 80's and 90's one can expect a valve to last your lifetime. EW is also a really good company with lots of other product lines. I feel the same way as I did about Intuitive Surgical.
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    Proxy statement wants increase in shares to effect a 3:1 stock split. Is this a good idea? I know it should not make any difference, but not many companies are splitting their shares today. Any opinions appreciated.
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    I suspect the recent run up in the stock is due to the upcoming release of PARTNER III data for aortic valve replacement in low risk patients. This will increase the patient pool for aortic valve replacement by several fold and render conventional read - surgical AVR all but obsolete. which would you pick 4 week recovery or 4 day recovery. This is underappreciated by the retail investor but well known by the institutional investors. Good luck
  • g
    Latest heart valve just approved by China today. Huge market opened up.
  • S
    No major increase in the stock price in the last 6 months. Any possible reasons?
  • J
    Stock usually drops after earning and starts to rise within a week - will be in the 170-180 range by the end of the year.
    One of the great medical innovative companies
  • C
    I've dedicated about 5% of my portfolio to EW for several years and wish I'd have increased that, no doubt, but the high P/E held me back. Help me out folks; Can this company protect its patent or proprietary advantage moving forward? It seems counterintuitive to pay triple my original price but this thing seems to only gain momentum and market share. Thanks.
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    I follow heart related stocks and Edwards is a leader
  • J
    Pleased to see the settling of the longstanding Abbott v. Edwards transcatheter mitral valve lawsuit. As you can imagine if you are already using the Edwards Sapien aortic valve system it is an easy transition to add the PASCAL mitral repair device to your toolkit for most cathlabs and ORs.
  • N
    EW is always expensive. When I first looked at it in 2013, the share then was at $64 while earning barely hit $2/share. Fast forward to today in 2020, after the 1:3 split last week, the share is back to about the same level ($68-$70) while earning per share comes in around $2/share or less. This time I decided to jump in with both feet today and probably too soon. Will hold on to my shares and check back in 2023 to see if I get a positive return.
  • d
    Jeffries notes two potential sources of errors in their “third” review of data , both of which would not capture the “true” number of new unit sales.- which interestingly is the basis of their report. As such, their report is premature and not factual. A buying opportunity has been created.