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  • p
    I live in London and drive past their operations. I also wonder what is going on and think in general anyone can grow the stuff including farmers just for fun and the supply of the stuff grown is larger than the demand.
  • S
    Volume of 25 at $0.145. Hmmmm
  • D
    Is there a way we as shareholders can request a zoom meeting or something with management where they actually explain what their targets and expectations are for the company. Like what are they working on right now, and what is their plan to become cashflow positive. Or are they planning on just running this thing as is and letting it bleed into bankruptcy?
  • D
    oh wow, i guess that 14 cent floor it was holding is gone too now. maybe i can buy these shares at 1 cent one day lol
  • K
    Is this thing seriously only worth 3 million dollars? Been thinking of investing since .20 but glad I haven't yet, got to be time to jump in soon though right?!
  • c
    Wow issuing in the money stock options! I guess they had to do something to keep their employees? Do we know how many employees Eve has? Do we know anything that Eve is doing? A little information would be nice.
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    Tic tok tic tok….where are the financials?
  • J
    At this price this could be a 100x stock in a few years.
  • N
    Why is this frozen?
  • J
    worst investment ever !
  • N
    Who is dribbling away shares at $0.14? Has anyone had insight about an event that could cause some upward price action with this stock?
  • B
    Nice Q1 financials today. Multiple catalysts to finish out the year to include the completion of the expansion to 1 Million Sq. Ft. at the end of June, likely significantly increased revenue for Q2 19 with a positive EBITDA and expansion licensing from Health Canada. This is $1 USD+ by years end.
  • P
    I feel like this company can help themselves and help their shareholders by getting involved with a pr/advertising firm. Their social media presence is virtually non existent, and I am sure that shareholders, and potential shareholders would like to get a better idea of their operation. A steady flow of info, video, images/pictures across multiple platforms would raise awareness of this company. October is almost here, and this should be an exciting time for the company, and the shareholders, and increasing their online presence would only help them build that excitement and awareness.
  • L
    Ramping up from 200,000sqft to 1 million is gonna take some cash on hand. To me this financing is needed, but nobody likes more dilution. It’s showing in the price today.

    But what we have here now is that the facility expansion is funded from rbc.
    They have cash to finalize the expansion and ramp up staffing, and materials for the expanded production.
    They set a good foundation and at this point just took a lot of the risk out.
    I still think the there should be some news for an oil sales licence soon. Which should prop the valuation up a little.
    What we hope for now is that eve is growing and selling product every cycle and we can show some numbers on the upcoming financials over the next 2quarters then the ramp up from 200k to 1million sqft. Should send this stock cruising, Going into 2020. Still hoping for news on extracts and beauty products too, a JV or partnership would be a great milestone for this company.
  • G
    morning star eve is a strong buy
  • N
    Investing 101- invest in a company undervalued. EVE=undervalued
  • S
    This is going to 1.00 very soon.
  • U
    What was the need to steal 9 shares from all share holders with an already low share count of 288 million compared to other MJ companies?...had no bearing of being requirement from either exchanges or otc....especially at a time when profits should be coming in from contracts set out with Germany ect....I've seen a RS end well from experience...unfortunately I chose to take a 5K loss ....kinda mind boggling to be honest...they had the option to restrain but decided to punish us anyway....may reconsider when sp gets to 2 cents...until then GL people.

    Ps......Btw....with little bit left I put into (INQD)....One million shares...when it reaches a penny I'll be up 1,000........ after the 2 Georgia senate seats picked up by the Dems...nothing but forward momentum leading up to SB-1595 being passed and eventually legalization by 2nd Q...imo..If INQD..runs to .10 cents...easy 100,000 profit.........holding EVE....imo...will only lead to more losses....GLTA.....(PEACE)

    Pps...(Thanks Melinda for the potential wealth on this one tiny play in my portfolio.)
  • J
    What was that $0.59 jump. Volume was 10x daily average in such a short period of time!
  • F
    Solid financial results for the 3-month period ending March 31st 2019. The upcoming financials should be even better than this one!