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1.0059-0.0032 (-0.3219%)
As of 01:09PM BST. Market open.

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  • R
    USD soon to be more valuable than the Euro... wow
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    In the decade since it’s launched, bitcoin has grown into a trillion-dollar market that’s spurred excitement from some cryptocurrency advocates who think it’s the future of currency and payment methods or — insert your noun of choice (the energy grid, the creator economy,
  • I
    EUR/USD to parity an d under. No hope said Bob Hope.
  • s
    The bank games continue. The Euro is basically on par this morning with the dollar, yet the banks still charge over .04 to exchange dollars to Euros. It is laughable.
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    The only way EU can avoid a gigantic recession from here: EU should just declare a home office obligation for whom it is not needed to work in the office. This way:
    1) Less commuting --> Less energy consumption --> lower prices
    2) millions of southern european who are working in nothern europe can work from their home town (which are warm during winter and they don't need to heat up) for the next one or two years and this will significantly reduce the gas consumption.

    All together:
    A) Employees incentives will be: saving money on high rents and heating prices of the northern europe and giving them mor espending power --> stimulating the economy
    B) Northern EU incentive will be: Saving their industries from bankruptcy.
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    The pick that was just sent out by ( is already up yuge! Check it out!
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    I just got myself a new Tesla Model car just few months back after started trading with Mrs. Nancy Moore Garcia.
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    See you under parity 👋
  • T
    I don't think that EURUSD=X has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found ( the other day and their stocks are way better...
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    German, hey!
    Do something! :D
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    the main problem is that US economy is in an excellent shape while EU and china are in bad shape. Now with inflation on top FED needs to increase the rate more and that will add to the EU and china suffering
  • J
    I have been following some articles from FOREX experts and everyone is saying that the bottom for Euro will be around 90 US cent, well let's hope so we can sell our dollar on that point,
  • F
    As I said a little while back. Those who spout about the demise of the Euro are sadly mistaken. Euro rebounds to 1.05 and then ride it back to 1.00. Fun times!
  • d
    Mr. German Its happeninggggggggg !!!! Letss goo
  • O
  • A
    Unlike EU, US inflation and upply chain problems will be soon over thanks to retailers inventory that must be offloaded.
  • G
    Natural gas prices are at 8.5 in the summer. LMAO

    60 cents might be too high for EURO when all of this unfolds
  • d
    Mr. German Is It happening ? Or Dutch bank will pump It again ?!