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    Fred, if you take into account that USA owns Russia and China.

    then their DEBT to GDP is NOTHING.

    it is not big even if you dont take into account CHINA, in comparison to ITALY lets say .

    but China is owned by USA. So the actual US GDP is HUGE))

    and debt to gdp is small.

    They can print A LOT A LOT MORE. and ITALY will go BK
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    but in Europe, 5-6 countries had debt like 150% before PANDEMIC

    and europe does not own anyone, UK exited the european union.

    So now EUROPE is on the verge of BK. since 5-6 countries are DONE.

    after pandemic and reopening EUROPE will be defaulting shortly.

    with DEBT TO GDP over 300% in several countries.

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    Fred do you understand that USA's debt to GDP is not that high. They can print a lot A LOT MORE without causing much profit margin decline in the global markets economies.

    but in EUROPE , debt to GDP in some countries is INSANE, and they will go BK.

    what you are talking about is depreciation of the dollar against commodities.

    This has been happening since 1971.

    Stock market is also going up because of that reason, the dollar already depreciated against stocks.

    You are posting on EURO DOLLAR thread.

    and EURO is going to zero . It is a whole different topic than printing , since euro is printed also and now DEBT to GDP in some european countries are HIGHER than in THE USA. MUCH MUCH higher
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    Zach, Digital dollar is connected to normal dollar and has nothing to do with this.

    Digital dollar will be just easier to track and transfer etc, but will be the same as normal dollar and will be controlled by FED reserve the same way.

    it has nothing to do with decenterlized crypto currencies.
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    Stop comparing USA to some venezuela, Fred

    USA is the reserve currency , USA owns the world.

    USA owns CHINA and RUSSIA.

    So you include CHINA and RUSSIAN GDP and resources into USD.

    if you do that then you will see that USD has debt to GDP ratio of 30%

    They can print a lot a lot more, THEY CANT PRINT TWICE as much as they did . and nothing will happen to a dollar.
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    The sell off of US market indexes will be caused by EU BK.

    Soon after the reopening 5 or 6 european countries will be in trouble.

    and this is how the collapse of the EU will start, EURO will go way down.

    USA stock market will also start crashing.

    Since media was talking about inflation, pumping worthless cryptos and pushing meme stocks to prop the russell 2000, the mainstreet, meaning the simple people and speculators will be stuck in OVERPRICED realestate, overpriced INDEXES, they are trading WAY above their NAV.

    So this crash will be from regular PEOPLE. People will lose SO MUCH it is not even funny.

    And the crash will capitulate at 70 may be even 80% sell off on SPY. and all other indexes and ETFs

    they need to be FLUSHED out. to actually get to the under fair value so banks will BUY THEM again. and the cycle will repeat

    Dollar will be the strongest during crash, since US economy is fine,

    the WEAK points will be DISCOUNT BROKERS with a lot of exposure to RETAIL trading.

    Those will be under HUGE pressure and many probably will go BK
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    EU is in trouble BIG BIG TIME. Going back to 1.09. And then WAY WAY under par on European crisis.

    The next market crash will be caused by EU going BK
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    Fred, read my messages and learn. One more time, USA is the owner of the world, since they disconnected the dollar for GOLD.

    now They own everyone. Do you get it.

    it is too late to complain about it. should have complained about it in 1971

    Now they OWN your countries.

    and nothing you can do, you are a slave and they are your master.

    they print and YOU STARVE.
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    As far as printing , USD untied its dollar from gold in 1971,

    and they had reserve currency

    that is how they BOUGHT The world.

    They bought everyone and they control all the countries.

    the USD vs commodities already adjusted for the printing and has been adjusting to the printing on the live basis.

    BUT stop comparing USA to EUR or other currencies,

    EUR is also printed and EUR is not a reserve currency , it is slavery territory currency

    they dont control any one, have no army , have NOTHING.

    THEY ARE slaves,

    SO their currency will always devalue. it is USD dependant.

    exactly like venezuela

    SO EUR = VEnezuela , not USD
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    the more EURO stays above 1.15 the faster EU will go BK
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    The whole fact that EURO went up from 1.09 to 1.22 on this printing media scam will cause EUROPE to collapse.

    Consumer currency which is USD, should always stay strong.

    and during liquidity problems. This will happen again. But EURO will go down HUGE, since the defaults.

    Russian currency always will devalue.
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    Fred, USA is a consumer economy which OWNS the world.

    One more time if the USD gets weaker, then other countries CRASH,
    since the consumer USA cant CONSUME as much.

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    The next market crash will be 70-80% on SPY, it will be the MOTHER OF ALL CRASHES.

    and the trigger will be EU BK.

    Also mainstreet has gotten themselves into CRYPTOS and MEME stocks.

    Those will crash HARD , and MAINSTREET will be losing more money than some countries GDPs

    Hilarious , that media is telling you about the inflation, sucking more and more moms and pops into real estate stocks, cryptos and meme stocks, right before the HUGE CRASH.
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    goodbye 1.21 welcome 1.20 or should I say 1.19 hahahahhaha
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    Before pandemic , euro was 1.09.

    Now EUROPE lost 40% of their businesses

    and USA lost NOTHING.

    5 countries in europe were on the verge of BK before pandemic even started.

    when pandemic is over they will go BK

    Look up OIL prices, EUROPE IS DONE))
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    USA can print A LOT A LOT MORE , to even affect global margines severely.

    USA prints EUROPE dies, that is how it works , since USA OWNS everyone.
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    First step is 1.15, then 1.09 and then under par.

    Notes are due in July, Europe is doomed.

    UK exited the EU just in time , Poland probably wont be in time.
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    Speculators are wrong ,the US$ is going to crash at least 50%.
    The Euro is the world currency and not the US$ wich is overprinted and overloaded with debt and a president who wanted to print another $6tr.
    Demento Joe is the final crash of the US$
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    keep pumping euro, haha, the more it says above 1.15 the faster EU will collapse.

    For those who said something about US printing the money, they have ZERO clue what they are talking about.

    Credits will have to be repaid.

    global tax is favorable to USA< since USA will get the profits from Americans companies
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    EURUSD is going back to 1.03