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Entourage Health Corp. (ETRGF)

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    When is entourage launching the boston beer drinks?
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    When there are more bashers permanently sticking around here, it means this is a treasure to hold
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    Updated Entourage Health DD:

    Why I think this company will outpace the market.

    - they have some of the best product around at a great price point.
    - they have some of the best brands from a marketing perspective.
    - they’ve had 4 quarters of sequential growth
    - they have achieved 90% year over year growth.
    - great distribution channels and captive medical channels through their Liuna partnership.
    - royal city cannabis was a great addition to their portfolio, that cost them $0 cash (besides consulting fees) for the transaction
    - royal city products are best in close and the company plans on implementing their expert growing techniques to all cultivars.
    - the additional capital provided from Liuna further solidified that this company will continue to thrive. The $20 million add great flexibility and this would not have been extended if it weren’t for continued operational results
    - this company is one of a few that has continued to grow steadily and continues to gain market share
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    Didn't think I'd ever see it above $0.10 again. Congrats to shareholders who bought below that amount. Perhaps the tide is turning (at least for cannabis stocks in general).
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    From Bee: "Note to real investors. I have liquidated most of my portfolio and suggest others do the same."
    That's right...the person who has been pumping ENTG all this time is now telling you to sell your shares immediately.
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    Newsletter didn't give anything new but was interesting.

    "The most recent retail data shows that Entourage experienced major growth in the premium flower and pre-roll market segments in 2021, representing a 535% sales increase over prior year, with a 2.1% market share (Ref: Hifyre Data as of Dec. 31, 2021, published Jan. 2022). Our Color Cannabis brand was a top 10 performer in terms of retail growth in 2021 up 66% over prior year (Ref: Buddi Data, Jan 5, 2022). Additionally, we established operational efficiencies that resulted in our team achieving 100% production fill rates, garnering recognition from numerous provinces including Ontario, Alberta and BC. Why is this important? Being a consistent performer means increased brand penetration with retailers and consumers– retailers are stocking our products and consumers are buying more of our products rooted in quality flower. This also ultimately provides retailers and Entourage with data for top selling SKUs and new product formats. This recognition also helps us engage with new strategic partners as we look for new revenue growth opportunities to put us firmly on our path to profitability."

    I liked the last line about strategic partners.... default isn't the only thing that could happen like the chicken littles want you to believe. The world is full of many possibilities. 8.5 cents is cheap but still a gamble (speculative). One I am willing to take. Lets goooo Entourage.
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    I put in a limit order for half my holdings of Entourage for 12 cents and see that it is 10.5 cents. Dam. I checked my portfolio through my bank and found out I got my sell order filled. An easy 20% gain. I still think a higher gain is going to happen but I wanted to liquidize some assets for another venture I see.

    I didn't bail and still hold a good number of shares so lets go Entourage....

    F Delly and STM who live in their own little world of negativity....
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    Amazing to see that some people here have been pumping since it was at $0.50, and yet they’re bragging that they made money on 0.12. How is that possible?
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    It will go up more this year. Keep holding.
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    there must be some insider information!
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    unbelievable! 37% jump today!
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    STM really nailed that Tilray call yesterday........ HA

    "My prediction for Tilray and the sector: I think Tilray will show declining revenue and a horrid quarter which will take the sector down. Once again this is before the fact and not in hindsight. Nobody else ever goes out on a limb like I do and is correct almost all the time. So what do y'all think? For once take a stand and back it up.

    We'll see who was correct once more."

    You are corrected - now please go away HAHAHA
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    signs of life! I need to see $0.30 to break even
  • A
    let's go!
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    300,000 shares traded yesterday and today at the half way mark were at 12,500. is it safe to assume most of those were sells yesterday taking advantage of the slight price bump. I can't believe the price didn't fall after that horrible earnings report put out by Tiray. I guess people don't actually read the reports and just look at the companies fluff they put out.
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    Up 5% over the past month. Let’s hope this trend continues.
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    With the newsletter released today, things may look promising in 2022. I wonder if they saw my previous comment and recommendations 👀.

    On another note I’d like to share. In my opinion, since Liuna provides funding for ENTG but also provides labourers union workers; I’m sure the workers at ENTG are union workers who happens to be part of Liuna, are there any conflict of interests here? Ie. Liuna provides funding to ENTG, but ENTG uses their labourer union workers who happens to pay Liuna union fees which goes back to Liuna which they can use to re-finance ENTG and the cycle repeats. It’s not 100% because of taxes, supply, and other costs etc. But hopefully you know what I’m trying to say. Also, Liuna’s union worker can use Starseed to pay medical cannabis because it’s covered.

    I’m guessing this is legal but is of a concern if this true because both Liuna and ENTG can ‘artificially’ continue to refinance ENTG and create revenues and it may look good on paper but the fundamental business isn’t really growing.

    Let me know your thoughts.
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    Will the new year bring a higher share price... I think so. Liuna's most recent contribution will help them launch beverages which is the last patch on their sash before having it all.
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    Does anyone know why it is up today all of sudden ?
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    Let’s see what happen today??