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Ethereum RUB (ETH-RUB)

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119,815.50+6,157.38 (+5.42%)
As of 09:50AM UTC. Market open.
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  • S
    Nobody becomes a millionaire or billionaire by working for others and depending on them, good investment brings millions of dollars and consistency brings billions
  • A
    “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”
    My favourite quote at the moment
  • F
    Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade.
  • W
    Please guys be careful looks like ETH-USD is going to be dropping off deep. I think am just gonna mine for trading. Holding coin is not just worth it, especially for short periods of time.
  • P
    Be courageous and trade your coins with Mrs Joann for a productive and benefiting outcome.
    The biggest risk of all is not taking one.
    Facebook - Joann Felix
  • l
    Just heard that ETH-USD got alerted at ( I hope it pushes us higher!
  • R
    Real Carlos
    Crypto was suppose to be a bet against the dollar (main purpose). As the value of a dollar drops, so does what's the point?
  • W
    They just featured ETH-USD on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • R
    My Lord, the amount of spam these yahoo Yahoo moderators let through is almost enough to cause me to quit this bullsiht message board.
  • D
    New trader watchlist was published by these guys and it featured ETH-USD. (
  • i
    I don't think that ETH-USD has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found ( the other day and their stocks are way better...
  • D
    It cracks me up to read articles with made up terminology when it comes to cryptocurrency. Death spiral and the charts. The bottom line is this is a currency of the future. All that matters is who buys and who doesn’t. It will keep going up forever.
  • M
    the world's biggest ponzi scheme ever is starting to unravel....
  • z
    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the ETH-USD board. I like using ( now instead for my daily research.
  • C
    Experts warn that Ethereum could contract by 80%!of it current value ! Brining it back down to the $600 level USD due to an Evil Genius and Federal tax hikes targeting crypto !
  • V
    Hate to spill the bad news for you guys, if you own any Crypto, you need to be in cash now or face a very vicious sell off. The US economy have not gone in recession yet, but will and when it does, expect all Crypto's to crash. Ether could see below $600.00. You can hate me or fume but is better to be safe than sorry. When Bitcoin liquidation happens it will be a devastating crash for all Crypto's.
  • J
    Million dollar question but how low do you think ETH will go before it goes back up?
    Also whats the main catalyst for this dip?
  • a
    You can tell it’s one entity (probably hedge fund) doing this by the identical pattern from the last 3 times they’ve done it so far this year (they sell around 3% per 4-5days). You’re being played & manipulated to panic sell so they can buy in lower. I really hope you’ve grown thick skin against this crypto volatility. I want to buy coins any one dm
  • E
    You have to ask yourself, are things getting better? It seems like there's no end in sight. There has to be true signs that inflation has peaked. People are terrified to by crypto right now. I can't see any catalyst lifting this right now. You'll see head fakes but in the end it will be lower. I sold yesterday but should have sold months ago. I kept telling myself this has to be it.
  • E
    May-July 2021 was brutal. It felt just like today. You’ll get an opportunity to make gains in the future. Not sure when but it will happen. Just have to remember to sell next time. It will always drop back down to these levels until higher highs higher lows.