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323,827.75+13,189.38 (+4.25%)
As of 05:15AM UTC. Market open.
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    Hope this keeps up, spent all my Christmas money on stocks and crypto Friday and this morning.
  • V
    What a difference 5 days make? Returning from the darkness of hell on back to brighter lights. Reading this article a few minutes ago is inspiring. "When people hear about cryptocurrencies, they think about alternative forms of money.

    But Lane Rettig, one of Etherium’s (ETH-USD) former core developers, says crypto could change everything – from the way businesses are formed and run, to how tickets are purchased for sporting events and concerts, and how salaries are paid.

    “It’s the beginning of a new economy that creates value for people everywhere,” Rettig told Yahoo Finance in an exclusive interview.

    “Crypto will have a profound and long-lasting impact on our lives. What we’ve seen so far is relatively superficial. The social impact is just beginning. It’s going to impact every corner of society in our daily lives,” he added".
  • J
    Reason why everyone should have a profitable investment. people need money.
  • s
    No! The CEO is not live on youtube. It's a pre-recorded video that goes on live. There is no 10k or 15k by December. It's made up.
  • j
    I chose to DCA eth over BTC for the next 5 years…hope I made the right choice
  • T
    ETH held so much better than most other crypto and its recovery is very quick. it's the future
  • D
    After today’s equity market turnaround…. This thing is about to go “boom!”
  • S
    Am I allowed to post here now?
  • h
    Etherem is one coin that will recover first!
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    My < faith was utterly shaken (not) when October's prediction fell $1500 short of $59K. I am expecting $65K towards the end of November and hoping to sell a little of the Canadian BTC spot ETF in my US IRA near that level for some expenses I have in early 2022. trading. Rather than buying the dip and waiting for a pump, I just get to trade my assets with insight and signal provision from Matthew Scott. I have made over 14 btc in October alone. I shall hodl onto my real BTC though. With the new development of blockchain technology at large the sky is the limit for all of us.
  • R
    This crypto crash is all about the whales, the hedge funds, capital ventures and others with billions in cash pumping and dumping and falsely moving the crypto market for year end profits. I say we the small guys collectively DO NOT SELL! Lets pull a reddit "gamestop" move and roast them all. Do not panic sell like they intend you to do and it will magically go up non stop!
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    Charlie Desmond plans to start eth project in Dubai.
  • D
    Institutes have come back to work on Monday, price rising to 5,000
  • S
    added to my position on the dip got lucky and got in at 3600 bought 50 coins sold at 4200 not bad quick 30k profit
  • L
    strong asset
  • c
    If you can look past the fear and believe in Etherum then you will be better off. Don't read into the news. All these sell offs just made big hedge funds a lot richer in the sales.
  • T
    JIm Cramer "bragged" on national television many times that he took some of his ETH gains to buy a farm property. Tax consequences for that should be HUGE. Will they be? If not, there is something seriously wrong with crypto.
  • D
    Eth below 4,000, best time to get in now
  • E
    The market has spoken:
    BTC down 26% from all time high
    ETH down 16% from all time high
    BTC slowly market dominance
    ETH gaining in market dominance
    Don’t take my word for it check the charts..