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224,246.25-1,522.16 (-0.67%)
As of 08:27AM UTC. Market open.
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  • J
    Despite the economic downturn I'm so happy ☺️. I've been earning $32,550 returns from my $ 7,000 investment every 14days.
  • E
    E J
    Everyone wanted crypto to disconnect from the stock market. Well, here you go! NASDAQ up 300 pts and ethe down 7%. LOL
  • J
    how do we know which of the platform is the best to invest, cause they are many platforms
  • M
    The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the decision
  • F
    Successful depends on the action or steps you take to achieve it. Show me a man without investment and I'll tell you how long it takes to go bankrupt. Investing crates a safe heaven for the future with the rights investment choices that has at least 2% minimum risk and with the advice of an axpert, profits and interest are 💯% guaranteed
  • C
    Tempting to take the 40% loss. At this rate it will be down 90% in a few months like most tech stocks.
  • b
    cant wait for merge, ETH is going to all time highs once it does.
  • V
    Last time I told you guys to sell Ether, it was trading at $2280. I will warn you again that when Bitcoin liquidates Ethereum will see below $600. Don't believe me, wait and see.
  • j
    Not a single meaningful conversation here from real investors in crypto

    Scammer ruined this board and yahoo doing absolutely nothing about it

    These vultures should be blocked and reported
  • S
    Wow this was over $3500 over a month ago. What is it good for again? Is there any way to play this with puts?
  • C
    Do people actually still expect crypto like ETH to go anywhere? I've had 5000 sitting in this for ages and it only seems to go down and stay down. Doesn't fill me with hope for the future that's for sure...
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    $212 Billion 'market cap' for what ? A pipedream of utilitarianism for a digital ponzi ?
    Sell now, to buy blue chip value stocks!
  • A
    About to hit new 52 weeks low. Must be scary holding crypto after what happened to Luna. I feel like a massive crypto crash is coming all around. Btc back to 10-20k, eth back to under 1k
  • R
    Love seeing this. The markets and crypto are disconnected. Let's hope that lasts. Invest in something real. Not one of the 20 thousand different pretend currencies.
  • v
    How do you guys think the Eth 2.0 update will affect the price
  • N
    I’ve never posted anything on the eth forum and I’m like everybody else, I have no clue what’s in store for any cryptocurrency, I do hope it skyrockets.. I do know 1 thing for certain though..that vitalik butternut fella has the most perfect shaped applehead as I’ve ever seen🍎
  • j
    Can someone please explain why Ethereum will increase in value if the blockchain reaches the level of utilization and success predicted? All the most optimistic predictions are reached? Why would that success cause the valuecof eth to rise substantially, beyond speculation? Thanks for your answers.
  • m
    Anything that has to do with Crypto currency or bitcoin exchange I recommend Mr Dave +1(720) 336-0393
  • N
    Not 4 BiDumb
    Bottom is now. Time to buy.
  • W
    Don't get sucked in! ETH will need to retest the $900 to $1000. dollar area before any real increase in price can hold! Thats just the way it is!