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Ethereum CAD (ETH-CAD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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5,134.49+380.40 (+8.00%)
As of 7:30AM BST. Market open.
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  • R
    Best thing I ever did was sell my car and put that money into Ethereum. I went from $16,500 to $28,000.
  • C
    Cramer sold his ETH?
    Hurray we’re headed to all time highs!
  • D
    I am. "ALL IN" for ETH. Sold all my tech stocks and moved it to ETH. Looking to sell it 8-10 years from now. If it pulls back, I am definitely adding more.
  • D
    Apple does about 350 billion in sales per year and growing

    Ethereum is on track to do 18 TRILLION in transactions in 2021. and is growing even faster

    Apple trades around 7-8 times revenue

    Ethereum trades at .02 times revenue

    its not just market cap. the numbers say Ethereum is in its infancy. Will be a bumpy ride but could be more life changing money ahead. Invest what you can afford to lose and hang on!
  • k
    ETH is best among the rest
  • R
    October 27, if the upgrade is successful Ethereum is headed to new highs📈
  • s
    Sell? Or hold
  • S
    Volume and price are slowly building----this is REALLY getting interesting--------
  • P
    ETH, are we talking 7K by Jan. 22?
  • w
    making a nice run, brothers. Full steam ahead!
  • T
    Cryptocurrency has been a great increase to the financial world,traded globally by many,bitcoin is the future.Contact Mr Dante on wtsap +19084307422.
  • S
    Time to sell BTC while the suits and ties are buying in---much more room in ETH----------
  • M
    1 year from today imagine where ETH price per coin will be. HODL!
  • M
    Been waiting for these days. Been holding since 2018 not selling. I think we will be at 20k by end of 2022. Inflation will drive this.
  • K
    Why would ever sell Eth, or BTC when you can just lend it or stake it for better interest rates that any bank can offer you! I make 5 percent on 7.5 coins and get paid out in Eth weekly! Let your crypto work you people.
  • r
    Be very careful here, this is why. Today there were option traders who were buying March contracts for a really not any valid reasons. They touted Ethereum ETFS, and that it will come at the end of this year. So far Vlad Buterin have never said it, so it is a lot of betting game here. From now and until the end of this year, US markets will face some serious fall. China too will bring bad news. So they are pumping the Crypto's to exit with a nice profit now. I agree that longer term Ethereum will see a nice price, but there are so many things that will shake markets from today until December 31st. Do not fall for the hype, secure your coins now because this market will face a blood bath any day now because everyday everyone is warning .
  • F
    A reset happened today and watch out for a massive short covering soon, it could get ugly for shorts this week since Ethereum is readying to make bullish move . Here is why, Ethereum has been lacking Bitcoin move and is ripe for a break out. My Buddy Murf will need some comfort after he reads my posting. Big money is about to come in in a very big way. Bitcoin itself will see 70K soon.
  • B
    $6k this week
  • R
    Been here longer than most. A lot of new names talking about dumping and running. Their trying to scare you outta your coins. Hold the line! GLTAL