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Ethereum Classic USD (ETC-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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22.61-1.60 (-6.62%)
As of 05:11PM UTC. Market open.
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    I'm new to ETC and today I noticed today the amount of open interest on ETC. I honestly can't believe how many short sellers are getting burned by the algorithm that ties ETC to BTC bc there's like no volume. A 1 minute chart looks like the first hour of premarket in the Stockmarket. Anyone think ETC could be a squeeze trade if volume picked up?
  • S
    Just avg down from 109$ to 65$, if I buy I buy much lol
  • f
    If you’re worried you missed the boat and it’s too late to invest… you couldn’t be further from the truth. Something far bigger, far more disruptive, and far more profitable is bubbling beneath the surface… Get your free pass to the world premiere of the Uncensored Crypto docuseries.
  • J
    Such a sleeper crypto, look into the history... ETC has a sleeping giant narrative.. A twisst of conspiracy, a lot of mystery, a lot capability...If you want to reallly play the game... You put your money on ETC...
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    I am new to Crypto. I have 380 ETC average at 70$. Just little confused what to do? What should i do now? Will it gonna hit 70$ in 2022?
  • S
    Seem long invest, at lease 3-5 years
  • S
    Average is 36. What about you guys?
  • J
    Its the OTC market from last year all over again… that’s because it’s same people bleeding crypto out that bled the OTC till April of last year
  • k
    This is a very cheap price for such a strong, powerful crypto. There are a lot of cryptos in a similar position.
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    I heard about ETC-USD the other day on It’s looking like an interesting play.
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    What’s happening that it went rocket up 3%?
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    Buy and hold
  • W
    Crypto is over, one of biggest scam event slowly and painfully getting out our life. Soon most of countries banning crypto soon or later USA too after they empty out our pockets
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    Bought 365 shares at $109 per share, what should i do, do not know?
  • P
    Too cheap to pass up!!!! Just bought another 200!
  • C
    $219 to $900

  • L
    Will ETH miners switch to ETC when ETH goes #$%$ Will ETC be profitable for miners? Will the increased hash rate increase security and draw attention to ETC? How do ETH and ETC gas fees compare? Could these factors cause a resurgence of interest for ETC?
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    happy new year guys! Hope everyone can stay safe and healthy!
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