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Energy Transfer LP (ET-PE)

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As of 11:54AM EDT. Market open.

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  • I
    ET has my permission to go up over $1 today. I won't tell anybody the combination lock has been broken,lol
  • R
    Now is the time to buy. Not sell. What do you think gas prices will be in Decmber- February time frame ?Dividend is not chopped liver. Have you checked the Share buy back ?Have you checked the dividend ? probably the stock will get north of 14.Leon Cooperman likes it at higher prices than today. And so do I .
  • T
    Given what’s going on in the credit market and looking at other players like KMI, ET is doing just fine. Staying the course and adding steadily to my holding.
  • m
    With the rising distribution, ET can’t stay below $11 for too long.
  • G
    Powell has it wrong., inflation has 3 main causes: 1-Covid -19 lockdowns in China., creating supply chain disruptions.----2---the war on Ukraine,creating the oil price hike---3--excessive liquidity in USA. Thou Powell,can't control inflation., ONLY gathering those funds, reducing liquidity and braking hard the USA economy.
    He should take it easy ,and let ., CV-19 run out,and the war ,to finish.
    Stop raising rates ,and maybe raise the income tax of corporations ,from today's 21% to 28%.------He must accept the reality., and those uncontralable events.
  • j
    If Warren is putting his money into it, you can bet there is something on the horizon.
  • D
    I am in disbelief given what the company does and the demand. Most other stocks I watch have already bounded back up from the rate crash last week. That said, ET is not even connected to rates as much AMZN as would be.
  • J
    The Wall Street pundits are declaring that we are now in a Bear Market. I declared that about 4 weeks ago.
  • h
    With so MUCH riding on funding of lake Charles, and shell backing out as a equity partner you would think the insiders would be selling and not buying? Remember Shell backed out in march Et was $9's plus then. I think there is an announcement coming that is going to be very positive! KECLY would not have bought $26 mil at 12.04 two weeks ago. Who can argue my logic?
  • c
    Bottom line is .... the usa will consume more natural gas this year than last year !
  • A
    I’ve got to stop watching cnbc
  • R
    ET valuation will trade in line with it's debt burden (~50B) and as the 10 Treasury year rises, ET will fall. It continues to fall disproportionately to EPD with a lower debt burden and better ratios on debt to earnings. Do not count on the continued distribution increases at current rate with the cost of debt refi rising so quickly. The Preferred shares will all reset at higher rates as they mature. the ET-C preferred is a much better play now then common if you are looking for yield. ET is going to have to set aside cash to take out the Prefs as they mature or pay higher resets as they mature which will hamper distribution growth. If you are chasing yield look at ET-C today vs common. Common will get attractive again to nibble below $9.20 (taking out June lows)
  • c
    60 million shares traded... All who bailed out......well there was a savy investor ready to scoop up their shares on the cheap !!!!
  • B
    The inflation that Biden gave us is hurting people's ability to invest and of course shutting down fossil fuel pipelines doesn't help. but ET is still a good long term investment
  • p
    pinot noirist
    Relax everyone. The distribution is safe and the share price will recover. The only reason people are selling is PANIC. Many people are afraid that prices will drop further, and they may, and so they are bailing, often at a big loss, for fear that prices will drop further. Not completely rational but fear often is not rational. Ignore the panic selling, wait patiently for the next distribution increase or else take advantage of the lemmings jumping off the cliff and pick up some shares on the cheap. close to a 9% yield, safe yield, at these prices. These are the times that the bold get rich.
  • m

    Shell and Vitol scraped their LNG purchase agreement with Driftwood today. Driftwood is the underfunded LNG mega facility a stones throw away from ET's Lake Chuck facility.

    Driftwood is in trouble, big financial trouble because it was not funded prior to construction.

    It could be that Shell and Vitol sign agreements with ET LNG instead and Properly help fund the finish out.

    Shell already has a 20 year agreement with ET. Shell was also a partner until they pulled out due to oversupply of NG at the time. There is a relationship there and is important to recognize.

    I suspect Shell may reenter as an equity partner once again. Would not surprise me if an announcement came Monday before the Bell. (Speculation)
  • G
    Nothing below $17 on our ET--------and nothing below $5 on my SNCR----and the wiselama ,won't be heard for years to come.........under his daughter basement!!!!
    Even coming RECESSION ,won't stop or derail our jewels...ask Warren Buffett...!!!!
  • g
    We are heading to the $9 handle in the next few weeks. Same pattern last June. As oil and gas plummet so are the companies that are in the related business.
  • M
    just picked some up. Divy is safe
  • W
    Yesterdays gap down open gets filled today...

    Leaving a big gap up that needs to be filled...

    All gaps get filled