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Energy Transfer LP (ET-PC)

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    Bottom line is .... the usa will consume more natural gas this year than last year !
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    60 million shares traded... All who bailed out......well there was a savy investor ready to scoop up their shares on the cheap !!!!
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    I’ve got to stop watching cnbc
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    pinot noirist
    Relax everyone. The distribution is safe and the share price will recover. The only reason people are selling is PANIC. Many people are afraid that prices will drop further, and they may, and so they are bailing, often at a big loss, for fear that prices will drop further. Not completely rational but fear often is not rational. Ignore the panic selling, wait patiently for the next distribution increase or else take advantage of the lemmings jumping off the cliff and pick up some shares on the cheap. close to a 9% yield, safe yield, at these prices. These are the times that the bold get rich.
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    Shell and Vitol scraped their LNG purchase agreement with Driftwood today. Driftwood is the underfunded LNG mega facility a stones throw away from ET's Lake Chuck facility.

    Driftwood is in trouble, big financial trouble because it was not funded prior to construction.

    It could be that Shell and Vitol sign agreements with ET LNG instead and Properly help fund the finish out.

    Shell already has a 20 year agreement with ET. Shell was also a partner until they pulled out due to oversupply of NG at the time. There is a relationship there and is important to recognize.

    I suspect Shell may reenter as an equity partner once again. Would not surprise me if an announcement came Monday before the Bell. (Speculation)
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    just picked some up. Divy is safe
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    Time for Energy Transfer to push up the stock $3 on Monday. Escape your 30 cents strangle hold tot the upside. Their is no strangle hold to the downside. We are looking for a dividend of $1.07 on Nov 21. You have to give us long term holders something.Time to stop losing and become winners for the stockholders. Come up with a plan to jack rabbit the stock. Move the CABOOSE.
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    The question is? Will we retest march. 2020 lows. Et could drop somewhere with a 5 handle. Would be terrible but could happen.
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    What’s up with the bloodbath
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    Dan Tanna
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    Oil up $1.43 and we are down 26c. Who is the seller?
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    Just goes to show it does not matter what the company is worth, big money moves a stock where they want it.
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    We are now retesting the June lows. I think we break through and retest the pre-covid high of 3,400. Goldman has the S & P at 3,500 at year's end. B of A has the S & P a bit lower at 3,300. The market is in panic and beginning to price in a deep, global recession. It is sell first and ask questions later. Energy is getting absolutely crushed.

    The question is, how long will OPEC+ sit on the sidelines? My guess is they will intervene to stabilize prices fairly soon. And China is actually starting to reopen so demand will go up. An article on Yahoo Finance sees a crude price spike into year end.
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    RSI = 32, Time to buy...
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    Oil for America
    back to Ramon noodles for awhile.
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    The Atlanta Fed is now forecasting a whopping .3% GDP growth for the third quarter. This is down considerably from earlier forecasts. Stagflation is here. A return of the Jimmy Carter years.
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    The ET : EPD debate…
    Disclosure, I hold both.

    Unit price YTD delta
    ET up 46.58%
    EPD up 17.90%

    Distribution yield
    ET 7.73%
    EPD 7.36%

    Takeaway > both good, ET superior, hence my larger position.