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Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (EPD)

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  • S
    A company paying 7+% with tax deferred distributions, paying down their already low debt burden and buying back shares. Add to that 95% of their debt is fixed rate, they high credit rating, and their 5%-10% annual growth I see this as one of the best low risk asymmetrical investments in today's climate (pun intended)
  • D
    Enterprise reported record net income attributable to common unitholders of $1.4 billion, or $0.64 per unit on a fully diluted basis, for the second quarter of 2022, compared to $1.1 billion, or $0.50 per unit on a fully diluted basis, for the second quarter of 2021.
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    They just featured EPD on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • S
    Sir John T
    EPD beginning to look like a real growth stock......I'm a very happy long-term holder.....great report and outlook....and still bargain priced.
  • P
    Revenues rose 69.9% year/year to 16.06 billion vs the 11.96 billion consensus estimate. Wow!! That’s huge.
  • C
    Thanks Peter and all others with solid-thinking posts. Some midstream MLP’s employees I know at other good Co’s didn’t like EPD’s ‘20–‘21 acquisitions. I disagreed, used it as a buying opp. Agree with most of you, solid balance sheet and projections, buying back shares, etc. = not exciting is good, rarely mentioned on CNBC is great. Lol HAGdD
  • M
    Down .28
    Not the run up before earnings I would have liked to see
  • P
    The company is having 3 large expansions which should provide higher growth. High earnings, growth, and high dividend with projected increases in dividends . In addition, low PE. Question: Where can you find anything safer than this in this messed up economy?
  • s
    Check out page 53 in the 6/9/22 presentation for the investor deck!

    It compares the total return of EPD to the SPX and XLE since the IPO in 1998. It is called compounding the distribution for 24 years in a row. I started buying in March 2009 and have accumulated a large position on weakness ever since. EPD is a superior company through thick and thin!
  • T
    Almost 80% of $EPD's pipeline contracts with shippers have been extended for 15-20 years, which will help generate steady cash flow for us stock holders. Enterprise Products Partners is well-positioned to generate additional cash flow from under-construction growth capital projects worth $4.6 billion.

    Earnings BEAT for 2nd quarter this week is going to just keep the momentum going and going.
  • r
    Recently; High 28.65 to low 22.92 is exactly 20%

    anticipating 23 again
  • I
    Would anyone like to speculate on the price action today
  • a
    az boy
    Pipelines are normally buy and never sell. 18 years ago and 6.00 cost.. Buy it and forget it. Trading will generate tax headaches.
  • t
    It would be positive to regain 26. on Friday.
  • V
    REALITY check for epd unit/share holders...epd & it's index amlp have followed each other for the last two if the sector sells off, epd sells off...okay with me, need to do some shifting epd from roth ira to regular brokerage account...executed another small gtc to buy at $25.42 in brokerage account...will sell another 200 epd in roth ira before end of year and see how the k-1 for 2022 will look much ubit will be?
  • K
    Winter is yet to come and wait for demand for NG and NGL related products shoot up this winter. EPD will benefit, unless you are betting otherwise.
  • l
    For the long term holders of EPD, the slow pace of price action is just fine as long as distribution grows even at snail speed. GLTA~
  • r
    I’ll be interested in buying more below 23, i can wait
  • V
    Vanilla The Hun
    Have held EPD for several years. Seems well run, efficient, growing, and fair to shareholders -covering and increasing the payout. It is Not a pure oil or LNG play. It is a MLP. It is paid for what passes through it's pipelines, and there is a limit to that. The price of gas and oil is not important - with the exception of course ,being how it could affect it's contracts, and volumes transported. You will not "get wealthy" in this stock; but we will do well. in times like these.
  • j
    some entity is sitting with its full body weight on EPD today. every time EPD comes up for air, it's taken back down. is this because this or several entities want to accumulate more shares before it runs as a result of stellar earnings. in any case, i'm long and strong EPD and i try to ignore daily weekly or monthly movements in the stock. the only thing i watch is EPD's ability to pay the dividend that has never been in doubt. cheers!