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    Averaged at 31 USD. Not selling. Holding for years. People just see "oil" and stray away. Do your DD first. Keep collecting dividends while we ride it back up. This is a long term staple for me
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    Also to other young investors like myself, ENB IS diving into renewable energy. I see them adapting and growing long term . Patience is key here guys. Good price to get in now. Just gotta keep strong hands if youre a long term investor.
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    It's not rocket science to tell you're getting a great deal at these prices...just go to the 5-year chart on Yahoo Finance which shows the stock price at the start of each month (scroll over the graph). There's no instances of prices below $29 USD, and that includes Mar 1/20 and Apr 1/20, at the heart of the COVID market collapse.
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    HI, I'm just here for the dividends.

    Seriously though, Enbridge seems to be investing a lot on renewable energy which on paper looks good for the future. How do people view this part of their diversification strategy? Is it too little too late?
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    Is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to collect while the times are unclear
    Remember ENB is also in the Renewable energy sector as well
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    To put some perspective to the dividend discussion, the Q2 net income was $1.6B. The quarterly dividend is also worth $1.6B (2B shares x $0.80/sh).

    Q1 loss was ($1.4B) and the dividend was still paid in full, meaning debt was used.

    ENB will go to any length to respect the div. payout, management knows it's the only reason investors are attracted.

    I'd be surprised that the dividend be cut, but will it be increased for next year? and by how much? They say by 5%-7%, we'll see.
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    short try to scare you lol. If you long, this is a great stock. Even if you are down just hold and go do something else than stressing
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    Close to div declaration. We are afraid of div cut. That is why it slides down. If they keep the div, over 40 right away. Is it a gamble? Yes. At this situation, most div stocks are gamble. But enb is a gamble with 99% winning rate. Are you afraid of that 1% chance? It can be big loss with div cut even if it is just a 1% chance. Sell it then. But I bought 6000shares at $39. I just bet on 99% to win small. Probably this q'tr or next is the last risky div. After that, when the economic stimulation starts all over the world finally, with pandemic over. It goes back to $60 for sure. In conclusion, i see that it is the last chance to buy at below $40, between this div and the next. I have enough already, but gonna buy more if it goes dipper to fill 10k by adding 4k more.
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    i wonder how long these '' contracts '' with their existing customers last ?....i got the idea most are with big companies for long term ..Yes ?
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    Great news on dividend!!!
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    We Are Borg
    Anyone catch latest TSA passenger screening data? Daily passenger screening count exceeded one million for the first time since mid-March. True, nowhere near the normal traffic of two million per day, but up significantly from the 600,000 - 700,00 /day of a few months ago.

    This tells us air traffic is SLOWLY picking up, the next month or so should tell us whether or not this is going to be a trend. At some point, airlines will slowly start adding extra flights (increased fuel consumption) and possibly start bringing mothballed aircraft back into service.

    Higher demand for aviation fuel from refineries means higher demand for oil and more product being pumped by midstreamers. A bit of over-simplification, gotta factor in existing inventories of refined product and general global demand (things suck in COVID-Europe right now).

    Never the less, we take the TSA data as good news.
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    I wish I could say that ENB is a good investment. You may see it go back above$40-$44. If you do, get out and cut your losses. It will eventually just keep bleeding like the rest of them. (Suncor, cenovus, husky, etc). The long term growth of oil is over.
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    A tough day , what with all the good news and still red { like i said } ... I am holding my 700 shares bought at $ 57 Canadian ....This Enbridge purchase has destroyed any faith i had in myself to pick stocks.
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    I love seeing all the negativity here. It means it's almost time to buy! Be greedy when others are fearful...

    I've been waiting for this for several months.
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    Bought "a Lot" at 38 $ CDN looks like a good "bet" at this price
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    now that I muted a few of the Neanderthals of this forum I might be able to enjoy it here again. Enbridge is a long term investment folks. We're talking 5-10 years and this is a stock you want to keep on adding to your portfolio for the long term as it has excellent dividends. If you're looking for fast gains you need to invest in technology and biotech stocks but need to be very aggressive as these markets are very volatile allowing for quick and large gains or losses! Now stop whining and contribute to this forum collectively.
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    hold that green
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    Is anyone familiar with E Split Corp Class A shares? It's a fund strictly invested in Enbridge, Utilizes roughly 2x leverage against the preferred shares giving a huge dividend payout. Share price 11.35 , Monthly payout 0.13 = 13.5% yield. Compare the 1 year chart against ENB.TO and mirrors perfectly except slightly better return on share price. This thing pays monthly to help compound the returns instead of quarterly. Guys am I missing something here? I
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    Maybe im late to the news but another positive for investors. Enbridge owns 30% of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Always has been slow but steady wins for Enbridge, i expect it to be like this for Line 3 and 5, but win we shall. i am happy with the current dividend payout, lets get these projects passed and built then lets talk about increasing the dividend.
    Illinois approved this week the plan for the Dakota Access Pipeline to double its capacity from 570,000 bpd to 1.1 million bpd
    Illinois approved this week the plan for the Dakota Access Pipeline to double its capacity from 570,000 bpd to 1.1 million bpd
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    Dividends and Common Shares
    Dividends and Common Shares