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  • A
    Did some quick research: out of all the publicly traded grocery stores in Canada EMP seems to offer the best value at 0.34 p/s, 2 p/b, 13--12p/e, and 7.7 p/fcf.
    George Weston is it's closest competition, having a similar p/s at 0.41, same p/fcf, and a similar p/e (although their forward p/e increases to 16 while Empire's lowers to 12). WN loses when it comes to p/b tho (3.5).
    ATD, NWC, and L all have similar p/s of 0.7. ATD most expensive by p/b (3.67), mru most expensive by fcf (20).
    These numbers don't tell me anything with regards to future growth prospects of any of the companies, however, so that still must be taken into account.
  • L
    Massive overreaction to a barely earnings miss on quarter. Buy opportunity here imho!
  • B
    Food inflation is positive for the Empire. I am impressed with the rolling out of Viola and increase convenience to consumers. With full employment and great execution. Sobey family should consider extending their e- commerce platform and capabilities to other category. The logistics advantage and sophisticated warehousing technology has increased the margin. I see that EMP can boost its revenue further. I revised my target stock price to 90 dollars with its excellent track record even with a conservative 5% growth in revenue.
  • i
    any thoughts on them moving from airmiles to scene+? Seems like a good move to have ownership in their loyalty program.
  • m
    Full of Voila truck near Pointe-Claire/Dorval, never see soo much IGA truck in my life
  • L
    Thank god sold yesterday. My entire portfolio is pretty much liquidated. Markers will be negative for 4-8 months. Ill be back later
  • B
    This company treats its employees terribly
  • B
    Empire is growing in multiple fronts and gaining market shares - On line Volia , Farm boys, efficiency gains from modern distribution center. focused value chain optimization, etc. I trust the Sobey family as their name is on the line. Looking back the history of continuous increase in good and bad years for many many years. I continue to add to my over weighted position, as the trend is secular.
  • v
    Has a solid financial report that beats analysts predictions, drops by 5.5%
  • A
    sales and earnings are going higher quarterly and yearly.
    Dividends at 1.6% is low but well invested for expansion.
    Grocers can't compete with banks on the dividends.
    Margins and profit will creep up with inflation.
    Price target set at 44$ .
  • S
    Empire gains another foothold in Toronto with the purchasing of a majority stake in Longo's!
  • B
    E-commerce sales growth of 315% is a testimony of excellent execution. The Sobey's family's shareholders friendly track record will continue to flourish. The share buyback annouced is indicative that the share price is still under valued and a best use of capital, with anticipated continuous growth. I hope that it will be the disruptive force and platform to sell anything under the sun, and not limited to grocery but a platform and nerve centers servicing customers leveraging the advance new generation customer fulfillment center with AI, Autonomous fleet delivery, B2C platform, B2B platform for international business.
  • D
    This week we have essentially rounded the bend on the panic buying fiasco from last year. Don't expect to see results like these going forward.

    This is not me being bearish, just realistic.

    Still a solid company that will have varying forms of success with some secular trend changes occurring, however the results won't be nearly as great as they have been in the next year.
  • j
    If you are interested in a plant base company check NSP Naturally Splendid, exclusively distributes Naterra brand products inCND/US only .04 cents pennies now, dollars later
  • B
    15% increase of dividend shows strong execution and results
  • J
    I've always loved Sobeys. The bakery and produce is so good. I don't know where I see the growth coming from, but great company.
  • J
    A huge concern I have for this stock so that online delivery is $15. This is a huge concern because many people wants groceries delivered and the pandemic has changed habits. Now I am like why would I go to store when I can just have instacart. It is very important sobeys and Safeway are on instacart. I have loblqws and Walmart. I am seriously considering this stock but the online delivery is a huge concern for me.
  • m
    Solid financial, love the Ricardo acquisition, Boring stock but a good long term hold 🤟
  • a
    Maybe this is y it tanked (read below). Although with new lock downs emp will do good. I do think grocery is boring in general and people lose interest quick.

    The announcement came as Empire reported a profit of $161.4 million or 60 cents per share for the quarter ended Oct. 31, missing analysts’ expectations..
  • C
    So the stock has been consistently underperforming compared to other grocers for the past week and the only news i could find that could cause the dip is some TD analyst saying earnings could be missed. Are people scared that much of sept 9th earnings?