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    URA etf and HURA etf are going to add new uranium company positions in the coming weeks:

    URA etf will initiate new positions in Bannerman Resources, Peninsula Energy, CGN mining, Deep Yellow, enCore, Goviex Uranium, Greenland minerals, IsoEnergy, Lotus Resources and UEX Corp

    HURA etf will initiate new positions in Azarga Uranium, Forsys Metals, CGN mining, enCore, Goviex Uranium, IsoEnergy, Laramide Resources, Lotus Resources, Mega Uranium, Plateau Energy Metals, Toro Energy and Vimy Resources

    Upward pressure incoming for those names, in addition to the continue growth of URNM etf, URA etf and HURA etf (frequently emit new etf shares to buy more of the underlying positions) resulting in an continu upward pressure for all underlying positions ($UUUU, $DNN, $NXE, $CCJ, ...)

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    Resources Investment funds and groups entering the U market!

    First. Remember, the total uranium sector market cap today is only +-17 billion USD. That's a very tiny sector!!

    To put this into in perspectif.

    The entire market cap of uranium sector (17 billion$) =
    - 2% of the market cap of Tesla (810 billion$)
    - 40% of the market cap of Barrick Gold (42 billion$)
    - 34% of the market cap of Newmont (50 billion$)
    - 8% of the market cap of Exxon Mobil (205 billion$)
    - 9,5% of the market cap of Chevron (180 billion$)
    - 14,5% of the market cap of Boeing (117 billion$)

    In 2007 the total uranium sector market cap was 150 billion USD in USD of 2007.
    Add to this the inflation between 2007 and today, and you have a easy multi-bagger sector here!

    Second. It's a mathematic fact that the global uranium supply and demand needs a sustainable 60+$/lb U3O8 to get back in equilibrium in the long term.

    At 30$/lb U3O8 only 40% of global annual U3O8 demand can be met by uranium miners!!

    ==> This is not an IF question, this is a WHEN question!

    Third. There are multi signals that the uranium sector fundamentals are getting the attention from professional resources investors now.

    Some signals:

    "Soon we'll be sending private letters to many natural resource investment funds and groups, globally. Our letters, to new groups who might not be aware of the uranium supply debacle, will outline the broken status of the uranium business and the key points for them to perform their own work to see if we reach similair or differing conclusions. We'll offer each group networking opportunities and ways that we believe they can most effectively participate in recapitalizing a broken mining sector and supply chain" Andrew Weekly, CEO SmithWeekly Research

    Larry McDonald on uranium:
    "I am also looking for financial players to get more serious about throwing weight around in this sector. A group with decent capital at a multi-strat HF or a medium sized fund could allocate a few hunderd mill and create their own reality in this sector, IMO. The order of operations would be to buy up positions in call option like U miners, then buy the U trusts trading at discounts and then hit the spot market hard. I think you would make money on all legs of that if you committed a few hunderd mill to it"

    ==> An other investor spending a lot of time in macro and micro due dilligence work on this sector like me, "intercepted" a strategic chats a few weeks ago between professional traders of different financial institutions talking about preparing themself to come in action in the uranium sector. And like Larry McDonald saying to first buy the uranium company stocks and related financial instruments, second buying the U trusts (Uranium Participation, Yellow Cake) and then buying Uranium in the spotmarket (Professional investors with 3000000 million USD (100000lb x 30$/lb) on hand can buy physical uranium --> the minimum buying is 100000lb U3O8!)

    In the meantime the uranium etf's need to buy more underlying uranium company stocks and issue additional etf shares to keep up with the demand from investors ==> That's a big upward pressure on all those underlying uranium companies in which those etf's invest today and in the coming months (and couple of years).

    For instance:

    - "Investors were piling into 100% Pure-Play "North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF" $URNM on NYSE yesterday, adding another 175,000 ETF shares - Now at 1,325,000 & AUM US$60.3M, over 20X higher than its US$3M inception just over a year ago"

    - "Global X Uranium/Nuclear ETF $URA on NYSE added another 300,000 shares yesterday to bring their issued to 17.1M with US$276M in Net Assets - A 160% increase from its March low"

    Conclusion: A lot of money is coming into a very tiny sector to invest into. Multi-bagger moves higer coming.

    Be prepared and be patient.
    Don't try to swing trade uranium stocks.

    If you do, you will most probably be taken by surprise and by consequence miss the biggest part of the bull trend


    $URNM etf, URA etf, HURA etf

    Bannerman Resources, Peninsula Energy, Boss Resources, ...
    Denison mines, Fission Uranium Corp, Global Atomic, Goviex Uranium, Forsys Metals, UEX Corp, Deep Yellow, Vimy Resources, ...
    Energy Fuels, UR-energy, Cameco, Paladin Energy,...

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    China tightens REE regulations policing entire supply chain!

    Good news for Energy Fuels and their REE proces of Monazite sands at their fully-licensed White Mesa Mill

    ==> Neodylium, Praseodymium, Dyspiosium --> permanent magnets for EV's and Hybrid cars, for wind turbines

    While China is increasing their export control of REE!!

    also: "Export control law to affect rare earths, UAVs" (in December in Global Times)


    Energy Fuels more and more in a key position in the supply of energy related commodities (Uranium, REE, Vanadium) in the USA.

    While according to the "Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals" pg8:
    - 78% of REE supply of the USA comes from China (2018)!
    - Vanadium net import reliance in 2018: 100% from abroad
    - Uranium net import reliance: 93% in 2018, +-99% in 2019

    All 3 critical minerals for the US that need to be secured by the USA!!

    And they are Debt Free since November 2020!

    Good job Energy Fuels!

    This is an easy multi-bagger from 4,00$/lb today

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    Market on steroids. resembles 1998-2000 period. If continues past March then 2009 bull market is going to end between January-March 2022. Uranium exploding later this year imho.
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    Some investors think that Kazatomprom has the hability to ramp up production to sell uranium to everyone. And by consequence flood the market again when uranium price goes back to equilibrium uranium price (+-60$/lb)

    Well, Kazatomprom was able to increase their production to the levels of today thanks to low fruit deposits (= easiest deposits to mine, so low production cost)

    Over 2001 to 2013 production in Kazakhstan rose from 2022 to about 22550 tonnes U per year. But it still took the JV's in Kazakhstan 12years to do that!

    In the coming 10 years their will be a global uranium deficit growth of 75 million pounds of annual production needed that has to come from new future mines = more then 4 times the annual production of Cigar Lake = 1,5 times the total annual production of Kazakhstan (Kazatomprom and all JV partner production) = 2,5 times the total annual production attributed to Kazatomprom!!!

    "2,5 times the total annual production attributed to Kazatomprom!!!" that they would need to find in new more difficult to mine deposits, while they already need new deposits to replace the existing mines that will be depleted between today and 2030!!

    Mike Alkin tried to explain that to the utilities (like Kevin Bambrough did with the former CEO of Cameco in 2003)

    Now Kazatomprom and their JV partners will need future higher uranium prices to cover long term investments in new uranium deposits (less easy to mine deposits, so higher production cost).

    And Kazatomprom's younger management has a more long term view for the company and Kazakhstan then the older generation of managers leaving the company now and coming years.

    The younger generation don't want to depleted the resources of the company and the country for small margins anymore while they know that uranium demand is price inelastic!

    The younger generation of managers want higher margins

    So NO, Kazatomprom will not increase their production to get a much higher suppliers share and by consequence depleting the resources of the country fast for small margins.

    Now that it's clear that nuclear power is not nearing their end, but instead is entering a nuclear renaissance, those resources are worth much more for Kazatomprom and Kazakhstan in the longer term at higher margins than in the short term for small margins!


    Paladin Energy, Global Atomic, Goviex Uranium, UEX Corp, ...
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    What’s with the pull back today
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    Can we get to $6
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    For those interested in the Uranium opportunity. I posted a detailed macro overview (more then 10 postes) 2 days ago.

    It's based on posts of the last month with an update on the total market cap of the uranium sector versus other companies.

    The easiest way to find those postes is by clicking on my profile name and to scroll down until you find that overview that started Saturday.

    I'm a long term investor strongly bullish on the uranium sector based on the macro bullish fundamentals


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    OK people, just realize that the ATM announcement may mean a dilution amount of 8%. That is after a stock price appreciation of over 60% the last 2 months. Does anybody long this stock have a problem with this? Furthermore even if they exercise this ATM to further the ability to process rare earth elements is this a problem? This stock is projected to appreciate 2 to 3 times in the next year. 8% dilution is a drop in the bucket and yet they have not even announced the sale of new shares.
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    New video with Crux Investor.
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    What is the leading indicator: spot price rising pushing stocks higher or u equities prices moving higher causing spot price to rise?
    Impossible to answer at present time,only Mr.Market knows.
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    I am in for the long run, but today I am smiling/laughing because good news keep coming out and people sell the shares? They prefer to buy overinflated/bogus stocks and then cry if they lose the shirt. Anyway, I am positive that this stock will go much higher. Have a great day everybody:)
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    Why Rare Earth Metals Mining Companies are Benefiting from Surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) Popularity
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    Natty Gas Lite
    Anyone thinking that management is taking advantage of the higher share prices to utilize the ATM which is why we are seeing some downward pressure?
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    Nice! Short term investors read ATM and they sell their shares without really knowing what they are selling.

    Thank you guys, I'm buying the shares you sell of this US company in a key position for the USA for Uranium, REE, Vanadium and clean up services

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    If you only have 12 months, I would not sell under 10$ (imo)

    But if you have a long term view (a couple of years) and you look at their actual value of 4,33$/lb U3O8 reserves ((4,40$*127million shares)/129million lb reserves) you have a +-5 bagger in your possession without any FOMO and with their REE and Vanadium for free

    So with FOMO in "2021/2022" this could be a 10 bagger or more from here

    Don't forget:
    - uranium demand from utilities is price inelastic;
    - the first 3million pounds of annual production can be achieved with not to much restart investments (It's when they increase their annual production above 3million lb/year that they need larger investments.
    - they have put themself in a key position in the US for different Energy related minerals (Uranium (only operational mill in US), REE (magnets for growing EV market and windturbine market), Vanadium.
    - they are debt free since November 2020

    My opinion of course

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    Aftermarket doesn't like the news. Would be nice if the analysts that cover this stock could at least change their price targets based on all the recent GREAT news this in creating revenue streams for this company
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    And Dear short term shorter,

    Remember that you need to buy the same number of shares "tomorrow" to give the number of shares back that you borrowed today to short that same stock.

    Thank you in advance for buying Energy Fuels stocks in the coming days right along with the Energy Fuels shares brokers need to buy to give to URNM etf, HURA etf and URA etf in exchange for new URNM, HURA and URA shares that their clients are buying massively at the moment ;-)

    Those 3 etf's are increasing their etf shares almost each day, and that creation of new shares goes through a buying of shares of all the uranium companies by the brokers in which those etf's are invested in ;-)

    So that those brokers can exchange a basket of uranium shares for new etf shares for their clients