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  • j
    Why is eBay down again George? Could it be they lost 30% of their customer base the last 3 quarters?

    Maybe they should not extort sellers in the form of pay per click ads for their items to show up in product search results, this is the real reason eBay is dead and gone. They can't show buyers proper search results and the changes they have made ruined their relationship with sellers who are the only source of income for eBay. The new Coke is not working and they keep trying to force it on sellers man. That is the reason eBay is going down the tubes, read the above over and over and you might be able to figure this stuff out.
  • j
    Smoke and mirrors only work so long, if you do not put numbers on the board, you go bankrupt, eBay is not putting positive numbers on the board, that is the bottom line. Investors are looking for growth, there is nothing but deflation going on at eBay, fee churning sellers is not going to save them, sellers simply quit when their sales die, they are not going to give eBay free cash by advertising on a dead marketplace.
  • g
    - Revenue of $2.5 billion, up 11% on an as-reported basis and up 10% on an FX-Neutral basis
    - Gross Merchandise Volume of $19.5 billion, down 10% on an as-reported basis and down 12% on an FX-Neutral basis
    - GAAP and Non-GAAP EPS per diluted share of $0.43 and $0.90, respectively, on a continuing operations basis
    - GAAP and Non-GAAP operating margin of 26.5% and 31.7%, respectively
    - Returned $2.4 billion to shareholders in Q3, including $2.3 billion of share repurchases and $116 million paid in cash dividends
  • j
    Wow, eBay CEO has another bright idea, open up retail sneaker store, that is going to be real big for sure. The online marketplace has been destroyed, so let's open up a retail store.
  • j
    Recent post from former ebay manager

    Not what it used to be
    Director, HR (Former Employee) - San Jose, CA - April 24, 2022
    eBay changed significantly in the past five years, and not for the better. The culture has become more competitive instead of collaborative and the focus on employee well being has gone by the wayside. I felt increasingly disconnected from the Purpose that drew me there, and finally left after seeing too many leaders ignore the needs of their teams in order to get ahead.
    Working to help Sellers build their own businesses, having the chance to work with some of the long time leaders in Silicon Valley, and receiving the level of pay and benefits that come with working for an established brand.
    Increasing pressure to do more with less, leadership encouraging competition while talking about collaboration, Layoffs became an annual (or even semi-annual) event, Innovation became increasingly difficult
  • j
    Read the eBay Seller Forums to see the utter mismanagement going on, new CEO needed fast.
  • j
    Service Metrics - The Equivalent of Stealing Money Outwardly

    Google this thread title and read if for yourself, this is what sellers are saying about eBay fee churning, see it with your own eyes, the company continues to shoot itself in the foot, taking more and more fees from sellers and delivering low to no sales for the cash grabs.

    Sellers are pulling billions of dollars in inventory from ebay and sending it to the competition.
  • J

    You may have heard about a new tax law that went into effect this year. We believe this new regulation just doesn’t make sense. It creates confusing and unnecessary paperwork for millions of casual sellers on eBay, who will now receive tax forms even when they don’t owe taxes. 

To help support our sellers, we’ve been working to put pressure on Congress by bringing our community together to make their voices heard. We need sellers like you to speak out today and tell Congress to act in the interest of sellers across the US.

    Here’s what’s happening

Companies like eBay are required to report sales to the IRS using a tax form called a 1099-K. Until recently, you would only get a 1099-K if you sold over $20,000, or more than 200 items. Starting this year, new legislation has lowered that threshold to just $600, even if that was from a single sale all year. Where it gets complicated is you’ll get this form even if you don’t owe anything, because not all sales are taxable–for example, if you sell something for less than you paid for it. That means millions of sellers will now get unnecessary tax forms, creating confusion and pointless paperwork–both for the IRS, and for small-time sellers who aren’t set up to deal with it. 

Imagine selling an old bike for $800 that cost you $1,500 a few years ago. Since you didn’t make a profit, the IRS doesn’t consider that taxable income. But under this new law, you’re still going to get a 1099-K. And now you’ll have to prove to the IRS that you don’t actually owe any taxes on that sale, which makes for complicated accounting work.
    Here’s what you can do

We’re asking our community to take action today. Recently, new legislation was introduced in Congress to raise the threshold and limit the number of sellers getting these unnecessary forms. But we need your support to make sure it will pass! 

Go to our eBay Main Street website and tell Congress to act now to support Americans selling online. It will only take a few minutes, and if we succeed, it can save you, and millions of other sellers the hassle of needless tax forms for years to come.
    Speak out today  ➔
    We’re committed to making sure all our sellers are set up for success, and will continue to keep you updated. Look for emails and alerts from us that will help explain what’s changed, and what you may need to do next. In the meantime, you can learn more in our FAQ about Form 1099-K and how it affects you. 

Thanks for being part of the eBay community.
  • j
    As Chief Executive Officer at EBAY INC, Jamie Iannone made $34,835,839 in total compensation. Of this total $673,077 was received as a salary, $7,500,000 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $26,586,624 was awarded as stock and $76,138 came from other types of compensation

    If they fire Iannone, he gets 46 million on the way out the door, the guys could not care less if eBay cans him for this folly, he is as good as gone, 3 quarters in a row, massive loss of sales, customers and momentum by following Devin Wenig's business plan.
  • L
    eBay needs to develop a local market. The cost of shipping makes selling a lot of products uncompetitive to OfferUp or FB Marketplace.
  • j
    Here is an ebay seller on their own forums, what ebay has done is, destroy the search engine organic results, they have no focus on the item searched for, just like Amazon, so they can force sellers to buy promoted listings, this is why eBay sales are down 3 quarters in a row. Moronic management from the top down.

    "I don't know if this is related but I can't seem to get very good search results when I am searching for stuff that I want to buy. The other day I searched for a bracelet by victoria secret with the word pink and in the past there would be thousands of results but this time it was like only one page of results, not even a full page. Then I noticed the "we have streamlined your results" but when I clicked on that I got many more results that seemed to be unrelated to what I was searching for. I wonder if they are working on the search engine and changing things but I haven't had good luck searching for things that I normally would find all the time."
  • J
    I guess the combination of bad treatment of sellers,high fees,1099 reporting over $600 year in sales and lots of new places to sell with cell phones,isn't helping Ebay.
  • J
    eBay lost 5 million active buyers in the first quarter (compared to the previous quarter), while Etsy added 7 million new buyers.
  • j
    Hello, I am your new eBay CEO, since we can't generate revenue from legitimate sales volume since the company is dying off, we would like you to consider gifting us some free cash in the form of our new marketing package that puts us in full control of your listings and advertising spend. All you have to do is opt-in to this new program and we automatically handle the rest including auto-deductions from your bank account. Consider this a donation so we eBay executives can keep cashing in our stock options.

    Thank you for almost selling something on eBay, we appreciate the donation in the form of marketing.
  • j
    New eBay CEO business plan, not selling enough on eBay, buy Pay Per Click ads....
  • m
    Gosh who could not have see this coming. Time to raise fees and change the sellers page again to confuse everyone.
  • c
    concerned citizen
    EBAY lost a ton of active users. Don't expect it to get any better next quarter. Many people still haven't heard about the $600 IRS reporting requirement. Ebay fee's are through the roof. Stick a fork in it.
  • E
    Ebay charges a higher fee than inflation.
  • J
    Shorted eBay in after hours. Stock headed to 30.00. Bear market.
  • A
    My experience with ebay and with over 2000+ positive feedback is this platform is done. I bought a lot of Abe Lincoln, Beatles, Bob Dylan ect ( PSA, JSA ) authenticated items over the years. Then I went to sell a few things and the fees are insane. The buyers are very few and far between.It seems like it is just a bunch of stuff I can buy on Amazon and the stuff that brought me here years ago is all fake. This had so much promise but greed killed it in the form of quarterly profits