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    BOOM! we did it folks, to all, we finally did it! the dream, has turned to reality... CARBON CREDITS BABY!!!! i never ever had a single doubt, and low and behold, DYA breaks uncharted territory, oooohhhh yeahhh!!!
    TORONTO, October 18, 2021--Verra Publishes dynaCERT's Carbon Credit Methodoly
    TORONTO, October 18, 2021--Verra Publishes dynaCERT's Carbon Credit Methodoly
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    Can’t remember how many stages there are to actually get approved and see monetary rewards but think this is only stage 2 with a while to go. Hopefully the next stages are quicker. Still hopeful but need other catalysts (maybe like sales) to see an appreciation in stock price. It has been painful for sure but still like the product
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    45 dealership worldwide. Would it be too much to ask that each dealership sell 1 unit a month. That would be $4.3m annual revenue. Maybe adopt a Jimmy Paterson approach and fire lowest salesperson each month. Environmental product with a payback should sell itself. Where there’s life there is hope but let’s get going.
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    As per Jim at the Virtual Investor conference they have gotten full Verra approval within the last week? Is this the big news a lot of people have been waiting for? Are there still steps to being registered for Carbon credits?
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    Think about the “eyes” that will be reading this….investors will be coming in hot! It should hit .40 minimum today.
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    I bought a small position in March based on the potential of the technology. In August, I contacted the company regarding the huge drop in revenue, to determine whether I should buy more while the price was down. After all, the CEO had been buying shares. Upon talking to Nancy with Investor Relations, I was reassured and bought some shares around C$.27. Since then, I have lost all confidence in them. First, they haven't even bothered to fix a bad link on their website (main page "Learn More about HydraGEN"). Second, their list of dealers in Alberta is nonsense and nobody is active. Nobody is actually trying to sell the product here and none of the truckers I know have heard about the product. I mean, if a $10k product really does have a payback in 10 months in fuel savings plus greatly reduced emissions, then it would be selling like hotcakes. The fact that it isn't and that HyTech in the US, who had a similar product, is no longer in business (as far as I can tell and DynaCERT says the same), suggests that DynaCERT could also be on its way out of business. I plan to continue holding my shares since it's a very small position and I wish the company well. I want the product to be widely used and I hate the pollution from diesel engines, but until DynaCERT starts acting like a legitimate company, I won't be buying any more shares and recommend caution to all.
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    Listening to the shareholder's meeting and they're reiterating the very big potential in the near and distant future for dynaCERT:
    1. many verticals to sell into - long haul trucking, mining, generators, shipping, etc.
    2. carbon credits - sounds like 30 days to a press release announcement (a lot of North American trucking companies are waiting for carbon credits before signing up)
    3. Harold Martin Technologies working with OEMs to get the product installed on any new engine
    Now they just need sales to turn the corner!!!
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    Russia is planning to implement it's own carbon tax!
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    sup folks! first off, congratulations! DYNACERT JUST GOT FULLY APPROVED FOR CARBON CREDITS! its a matter of days till we get our formal PR, and u can expect instituions/hedge funds junp aboard ASAP and a dramatic increase in share price as well; its purely a matter of days, followed by weeks on an incremental basis; sales WILL pick up STRONGLY during Q4 2021 and Q1 2022; congrats yo, I've been here for +1 year, and finally, finally, can BREATH! its been insane...truly well, to me, shes hit her TOTAL TOTAL bottom, never ever to be seen ever again! thats all folks, let the floodgates of cash begin!!!!! peaceeeee
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    wth is happening?!
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    Good News comes out and this stock drops? Hope it’s cuz everything else is red today
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    I had this share in the past. Now I think it is worth a gamble again. Climate change is not waiting, time to roll out the technology to support transformation. Bought 50.000 shares.
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    The only one buying shares today is Jim.

    You can't buy or sell credit carbon if your products don't sell.

    Never did sell and never will.

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    >>>> dynaCERT has spent C$70 million and 17 years developing the HydraGEN™ technology.<<<

    ...and recently found out they just can't sell the bloody thing to the public at large :-)
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    Imagine still thinking this company was viable…. I’ve tried telling y’all for a while now. Salvage whatever pennies you have left here. The only thing this company is worthy of is a class action lawsuit for defrauding investors.
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    I think today may be a good day!
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    is anyone able to log in and listen to the AGM? I am logged in, but nothing is happening.