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  • A
    Recognized sales in 2020 $470K. 2021 should have Q4 momentum. Hopefully Q2 sales likely announced September 30, 2021 will be a complete change. Q1 2021 with about $50K recognized sales. Insider buying suggest better sales. This can easily beat last years sales just in one quarter given Dynacert’s production capacity and all the trials being done worldwide. Most people are vaccinated. Schools aren’t completely remote with many doing in class or partial in class learning… don’t sell at a loss or remove your stop losses. Do your own due diligence.
  • H
    wth is happening?!
  • T
    I had this share in the past. Now I think it is worth a gamble again. Climate change is not waiting, time to roll out the technology to support transformation. Bought 50.000 shares.
  • V
    I think today may be a good day!
  • j
    Imagine still thinking this company was viable…. I’ve tried telling y’all for a while now. Salvage whatever pennies you have left here. The only thing this company is worthy of is a class action lawsuit for defrauding investors.
  • E
    >>>> dynaCERT has spent C$70 million and 17 years developing the HydraGEN™ technology.<<<

    ...and recently found out they just can't sell the bloody thing to the public at large :-)
  • P
    lost almost CAD 100'000 until now
  • B
    Not a stockholder currently but have owned in the past and really feel for everybody in the red right now. Seems to me the smartest thing Dynacert could do would be to contact the governments of China and India and see if they could open up sales channels that way. I imagine that those countries have a lot of pre-2007 trucks and both countries have stated climate targets they hope to meet.
  • J
    Jason D
    Anyone have anything positive? Anyone? Anything?
  • S
    For 1 month, the stock seems to have reached a plateau, which would be good news, but will it hold?
  • P
    Dynacert is making their hydragen tech for OEM heavy duty trucks, semi trucks etc. Every brand new heavy duty vehicle will already be built in with dynacerts tech. Billions of $ coming soon. This is just the truth. Hate it or love it.
  • M
    dog water
  • p
    Sounds like people may finally be catching on to the fact that performance claims that violate the laws of physics are likely to be unsupportable.
  • N
    A 50-day test cycle has been launched to determine the value of fuel economy: all parameters of operating diesel generators and installations are transmitted via GSM modules to the cloud storage of information for subsequent analysis and adjustment of equipment operating parameters.

    Link in description
  • J
    if you buy it at .25, .30 or even .35c what big difference it is going to make when you sell at $2, $5 or even $10. Do your own DD. long and strong.
  • J
    life time opportunity. just picked up 40000@ .27. 45% discount. long and strong
  • D
    well I lost alot here .... domt even know if it's worth selling or just hope for a miracle
  • E
    Well, you one can say what one want's about Dynacert & Jims Merry band of Eco Canadians...
    ...but one thing they are, is truly CONSTANT. Constantly reaching new all time lows (while Uncle Jim has coined his alibi investment positions via "Bonus Warrants" (Based on what performance exactly for Chrissake?) and that before most of you have even got the sleep out of your eyes.
    Criminal stuff, but hey, its not my dough that's getting 'burnt' here on a daily basis!
    So continue the cheerleading, be my guest.....