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  • K
    The dollar cannot last very long as the world's reserve currency.

    Think about it. If you were given a choice between accepting your yearly bonus in dollars or the equivalent amount in shares of Google, which would you choose?

    The more money you have, the more likely you are to choose the Google shares. Since you may not need the money immediately, the GOOG shares are more likely to grow in value than the dollars. Most people may not easily be able to spare their bonuses b/c they need to buy things with it, but the wealthy have so much more money than the rest of us that they could sell massive amounts of dollars for GOOG shares while maintaining sufficient liquidity for their standard of living.
  • N
    the crash in March. Foreign sovereigns began dumping their treasuries in order to service their dollar denominated debt, and they were dumping them at such a rapid pace the Fed freaked out and created F.I.M.A., or the Foreign International Monetary Authority, a Special Purpose Vehicle which is essentially a repo operation for foreign central banks. Had they not done this, you are exactly right, the treasury prices would have plummeted due to an overabundance of supply, which would have spiked the yields rapidly and had the effect, within weeks, of crashing the bond markets. They literally said, "Hey, hey, hey! Stop selling your treasuries on the open market, we'll give you par PLUS a premium in DOLLARS!", all in a short-term swap arrangement from, I believe, one to forty days. We came extremely close to a massive global implosion. So, you are right, the dollar is not going anywhere in the short-term. However, at some point, there will be a market inversion that will be so severe it causes the dollar to spike to such a high level that emerging markets will start to collapse under the weight of their own DDD, as they will not have enough of their own currency or treasuries in reserve to swap for dollars. When you start seeing the emerging markets turning in to Zimbabwe and Venezuela, the current dollar shortage contagion will bleed into first-world economies and then we'll see the collapse of the world debt system along with the dollar. Just remember, the dollar will flame out before it collapses. If we ever see the DXY pushing past 110, well, that's probably a good indication that really bad times are afoot.
  • S
    Thanks to Inflation I see this going sub 90 soon
  • r
    91 trillions missing from printing press. that money is coming back to us buying up tech and bloating up bubbles in tsla, aapl, msft, nflx, fb...etc
  • b
    During the 2009 financial crisis the dollar declined below 80, and we are witnessing far greater volumes of money-printing, permanent destruction of demand for the dollar as it's reserve currency role is diminished, and negative bond yields making USD-denominated debt unattractive. The question is not, will the dollar go to 80 again, but rather, how quickly will we get there? Any predictions?
  • j
    gold and silver charts are the opposite inverse of the dollar chart, looks like the dollar is in its initial descent.
  • M
    Will the dollar index break below support at 93? how fast will gold prices collapse if it bounces up? Does no stimulus and less dollars printed mean the dollar stays up? Food for thought.
  • f
    Dollar going decline even more around November of this year... election time.
  • G
    Sell the dollar
  • r
    crashed below march low. this is going to 50
  • j
    "As we look back throughout history, it quickly becomes obvious that Christopher Columbus was the world’s 1st modern central banker. He left w/o knowing where he was going, when he arrived he did not know where he was, and he did it all with other people’s money." -Charles Gave.
  • A
    if this cracks 90 we might have a serious issue
  • m
    CNBC Muppets wise wisdom “buy the dip” bwahaha #FakeNews
  • j
    "The tendency of smart people to become seduced into thinking their intellects can overcome the uncertainty of the future is one of the most recurring but unsung tragic poems of human history." -@verdadcap email newsletter
  • j
    It would seem commodities are poised to improve but one wonders how with HUI now as low or lower in relation to gold than 2001. Miners are definitely not leading gold and with the 50 day close to moving over the 200 day MA, it looks as if there may be another test of the 2016 lows, at least. HUI is further along in ratio against gold than BGEIX or TGLDX.
  • j

    In 1929, Anaconda Copper Mining Company issued new stock and used some of the money to buy shares of speculative companies. When the market crashed on 29 October 1929, Anaconda suffered serious financial setbacks. At the same time, copper prices started going down. During the winter of 1932-33 copper prices dropped to $0.103 per kg, down from an average of $0.295 per kg only two years earlier.The Great Depression caused massive unemployment in both the United States and Chile (a 66% unemployment rate in the Chilean mines). On 26 March 1931, Anaconda cut its dividend rate 40%. John D. Ryan died in 1933 and was buried in a copper coffin. His mighty Anaconda shares, once worth $175 each, had dropped to $4 at the bottom of the Great Depression.
    Anaconda Copper and the Great Depression of the 1930s
  • A
    pull back time for all big three
  • E
    almost going under 50 day MA. Are we going to 90low again?
  • r
    dollar is weakening but the master keep printing money to smash previous metals.