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  • T
    Two really positive take away from the CEO Teleconference this past week.

    1. CEO Ryan Spencer stated "2021 is Transformative year for DVAX." He didn't say just Great year, but life changing momentous Year for $DVAX biotech this year. He also mentioned multiple Vaccine partnerships are gearing up for EUAs by Valneva, Madigen, Bio E and Clover pharmaceuticals.

    Lastly DVAX didn't dilute the SHARES by giving out stock options at $9.73. Which is a bold statement from DVAX. It's was saying our SP will be heading much higher very soon. Lots of positives. DVAX biotech only going higher
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    "Evercore ISI analyst Joshua Schimmer maintained a Buy rating on Dynavax (NASDAQ:DVAX) Technologies Corp. on Friday, setting a price target of $20, which is approximately 103.87% above the present share price of $9.81.

    Schimmer expects Dynavax Technologies Corp. to post earnings per share (EPS) of -$0.14 for the second quarter of 2021.

    The current consensus among 3 TipRanks analysts is for a Strong Buy rating of shares in Dynavax, with an average price target of $18.
    The analysts price targets range from a high of $20 to a low of $16."
    Should be an interesting week.
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    A great reminder for fellow dvax followers from years back that may be looking to catch up - not only is there this amazing covid news with CpG 1018 and obviously Heplisav European approval, but the post marketing study that was required following the 2017 Heplisav approval - the one to check for acute myocardial infarction against Engerix - those results finally came out a few weeks ago and they are great! Over 30,000 patients on each side were given Heplisav and Engerix and the study not only confirmed the safety profile for Heplisav, and by extension CpG 1018...but the rate of acute myocardial infarction was actually higher on the Engerix side! So you could not have had better results for that. The only reason I mention it as it was such a big deal when Heplisav was approved, and now you have clear results and Europe approved. Per CEO Ryan Spencer, Germany will be open for business for Heplisav by the end of the year.

    from April 27th, 2021 press release:

    The post-marketing observational, non-inferiority surveillance study (HBV-25) evaluated the occurrence of AMI in approximately 31,000 patients who received HEPLISAV-B® and approximately 38,000 patients who received Engerix-B. The AMI rate per 1000 person years was 1.67 for HEPLISAV-B and 1.86 for Engerix-B. The hazard ratio comparing the rate of AMI in the HEPLISAV-B group with the Engerix-B group was 0.92 with a 95% confidence interval of 0.63 to 1.32. The upper bound of the 95% confidence interval of the hazard ratio comparing the rate of AMI in the HEPLISAV-B group to the Engerix-B group was less than 2.0, meeting the primary endpoint. Thus, these results provide evidence there is no increased risk of AMI associated with vaccination with HEPLISAV-B compared to Engerix-B. The study was conducted by Kaiser Permanente Southern California's Center for Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness.

    "These results reinforce our previous clinical data regarding the safety of HEPLISAV-B and support our confidence in its ability to prevent hepatitis B infection in adults," commented Robert Janssen, MD, Chief Medical Officer. "We are pleased to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente Southern California's Center for Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness and appreciate their rigorous conduct of this study."
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    Watch for upgrades or coverage initiations this week to "Buy" and watch for price targets getting should move the sp up.....but it's a grind higher, not a gap-up.

    In the cc, if they would of said something about that horrible 176m debt at 10%, and how they plan to pay it down, then the gap-up would of happened. They need to refinance there debt at a lower rate, ASAP, while rates are still should be a cinch with Hepislav and CpG1018.....I don't understand it.
  • R
    DVAX is being upgraded, congrats to all long shareholders.
  • B
    Lots of fresh buying, driving the volume up late friday afternoon, but holders are still numb from the collapse from $11 and the selling resistance is great, making it hard for the gains to hold.
    We grind higher......I wish someone would call Crammer, on Mad Money for on air, in the Lightning Round and ask him what he thinks of DVAX. I tried 3x's with negative results. We know crammer follows DVAX, because he recommended it back in 2012, when I first bought in, before the FDA approval of Hepislav.
  • j
    BlackRock has increased position some 4.5% in the 1st quarter now owning 8,555,146 shares
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    Medigen Human Results Posted

    Results Solicited events were mostly mild and similar in the participants of all three dose groups. No subject experienced fever. There were no serious nor adverse events of special interest at the time point of this interim report. After the second vaccination, the SARS-CoV-2 spike specific IgG titers increased with peak geometric mean titers at 7178.245 (LD), 7746.086 (MD), and 11220.58 (HD), respectively. Serum neutralizing activity was detected by two methods in all participants of MD and HD groups, with geometric mean values generally comparable to those of a panel of control convalescent serum specimens. All of the participants in the MD and HD groups were seroconverted after the second vaccination.
  • Z
    All good news for DVAX. COVID vaccine is on the way and India will be the top consumer. Exciting year indeed!
  • B
    I'm taking a victory lap, everybody....I predicted revs of 75m and got 83m.....I predicted a surprise profit and guess what....DVAX IS NOW A PROFITABLE COMPANY....they made 900k in Q1.
    DVAX is on the way to market dominance,.....the call from me is: "we grind higher", until the big boys decide to place large bets.....we should be trading at $12.50+, right now......
  • m
    On May 3, 2021, Dynavax Technologies Corporation (the “Company”) entered into Amendment No. 1 (the “Amendment”) to that certain Agreement dated as of January 29, 2021 (the “Agreement”) with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (“CEPI”). The Agreement relates to the supply of the Company’s toll-like receptor 9 agonist CpG 1018TM adjuvant, at CEPI’s direction, to certain third parties who have agreements with CEPI regarding the funding of development and manufacturing initiatives of vaccines for COVID-19 (each, a “CEPI Partner” and collectively “CEPI Partners”). The Amendment provides for the manufacture and reservation of an additional specified quantity of CpG 1018 (the “Extra Reserved Material”), and helps to accelerate the Company’s efforts to further increase its available inventory of CpG 1018 adjuvant.
    In exchange for the Company reserving additional CpG 1018 adjuvant pursuant to the Amendment, in addition to the $99 million previously provided under the Agreement, CEPI agreed to further provide the Company with an interest-free, unsecured, forgivable loan in an amount equivalent to the anticipated manufacturing costs of all material reserved by CEPI, which, for the Extra Reserved Material covered by the Amendment, is up to an additional $77.4 million (the “Extra Loan Amount”), for total CEPI funding under the Agreement of up to $176.4 million. The Amendment provides that Extra Loan Amounts will be funded in part upon the execution of the Amendment and in part upon the release of the applicable Extra Reserved
    Material. The Company intends to establish an additional qualified source of supply for CpG 1018 adjuvant, including a portion of the Extra Reserved Material, which is expected to be available for release during the fourth quarter of 2021.
    The Company is obligated to repay the Extra Loan Amount, on a proportional basis, if and to the extent the Company receives payment for the applicable CpG 1018 adjuvant reserved under the Amendment. If the vaccine programs pursued by CEPI Partners are unsuccessful and no alternative use is found for the adjuvant funded through the Agreement, the applicable Loan Amount will be forgiven.
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    1Q revenue $83 million. Solid quarter. Net income $0.01/Share.
  • O
    Trading at this level is at a discount. Should be trading 15-20 range by now. Great earning report!
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    I have been long for many years now; accumulated shares from $22 down to $3 for a total of 50,000 shares averaged to $7 each. I give it another year to cash out.
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    Using 4x83=$332 million for revenues and the usual 5x revenue multiplier, DVAX should have a market cap of $1.6 billion. Peak revenues would boost that much higher. It seems we are undervalued by at least 60%.
  • M
    Biological E will get emergency use authorization in India before finishing phase 3. They will have to address third wave now. They have done approval for covid vaccine prior to finishing phase 2 on Bharat vaccine before.
  • B
    Should open over $10, Monday morning and then to $10.40 , IMO
  • b
    I think the total revenue for the rest of the year (Q2+Q3+Q4) will be at least 500M$ !!!

    Base on HEPLISAV-B and CpG 1018 in the covid-19 vaccine with CEPI,

    There is a possible of much larger revenue with both assets in 2022
  • m
    Show me another revenue producing biotech with $200M in cash trading at a billion! Didn’t think so!