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  • P
    DVA is trading in extremely oversold territory and and should be bought at these bargain basement price for HUGE gains!!!🤔👌🖖
    — Play the rebound in this global sector leader and best of breed business!💰👍📈💪
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    What does Berkshire and other billion dollar hedge funds see in this company? Either the market is inefficient and can't price this security, or there is something many disagree on. Is it litigation risk? Healthcare reform risk? Company seems to throw off good cash flow. Anyone?
  • A
    any idea why unusually high option trades taking place today & yesterday
  • d
    Just on CNBC Jim Chanos(sp?) shorting DVA for Years and questions Berkshire being involved - they still have 24%.

    A couple comments. Berkshire doesn't ALWAYS make the best moves. Look at the first time that I know of that they bought a Company with another investor(who is slash n loot) from Brazil with Kraft Heinz. You can see what a mis-step that was.

    And actually it was Warren's 2 new hires that both had bought DVA that they had to file 10% ownership not long after they had started.

    Now DVA is at 24% and I believe have a standstill agreement. Which is why I questioned DVA announced a significant buyback not long ago which would increase Berkshire's % ad if that would cause any issues.

    I am long DVA(common and I had sold some common and bought deep in the money calls that are now up 59%.

    It will be interesting to hear why it is shorted. We already know that all profits come from the little sliver of private pay for Davita and Frenesius.

    Capital intensive but a necessary service. And since to me it has a lot of characteristics of a Utility I have always thought they should have a dividend.

    Let the games begin. I have made decent money trading DVA over Years. Virtually all the common and calls I own are with the House's money.

    I had wanted this to be one of my 4 largest holdings but it just can't seem to get there!

    2 folks with WAY more money and information that I will lever have. Time to grab the popcorn and decide if there is an opportunity to make money here.
    And I have been long BRKB's for a very long time. Although I sold a bunch when their split was announced and shortly after that split.

    Chenos to be on CNBC shortly but I have to leave so I won't see it.
  • S
    Still wondering where this will go today? With other words, do you sell today?
  • c
    I like this company for an earnings play, am going long in a few minutes, expecting an earnings beat and positive guidance going forward. Only going to do 100 shares, because I see risks and headwinds going forward that might reduce the likelihood of a serious pop up even on a good earnings report. CVS looks much better as an earnings play, but this one is good enough for me to put 100 shares at risk to the long side.
  • T
    hopefully, DVA stays the way it is now for long term investment. I've had confidence with this company that leading by a few smart guys I knew of in the company. I've did bought 1,000 shares at $46 on June-6-2019 and keep for mine kids' educations in colleagues.
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    Warren buffet holds 20 percent of DVA
  • d
    Someone added some JAN 2023 calls on FRIday and I thought about doing so as well. There had only been 2 open and I own one of them from profits of selling some common in a ROTH.

    I did put a bid in for common under 100 and we never got that low. I'll have to decide next week.

    I don't think of this as a stock that will be hit hard with tax loss selling as it's hardly a flashy or high BETA stock so likley no speculative o rmargin money. Then again if you had a loss you'd think you'd be safe selling and waiting 30 days to buy it back without fear of it making a large run.

    Still not a lot of choices for dialysis, still basically a duopoly. Never understood why no divident here as I almost think of it as a utility as no choice to you.
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    The real magic here and why Berkshire owns over 1/3 of the company is the disappearing share count. If you look at the last 10 years, the share count was as high as 215 million shares. Today it is approaching 100 million.
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    Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B +1.4%) (BRK.A +1.4%) discloses a 33% stake in Davita (DVA -0.7%), up from 31.7% in a filing dated Sept. 21, 2020.
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    COVID Risk?

    Is there a risk to DVA business model because of COVID?

    dialysis patients are in tight proximity in dialysis centers with 20-30 other patients for 4 hours per session three (3) days per week. The medical staff work at multiple clinics and could potentially transmit disease. Most clinics are in metropolitan areas. End stage renal disease patients requiring dialysis are mostly over 65 years of age and have underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, immunosuppression and are often overweight. Similar profile for those at greatest risk of serious COVID infections.

    The map of dialysis locations nation wide looks a lot like the map of confirmed COVID cases

    What is DaVita doing to protect their fragile patients? What is the rate of COVID positive care givers in dialysis clinics? Does DaVita provide infection rate information to their patients? Do the air handling systems in the dialysis clinics have HEPA filters?
    Learn about the various ways to treat kidney disease and manage care.
    Learn about the various ways to treat kidney disease and manage care.
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    Friday closed about 58, Tuesday shortly after open it's at 52 on no news!

    No news on AMTD or Yahoo atleast.


    I recently sold some trading shares since I have purchased Jan 2021 37.50 already that were up significantly so I was doing the old "stock replacement" strategy.

    I mean a lot of big players can certainly move this around. Question is why. And should us individual Investors be concerned about any issues other than a large holder(s) potentially dumping.
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    Two New Fraud Investigations:

    2020 U.S. Attorney New Jersey Investigation: In March 2020, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of New Jersey served the Company with a subpoena and a CID relating to an investigation being conducted by that office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The subpoena and CID request information on several topics, including certain of the Company’s joint venture arrangements with physicians and physician groups, medical director agreements, and compliance with the Corporate Integrity Agreement. The Company is cooperating with the government in this investigation.

    2020 California Department of Insurance Investigation: In April 2020, the California Department of Insurance sent the Company a Investigative Subpoena relating to an investigation being conducted by that office. The subpoena requests information on a number of topics, including but not limited to the Company’s communications with patients about insurance plans and financial assistance from the American Kidney Fund (AKF), analyses of the potential impact of patients’ decisions to change insurance providers, and documents relating to donations or contributions to the AKF. The Company is cooperating with the California Department of Insurance in this investigation.
  • e
    ?WHY is this POS stock down 9% today???
  • R
    Great earning report and future forecast comments. Here we go.
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    Great buying opportunity in DVA stock currently trading at a discount on the sell off from all time highs!!👍📈
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    Sold my position for now.i will stand sideline for a while. Thanks United Health!
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    DVA upgrade to $150 target price today!
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    Railway Pension Investments Ltd boosted its position in shares of Davita Inc (NYSE:DVA) by 12.6% in the 3rd quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The firm owned 74,656 shares of the company’s stock after buying an additional 8,341 shares during the quarter. Railway Pension Investments Ltd’s holdings in Davita were worth $4,260,000 as of its most recent filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

    Other hedge funds and other institutional investors have also recently bought and sold shares of the company. Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. lifted its stake in Davita by 1.6% in the second quarter. Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. now owns 12,600 shares of the company’s stock worth $709,000 after acquiring an additional 201 shares during the period. Coastline Trust Co lifted its stake in Davita by 2.2% in the third quarter. Coastline Trust Co now owns 10,210 shares of the company’s stock worth $583,000 after acquiring an additional 220 shares during the period. Creative Planning lifted its stake in Davita by 3.6% in the second quarter. Creative Planning now owns 7,231 shares of the company’s stock worth $407,000 after acquiring an additional 250 shares during the period. Commonwealth Equity Services LLC lifted its stake in Davita by 2.3% in the second quarter. Commonwealth Equity Services LLC now owns 11,337 shares of the company’s stock worth $637,000 after acquiring an additional 251 shares during the period. Finally, CSat Investment Advisory L.P. lifted its stake in Davita by 30.4% in the second quarter. CSat Investment Advisory L.P. now owns 1,167 shares of the company’s stock worth $66,000 after acquiring an additional 272 shares during the period. 87.60% of the stock is owned by institutional investors.